2011 < 2012....

2011 brought about much change for Bedrock.

-New Home
-New Employer
-New Life
-New Adventure
-New(er) Outlook on Life
-Less Friend Time
-Less Writing (insert grain of salt here)
-Less damn near anything in fact

Well.... except work.

You see the changes of 2011 brought out the real work monster within me, one not seen for nigh on two decades. I've always been a "worker" and honestly, it's something I take a great deal of pride in. Although the business cards read Management and to many I share the day-to-day drudge with there's an "upper" in there somewhere, when you take the time to shake my extended hand you'll know, I do not do very well with the whole 'riding a desk' thingy. My strategy for success has always been the same you see and for the most part, the reaction has proven to be quite favourable over all. I believe it's because they know when I say, "Together, we can get things done." fellow workers know that I'll get down and dirty to help the team out.

Changing a culture of 25+ years has not gone without a few hiccups of course, but they were to be expected and honestly, they were anticipated and dealt with accordingly. If there's one thing my Asian mentors truly managed to educate me successfully in it's this;

While a wise person will embrace it, PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS RESIST CHANGE!

Although I can't really say too much right now about anything, Peb's and I are getting ready to do a whole lot more embracing in 2012. For you see the both of us quite proudly, are persons. Some of you know small bits and pieces of our future and to me, that's because I trust you, l̶i̶k̶e love you or in general, just find you to be of the person persuasion yourself.

For us 2012 will bring with it more challenge, more change, more adventure and quite naturally, more work. But with all that comes the one thing that only truly hard work can offer, much more opportunity and as a person, I'm really looking forward to it all! So despite a lack of time to drop in here and bastardize the English language for you my dear reader, 2011 has actually been a terrific year in total for Bedrock. Despite actually having to pick the whole town up to relocate it!

To Peb's and I 2012 represents more change and with that of course, will once again come more work. So who knows when I'll get the time to share the details with you back here? Certainly not this kid! I'll just promise you that I will, each and every time an opportunity presents itself. In the meantime kids I wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy and most prosperous new year and remember, when given the opportunity to show your inner person take it! That way you can always ensure that you're letting the people around you; only see your better side!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


WPBT Day #2.... I can has Jeannie?

Wednesday – Day #2

After a delicious breakfast at Bellagio, Peb’s and I headed down to Freemont Street. This was about when we found the two sure signs that Vegas is struggling bad.

1) We had The Deuce all to ourselves and
2) It was the same at Binions.

Seriously, we had five cocktail servers drooling over our every move. We've owed Mainstreet Station a few bucks since our last visit and for whatever reason, it was the only place with more players than staff at the time. So we figured we’d give them a chance to make some of their cash back from us. BOY DID THEY! We ran worse than pathetic and after losing the bulk of our planned bank roll, we bailed on the game and headed back to the strip. Usually it’s me that can’t take the loss and has to head back to another table, this time however, Peb’s suggested ‘a quick run into The IP to take a stab.’

I agree and sit down.

My first five hands go like this;

Trip 8’s for $150 + dealer pairs for a boat and $165 +$315
No brainer pocket Queens +$20
No brainer pocket 10’s turned trips +$50
Dealt Ac-Kc-Qc for a mini-royal +$250
Trip 2’s +$150

Now that’s $785 the easy way!

We made the decision to take the money and run.
(read: The Peb’s is wise!)

We started making plans for a great night out, featuring an authentic Mexican meal and Margaritas at Diablo’s Cantina in The Monte Carlo. Here's my two words, for their use of the word, “authentic”.

Bull crap!

That's a little harsh I guess, as it wasn’t really terrible. It just wasn't what I was hoping for. Despite the great ambiance and excellent service, the food could have been from TGI Friday, Chili’s or any of the other boxed food chains available. Had I known that was coming it would have been fine, but since I had my expectations lifted under false pretence, it was more than a little disappointing.

We closed off day #2 with a shot at the penny slots, which has long been a favourite for us both. As is almost always the case when there’s $0.30 a pull on the line, Peb’s ran so friggin’ hot it was incredible. Peb’s as you may or may not know, is a victim of PSBF and despite the diseases severity, she manages to live a fairly normal life otherwise. Oh, you didn’t know? I’m so sorry dear reader. PSBF is short for Penny Slot Bonus Featureitis. It generally flairs up in those carrying it, once a machine recognizes that a carrier is sitting down within its grasp. The machine will start to play loud music, whistles will blow, bells will ring and possibly if the carrier does it right, even television or movie clips will start to show up somewhere on the large format screen above. There are often excessive clanging noises, as if the machine is paying out in the old style, despite the fact that it currently only dispenses a paper slip as a prize. The machine itself matters not! Carriers of PSBF have the ability to hit every possible combination of bonus features any machine may happen to have. Let me give you a few examples, now let’s see… over her run around the casino floor, I think I saw every character in the Wizard of Oz, all of the Star Wars characters AND the ships they fly through space. I saw each of The Village People AND heard the songs they are known for, along with every actor to have ever played Batman and of course, all of the ones who’d played a Villain as well.

Hmmm… I feel like I’m missing something. UH, Ummmm…. OH, right!

I also saw all the characters from Lord of The Rings, Sex in The City, The Rat Pack, Goonies, Dirty Dancing ( 1 & 2) Little House on The Prairie, I Dream of Jeannie and although I think it said That 70’s Show, I’m pretty sure it was ALL of the actors, in ALL of the TV shows, EVER made in the 70’s. Truly, Peb’s PSBF was in full lock mode, as she couldn’t miss a single feature. I think she and her disease turned that single $10 bill into a little slip of paper, that had a 3 digit number on it. And it started with a 4.

It was rainy and cool as we started to head back to our Hotel, so I hailed us a cab. I knew we were pointed in the wrong direction when I did it and most certainly, that is NEVER a good thing with the Vegas Cabbies. Although our little jaunt cost me $15 door to door for what was basically a U-Turn, my Peb’s stayed warm and dry. Money well spent to me.

With that our Day #2 was over and all that was left for me to do was, dream about a young Barbara Eden being given to me as a gift, courtesy of a very generous and slightly hammered Dean Martin. I knew he had to be hammered alright because as he left me with the beatiful Jeannie, he just kept screaming…


My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


WPBT: Day #1....

First off two apologies;

1) For each of those frustrated,

Listen…. I honestly DO get the whole, “how do we find you?/how do we contact you?/what’s your number Bammer?” run of comments and concerns, that seem almost never ending during any of the gatherings I get the chance to attend. But honestly, I’d rather participate in what’s going on than tweet, text and read about it, while it IS actually going on. I initially came to this realization during my first WPBT. That was when it became quite apparent to me at least, that I was so concerned with making plans and telling the world about them on my phone, I was actually missing out on several key moments with a few of the kids I was really hoping to meet up with in the first place. I not only vowed never to make that same mistake again after my return home that year, but I have also now attended every single gathering since that point, TOTALLY unplugged. A decision that wasn’t really that easy to make to be certain! I went into it knowing that I could miss out on something special being thrown together and posted on Twitter, as an invitation to the masses to attend. So once again during this WPBT there was no phone, no tweets, no #hashtags and no dial-A-shots for me.

2) For those that gathered for Bammer’s Happy Hour Friday,

I just plain fucked up. No excuses, no good reason, no absolution for me. I was so into the after-golf drinks and companionship with others, I just plain lost track of the time. If there is one truly positive side to this apology for those that made the effort to show up at my party however, please know this. I STILL feel like shit for not hooking up with you all.

Now onto the action!

I took Peb’s in early this time because knowing what was coming our way starting with the Thursday night arrivals, I just plain wanted a couple of days with her and quite selfishly I can admit, I wanted them all to myself. We started the day with The IP and a little Let-It-Ride. I get asked about, or hear the comment so often, “You go to Vegas and its The Imperial Palace for you, really?” YES REALLY! If you don’t get why I love the place, may I suggest a quote from a friend that has made all 7 Winter WPBT’s and actually helped me understand the IP’s draw.

“I don’t know, it’s like a comfortable pair of shoes I guess.”

When we sat down and handed our cash to the dealer, the pit boss makes his way over to the table, extends a hand and says, “Well, well, welcome back Pebbles and Bam-Bam!” With a rather wry smile he continues, “Do you two plan on taking all of our money again this year?” Did I mention that he said this BEFORE we were able to present our players cards? Or that we hadn’t sat down at the IP for two years! Then about ½ an hour into our first session, there was a dealer change. I looked up from my drink to notice something vaguely familiar about the young lady behind the table and as she took the time to look up herself, “HELLO Pebbles!” came out with delight. It was Mandy, the dealer that we went on one Hell of a run with over a period of two days during the WPBT that same two years ago. Not surprisingly, (to me at least) five hands in, Mandy deals Peb’s a 3-Card straight flush for $200.

“Drinks, Cocktails. Drinks, Cocktails. Drinks, Co….. BAMMER! PEBBLES!” were the next words we’d hear. Two years ago, nearly to the day, Rena was slinging her drink tray our way with a baby on board. She remembers the tip I gave her after a big hand and my comment, “The first round of diapers are on me.” We catch up and share some laughs about her first two years as a parent and as if nothing had changed except for her lack of another being inside of her she asks, “Scotch?” When Rena returned with our drinks, I hoisted my glass in her direction with a resounding “Cheers!” It took a moment or two after my first swig but then it hit me, this was NOT an ordinary Scotch! “Rena dear, what have you done?” I asked bemusedly. “You guys are so great, I wanted to surprise you. I went out back and had someone go up to The Hash House for me, do you like it?” she asked as she beamed. That girl took the time and effort to have an 18 year old Macallan poured just for me.

We played for hours. The players at the table changed over a couple of times. One by one the dealers wished us, “good night and good luck.” and even the lovely Rena had to finally make her way home, back to be the Mom of her child. Yet there we sat, comfortable in our old pair of shoes, the place known as The Imperial Palace.

Our walk back to The Monte Carlo was filled with smiles, smooches and reminiscing about the hands that made or broke our bankrolls. As is often the case, more often than not, we combined our rolls to find that after all the hours of play and tips; we had exactly $10 of profit between us. On the walkway bridge between The Aria and Cosmopolitan, there was a girl playing a 12-string Guitar. VERY well I might add! Now I’m not that big on the charity pool that can be Vegas, where a guy with a puppy in a cage or the one with a sign that reads, ‘Why lie? I need Beer’ never seem to change over the years but hey, this young lady was actually willing to work for her cash. So naturally, to me at least, the nights profit went right into her guitar case. It may be just me of course, but I thought her smile was well worth it.

And with that, our WPBT day #1 was in the books.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


WPBT in 3 sleeps....

The mind races at the thought!

Peb's and I will be starting our WPBT on Tuesday.

Plans so far include;

Dinner/Smooches with CK, The Wife and The Doc!
Horsey Fun on Friday night!!!!!
Crush the Thursday 10AM game at O'Shea's AGAIN!
Storm The Castle, followed by Let it Ride near'ish The Geisha Bar.
See a few of the folks that make me smile the way I do.
Golf with the best friends known to mankind.

Then if we get a chance, try to have a little fun with friends.

If you can't make this WPBT I emplore you, find me at the next Mastodon, BASH or Okie-Vegas. Not much would make me happier, than buying you a drink or twelve.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Looking for a few good WPBT'ers....

I've crushed one, two, three or ? of these, since I discovered the WPBT. Seems fair to me at least, that I should offer up an open invitation to dethrone me.

Thursday December 1st. at 10:00AM during the WPBT, I challenge all comers to take my title as luck sack extraordinaire.

Who knows?

We may just have a live "mookie" yet!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


2011 WPBT help....

So apparently my disconnect with our world of late, knows no limits.

I read just now that there will in fact be a Last Longer Team Challenge at this years WPBT. (ARE WE THERE YET?) As I am undoubtedly the last one to become aware of this, (through no fault of ANYONE but my own) Peb's and I are now screening applicants for our third.

Interested candidates may leave a comment below and before the screaming of unfairness begins, highest B.A.C. will be the tie-breaker, should there be more than one of our friends still available.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Like most, (I hope) I remember....

Since nothing has changed and NEVER will, here's how I feel about Rememberance/Veterans Day.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, I'll sit and reflect on everything I have, and everything I can do. I'll thank the ones truly responsible, in my own personal way.

I'll look to the Heavens and thank those that may be there. Through courage, effort and a belief in doing the right thing.

I'll look to the East and thank those that are still doing exactly that.

I'll go to our Memorial Square downtown, to personally thank those that have done their best on our behalf.

Today is the opposite of all of the things that Hallmark can't make me do. Like telling me when to show my love, or determining when I should bestow a gift upon a loved one.

You see to me, today is a day that actually deserves my attention.

I always try to remember and honestly, I can become pretty upset with myself for taking my freedom for granted. Today however, I dedicate to remembering as much as I can.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

John McCrae

For those that have given and those that continue to do so, I remember. For what ever it's worth, know that you'll always have my sincerest thanks and highest gratitude.

I remain steadfast in my belief that if you can't stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them!

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What's a "BLOG?"....

Forgive my absence; I’ve managed to keep myself a little busy.


New hope.
New friends.
New outlook.

I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve asked in chat, in comments or as a humorous sidekick, (in my mind) of a good friend, “What’s a BLOG?”

Well, here’s my opinion.

A “BLOG” is whatever the hell you want it to be.

There are Writers, then, there are Readers.

The disparity between the two, well, is what we make of it.

Let’s face it, I write shit.
It just happens though, as I put fingers to keyboard.

I expect far less than the 1 percentile in this whomever forsaken world to give a crap, but hey! They are my thoughts.

I wouldn’t trade one single moment of where this space has taken me. I may be a Mastodon but you know what? There are others of the species out there!

Perhaps over the coming years, I may put fingers to keypad more often but until then I ask you, “What’s a BLOG?”

Answer: It’s what makes me happy!

Who knows?
There's the whole WPBT thingy coming up soon.

I may get into this whole "BLOG" thing, all over again!

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Stack and a Story #50....

*EDITORS NOTE* We at the desk cannot be held responsible for the crap that follows! Even if it's crappier than usual, the kid doin' the typing is just starting to remember how this whole thing works.

It's never been a secret that I love BadBloods now famous, "Stack and a Story" posts.

First off though I have to admit, I was crushed by the Casino brass not allowing me to take an actual shot of my stack. It really makes the thought behind the theme of the whole thing rather pointless, don't you think?


I played a little known game called NLHE over the weekend, perhaps you've heard about it? They say it's all the rage these days. I wouldn't know myself of course, being far too busy with all the goings on uh... going on.


I gave it a whirl in a $1/$2 game at the local establishment. It was a nice quiet little table with 7 players in total. Not too big, not too small. Expecting the worst and hoping simply not to embarrass myself, I sat in with my shorty buy-in of $100 Canadian. Two bright, shiny, very Pink and very crisp Canadian $50 bills to be exact.

Things ran pretty much as I had expected at first, where I fold, fold, fold, fold again, fold a few more trillion times and then just to be sure the Poker Gods were really with me, fold in the dark in the BB.

Oh all right! There were a FEW hands where I actually played with the other kids. Not that many for certain though, just enough to have made a bit better than a double up of my stack. Then on my $8 defence in the BB holding a soooted big slick, I happened to have flopped something called "Broadway," with a re-draw to the entire city of Manhattan. There was a fair chunk-O-change in the middle by the time the turn card came out but alas, I'd hit the first Royal in my not-so-illustrious career in NLHE. Nothing I could do or think of was getting another single penny anywhere even remotely close to that pot.

A bit later on as I was hearing some crap about "you never count your money, when your sittin' at" blah-blah-blah running through my head, I realized I was up a few more bucks than I'd first thought. Hit and Run perhaps? Justify the sad-sack move to myself as I ponder a December Gathering budget?

"I could do that" I think I actually said out loud.

Then once again in the big blind, I tossed out four little chippies to defend with two pretty little red cards. Yeah I know, they were 5's! But it was $8 and I seemingly had so many chips. A flop came out and you know what? I didn't hate it too terribly much.

5S - 5C - AH

The three of us in the pot just checked it down quite contently. The turn was something like the 8 or 9 of Diamonds I think, but it was all a bit of a blur after I saw two players happily toss a funny little bet and call of $50 each, right there into the center. The River card though, it made a bit of a bigger splash than I first expected.

It was the Ace of Clubs!

One thing lead to another, then another and before I knew it, two players were sitting there just waiting on me to act. "Are you still in the hand Son?" asked the dealer.

Was I ready to lose all of my stack against what surely had to be Aces?

"I Call."

I only wish that the Casino would have let me take a picture of that stack that I had assembled into a monument to The Imperial Palace that night, it would've made this story POP just a little more.

Unfortunately I was denied that pleasure so this my friends, this will just have to do.

That's MY Stack and!
That's my Story.

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For those concerned....

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The thing is....

1) I shot an 80 today on a PAR 73 7,683 yard, "Championship" Course.
2) I did #1 at Fred's side.
3) If you had told me two years ago that #2 would have happened, quite honestly, I might have called you a name or two.
4) I have hopefully made dinner plans with Mr. & Mrs. Chako.
5) I think Oklahoma would be lovely in August of twenty-twelve.
6) I think #5 for several reasons. Of course one of them is KAT.
7) Did I ever tell you about the time I golfed with Fred today?
8) #7 RAWKED!
9) I think I'd like to "gather" with a few good friends at the MGM on Friday night. Maybe throw $20 each into a silly little pony racing game and have a free drink or twenty something?
10) I now run a company that hired me ummmmm, five or so months ago.
11) Trust me, see #7.
12) #4 makes me happier than a kid should be allowed.
13) #9 sounds like a little too much fun.
14) #13 is why I know it's going to happen.
15) I love being us.

So The Thing is....

a) If I ever grow up, I want be JUST LIKE FRED!
and of course....

b) Invitations are open for #9.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Online Poker SUCKS....

Without YOU !

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Angle-Shooting from the Hip....

I continue to write still of course but honestly, it's all just crap.

I couldn't begin to tell you just HOW MUCH I enjoy reading your posts but honestly, I'd be lying about the whole "reading" them thing.

I'd say that dropping out of our little community is killing me but honestly, I still think that there's hope for me yet.

I try to make creative excuses but honestly, there just seems to be no time.

I see a December Gathering in my future but honestly, no one's bothered to tell me the plan.

And that kids.... is MY angle.
*above self linkage SHOULD help me keep my card. ;)

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Proof that I own FaceBook....

Is this me or WHAT?

I am ALWAYS select sex!

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Bettman's NHL = A JOKE....

Four games for probably the cleanest PURE Hockey hit in the entire game?

Playing Hockey at any level means you've learnt two important things.

1) Keep your head up!
2) Hit with your body. That's why they call it body checking!

Late hit?

To quote Mike Murphy, ( NHL senior vice-president of hockey operations ) "I had it close to a second late. We have our own formula at NHL Hockey Operations for determining late hits, and it was late."

"close to a second."

In the world's fastest game?

One idiot gets away with biting another player, nothing.
The Easton logo will be permanently engraved in Kessler's back, nothing.

Bettman has turned OUR game into a joke.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The NEW online Poker....

Check out the Players numbers here kids....

I tried as BamBamCan, then as me.

Same result.

I miss you guys.
BUTT, not as much as you gals!

Now, my mookie/Dank buy-ins are wasted on the idiots.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


No you Poker sucks! No me, Blog's OK....

Lately it seems to me, that poker has kicked my ass.
Worse than anything imaginable by you lot.

Let's try checking shall we?

BamBamCan: (is in the BB and) checks
FLOP: 2d-5c-2c
mymothersan8pe: bets $555
youRapeein: raises to $2655 and is ALL IN
BamBamCan: raises to $7465 and is ALL IN
mymothersan8pe: calls $6910
mymothersan8pe: shows 5d-5h
youRapeein: shows Ac-10c
BamBamCan: shows 2h-2s
Turn: 2d-5c-2c[Kc]
River: 2d-5c-2c-Kc[5s]
mymothersan8pe: shows 5d-5h for four of a kind fives
youRapeein: shows Ac-10c for an Ace high flush
BamBamCan: shows 2h-2s for four of a kind twos

Flat out aggression?

Screw that!
I've learnt to fold a pair of 1's pre-flop!

But reducing my writing here,

may have been the best thing I've EVER done for this blog.

Honestly though, I really miss you kids at the tables.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


I beg you Gary Bettman....


As a Brewers fan I was quite naturally concerned about the damage that Allan could do to the game of Baseball. As it always is with Beer, the greed was WAY stronger than "The Bud."

Baseball now lives on in parks that are empty.
With players AND owners wondering, "what went wrong?"

For once it wasn't simply "The Bud" that ruined the party. In fact despite that it pains me to admit it, Selig just may save Baseball from its cash whores. The guy might actually somehow manage to make the game of interest to the real fan once again.

But then there's Gary.

I submit quite simply dear Gary the short, NO miniscule! List of players exempt from The Hockey Hall of Fame today, should your UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE, did I mention idiotic? Rules about physical contact in Hockey apply.

1) John Stewart
2) Gordie Howe
3) Robert Gordon "Bobby" Orr
4) Joseph Richard Sr.
5) Robert Hull

All weak links in the Hall of course, I understand.

Perhaps in your supreme advisor roll of the last decade or so, I should go with a few players of more recent vintage?

Say these five?

6) Jethro
7) Ron Stevens?
8) Rod Langway
9) Allan MacInnis
10) Cameron Neely

The rules of Hockey before you Gary;

Smash the Hell out of the guy:

a) with your shoulders up
b) your elbows down (sorry Gordie!)
c) NEVER leave your feet
d) at all cost it's best to avoid the head and of course, hitting from behind.
e) SCREW RULE d), if the idiot is stupid enough to present himself in such a manor that makes it possible.
f) Head's up as you play AT ALL TIMES!

60 minutes
28 penalties
19 power plays
11 5 on 3's



Get the fuck out of OUR game ASSHOLE.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


I'm not quite dead yet, in fact....

I feel like a new man!

I'd do the rather natural, guilt-free, some BS and/or other crap, for taking so long to post around these parts and all but hey, this kids been busy!

I suddenly have 210 more neighbours than I did before and honestly, (don't tell them, OK?) I really don't mind.

From no town living to small town living, it really only takes three simple things to make a difference.

1) Attitude - Yours, as much as theirs.

I've already made friends by;

a) Trying to lift more than one kid should ever try to do.
b) Opening two Beers at once, knowing full well that the second one wasn't for me.
c) Having the tools and know-how for the job, despite only being told what the Hell the job was a mere 45 seconds before the actual job.
d) Welcoming any new experience along the way.
e) Smiling.

2) A sense of belonging.

Most will try to tell you that you need to "feel it" from "the locals" before you get to experience it. My advice to you? Tell most of them to shut the fuck up!

Join in and have fun is one option.
The other you can wait for until you die.

On that one item kids, may I suggest that you choose wisely.

The last one is perhaps the most important, no matter what situation you may find yourself in.

3) Be yourself.

The very best way to be the you that you want others to love is really quite simple.

Be the you that you actually are.

Nobody makes me as crazy about you in that really insane and insatiable way....

as YOU do.

I've lived nearly 50,000,000 years practicing all three of those simple things but coming here to this Eden on Earth, I believe in them more now than I ever have.

Here's hoping my friends, you're somehow able to run like me.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Advice from a Pro....

After reviewing the entire selection available at a small store in Minnesota, I went with this advice.

"May I suggest the aged Whiskey Sir?"
~21 year old clerk


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


My (rather poor) imitation of Otis....

Its often the ironies that go along with that whole, "small world" cliche, that get to me the most.

The occasional "I can't believe you know Don too, WOW!" from someone I've met in my world travels, is never wasted on me.

Often my favourite is the glance, re-glance in passing, say at an airport or Casino or even once as bizarre as it sounds, at a concert in Tokyo, Japan. The glance is almost always eye to eye immediately. Then you both try to shake it off as a trick being played on you by your brain. It has to be right? I mean, what are the chances of seeing someone you know that well, somewhere where you'd surely never know anyone at all? Then the re-glance occurs and suddenly, you both come to the same conclusion. IT IS HAPPENING!

It's a damn small world indeed!

Four or five years ago, I hopped on a plane headed for Las Vegas. The goal was simple, I was going there to meet up with a few folks that I had only ever read about and what I'd read about them of course, was also written by them. You see, they were these 'Blogger' folks.

My first real addiction in the world of our blogs was Otis and I can admit that to this day, it's still the must read for me at every update. During the trip that year, Otis was one of the first of our type that I met. Funny enough looking back at it all now however, despite my desire to garner some form of literary knowledge from the master himself, I merely asked Otis a stupid question. All of that knowledge right there in front of me and what part did I want to get out of him? "Uh hey. Where's BadBlood?"

I've drank, dined, pokered, pai-gowed, let-it-ride, casually observed naked women, migrated, tried to move him to Canada, talked and once even, almost fell down with Otis ever since that day and quite honestly, I am a better man today for it all.

With the sale of The Cave just day's away now and the really big move across this great nation of ours looming closer and closer, I had written a bit about the only real home I'd ever known. It wasn't quite To the man buying my house exactly, instead it was this....

Welcome Home!

I know at first it seems a daunting task to buy a house, but fret not. For the journey that this little cave is about to take you on will surely surprise and amaze both you and your loved ones, hopefully for years and years to come. Ready for it or not, you've just found Home.

Now I'll warn you and hope that somehow it will sink in for you, but I already know that it won't. When you go into the crawlspace to check the sump pump every Spring, the third floor joist in is of the 2 x 10 variety, NOT a 2 x 8! I'm not exactly certain why that is but the fact remains, it sits a full two inches lower than the rest. You WILL hit your head on it every single time! The lump will become a hardened and permanent reminder over the years of course but somehow, you'll still manage to forget about that two inches before the next trip down into the dark.

Be ready for nature! Yes there will be Deer, Coyotes, the occasional Bear and the sound you will be hearing every night for as long as you are here, are the local Wolves. A full moon Summer night on the back deck with a Beer, Scotch or beverage of choice with your loved one, will allow the howls to enter your very soul. Usually as if by some magic, just when you think they won't be coming around that night, they'll be even closer than ever and the pulse of the cries can be felt in your breast. If you think of it, say Hi back for me once in awhile would you? Now of course, they aren't the only forms of nature you are going to see. You see, you now live in an area in the country a mere 20 minutes outside of town. This area is also known as, The Pet Store Recycle Bin!

This time of year is the best and worst of it all. Its just long enough after the season, where all of the joy and novelty of the new Christmas Pet has completely worn off. Be ready for Cats, Rabbits, Snakes and even the odd Gerbil to be making the treks across the front or back yard at any time. Hell, its nothing to sit out back and watch 'Hoots' the Barn Owl swing down into the grass, only to come up with a Hamster at this time of year. Oh and don't worry about the place getting over run with any of them either. Hoots has a way of taking care of that for you as well!

The reason that there are stairs all around the deck is simple. Actually, there are two reasons, but who really wants to hear about how stairs make it a much shorter fall for drunk friends? Once you set your butt down in the big comfy Muskoka Chair out there, I think you'll find the real answer. The idiocy of the mandatory rail height requirement makes it impossible to enjoy the view. All you can see of course, is railing. What I do for living is look for potential grey areas and plug them up. In the case of the deck and the view I wanted, I used the same grey area to my advantage. There is no law for stair railings, or for the amount of stairs a deck can have and VOILA! A deck with a view of Heaven.

Um... do you like Flowers? I hope so, because soon you are going to have them everywhere. Don't count on me to let you know exactly where they'll be because honestly, I don't really know myself. Every year my Wife and I, well, we did something kind of silly. We would plant a new "secret garden" somewhere on the property. Now as you can tell, we like our grass so don't worry. There will not be Geraniums popping up in the center of the yard in a week. But the outside perimeter of the property should be in full bloom by the end of April, then last until somewhere around the end of September. Don't ask me what the hell kind of flowers they are either, I haven't the faintest idea. I just know that every single year for 11 years in a row, I planted a whack of seeds and bulbs all over the place. I also know that they are very, VERY pretty. On a side note to the flowers, take the time when you can, to notice all the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds that love them too. When I was doing it right, they would land on me for a rest between feedings. Really a magnificent feeling.

Someday upon much closer inspection, you may have found a small drywall repair in the living room. Nothing big, just a small patch about 24 x 24 inches. A table leg made its way through there somehow and low and behold, I did my first solo work with drywall, tape and plaster. I looked at it myself last weekend and you know what? I think I did a pretty darned good job, even if I do say so myself. But I know its not perfect and someday I'm sure, you'll wonder who the hell did such a crap job on it. Now you know.

I left you a surprise too! Its my 'Welcome Home' gift to you Sir, if you will. You'll need to go out to the garage to find it though, consider it a "guy" thing from me, to you. You see once, long, long ago, that garage was full of more naked and partially naked women than almost anyone, (even AlCantHang!) could possibly imagine. I think it was a phase I was going through or something, possibly a third puberty. Anywho.... I felt the need to leave the very first picture I ever put up out there for you. Do with it what you will but maybe, just maybe, you may find yourself going through something similar yourself over the years. I just thought I'd help you get a head start on your own little project.

Any chance that you fish? You probably really don't want to tell anyone else, in fact, I think you're the first one I've ever told. But the creek that runs behind the house holds a little secret. Its probably the best Brook Trout fishing river in the area! I don't remember if you have kids or not but if you do, or know some that you really love, put some line on a stick and a small hook and a Grasshopper for your bait in the water with them. NOTHING fights like a one-pounder caught on a stick, right there in your own backyard! Now technically I know that its the neighbours backyard and all but honestly in your new Home, this is probably the one area that you'll find the most grey area imaginable to be honest. Yes you have neighbours and also yes, they live a fair bit away from you. But what you'll find out over the Summer is, they're damn fine people you'll want to be around more. So when its all done just right and everyone is comfortable with everyone else involved, the property lines become nothing but something you need to discuss, if you are in fact selling the property that they are on. Hopefully my friend, you won't have to worry about that, for a long, long time. This is also where I should probably mention to you, purely out of fairness and the goodness of my heart that your new Home, just happens to be the center point of the community. If its a lazy Summer evening and everybody feels like sitting around and shooting the shit over a cold beer and some Guitar music by the fire, it'll probably happen around your new fire pit!

I could write and write about your new Home for days, let alone hours. For you see your new Home is actually the first real Home, I've ever had to leave. Of course I've left dozens of buildings behind, but with nary a care in the world about any of them. I've gone through friends in more countries, cities and towns all over this big old flying rock than you good Sir, could probably comprehend. But through that all, I've never once had to leave my neighbours behind.

I'll be back for one last visit to the cave this coming Thursday and despite my best efforts to be a big boy and hold them back, I think I should probably tell you one more thing about your new Home. It is with the utmost of certainty that I can tell you that the recent water stains in the corner of the back deck, were from the last tears I ever shed at my Home.

My friend, enjoy your new Home. May the Hamlet of Utopia live up to your every expectation along the way also, as it certainly did for me.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Hello online Poker, meet blase....

Could I give a shit financially?

UH no.

Do I feel robbed of my rights?

UH no.

The pain of losing online Poker?

I've had worse slivers!

The one thing that DOES have me riled up about the horseshit going on with Tilt and Stars though, is the loss of connection with you folk.

Like a good friend moving across the country for any number of reasons you both know that status quo is definitely, a thing of the past. You say it won't happen and often, you both do what it takes to stay in touch in one manner or another, for as long as you can. You both just go into it knowing that "long," may only last a few weeks at best.

As always, THIS GUY gets it.

Also as always, FOXY says it best.

I can't pretend to write like either of them. I'm just fortunate that I get to read them both and you know what?. That's what I like about us.


I could give a shit if we do it on Facecrap, Twitshit, IM or email but what I'll miss the most about this political and criminal nightmare we all chose to partake in is quite simply, the 'us' part.

$11 ~ $22 a week to hopefully get an hour or so with a few good friends I'd;

a) met
b) met often
c) grabbed their butt
c) never met at all but just can't wait.

Add in the chat, blog material and occasional funny friction and you know what?

To those friends that make a living at telling us how it is in the world of online poker in North America or around the world, know that;

1) Your efforts have never been wasted on us, your friends and followers.
2) We all wish nothing but the best possible result for you, heading out of this ridiculous mess.
3) We're thank full to have had the chance to read your work. Some out there had NO idea! You want pity? Pity them!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


I am, therefore I brag....

Fuck running good at cards....

Bow down to whatever God you may happen to pray to.

Beg Al-Ala!

Request Raj!

Spew a Heavenly Father!

Whatever it takes kids!


Did I ever mention that I run not bad in friends?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....



Just the thought of Brudder RIGGS writing again oughta' make you bitches smile like me!

Since her BUTT and Breasts are QUITE MAGNIFICENT as they always have been, oh, you can trust me! We should throw a big invisible party for what? All 34 and 3/4 C'ish of us?

She's so good at deception!
Poker player you know.

Probably actually 36B I know but as an expert in push-up technology and all, a man just can't admit that he.... you know?


All we need to do now my dear is find some silly little Poker Room for The Doc and Peb's! ;)

Silly side note?

I have to admit I'm totally crushed that any Italian chick would admit, "mine are soft."

Random thought just came to me.

I feel LINKS!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Another Blogger game bites the dust....

Well, at least for me.

My last two VJ's were less about Poker and fun with friends, and far more about trying to get away from another on-line Douche bag extreme. Now you should know, none of DB's crap was aimed at me. Now if you were a "Girl," "Black," "Hispanic," or lord forbid, "Canadian," you were fair game. HEY WAIT! No wonder I was so disgusted! I AM ALL of those!

I did have to laugh at this comment though;

HEFFMIKE: Funny how, (insert random Douche Bags name here) can tilt Bammer too.

It's far from tilt HEFF! It's knowing when you're in the presence of true Douche bag greatness, and still being smart enough to walk away. My time means something to me so, I have no time to waste on such trivial matters.

Sorry Jos, not worth it to put up with the idiot.

Hope it's still fun for you though.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The Regina 411....

Purely out of the goodness of my heart, here is almost everything you need to know about Regina Saskatchewan.

1) It's 'breezy.'

2) When you google Canada's Worst Driver, a picture of Regina should cover it all.

3) They do have rules of the road just like anywhere yet some, may seem a bit foreign to you at first.

The rules:

a) A STOP sign in a shopping mall parking lot was put there by the mall itself. It's not like a "real" STOP sign.
b) In a similar vein to a red light at a busy four lane, four way intersection, the lines on the road are "merely suggestions."
c) Don't get me started on combining the two. You see here in Regina we ALL know that some "Idiot" put all those lines on the parking lot pavement. "That idiot ain't the boss of me!"
*side note to mall parking lots. Leave your cart wherever the Hell you want. Ìt`s not like its going to roll downhill or anything.
d) Tandem two trailer and particularly the triple trailer trucks, always have the right of way! That is unless of course, you happen to want to be where they are. Then all bets are off.
e) Manitoba drivers are the worst! Just ask all the poor folks from Regina that have actually crashed into them.
f) When considering a right hand turn off of an extremely busy five lane highway, ensure to stay as far left in the lanes as possible. FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! Then simply cut her a hard right when you are certain you've almost missed your exit.

Of course I feel the need to explain sunny and warm Friday afternoons to you as well. When the two combine for one perfect day, all the other silly rules get thrown out the window and you only need to abide by one very simple little rule.


Now let's see, where was I?

Oh yeah, Regina facts.

4) If you want directions here in town on a cold and blustery day, always ask a local. They know stuff! Any local can be quite easily found as well, as they will surely be the one driving around town in a T-Shirt with the window all the way down.
** Do NOT ever, EVER approach said local when they are actually behind the wheel of anything!

5) If you'll pardon the theft of a line from Armageddon folks, its a big-ass sky out there. Trust me, some kind of eye protection is a must! Your sunglasses should be polarized and three..... maybe just to be safe, FOUR inches thick at least. It is not rare to see someone putting chap stick on their eyeballs out here.

6) When buying a new home, do not worry about the condition of the oven. Why?

a) It's probably never been used.
b) You might not even see one in a house.
c) They won't be able to tell you how it works, even if there is one.

7) Did I mention that there is a restaurant of some kind or other, on every single frickin' corner? If you can't find the guy in the T-Shirt out on the roads, just look in any one of the restaurants. Hell, he`ll probably still have his car with him, so he should be easy to spot. Its not that they don't cook a home meal here in Regina either. It really all comes down to THEY DO NOT COOK A HOME MEAL HERE IN Regina!

8) Don't bother trying to pick up a Girl from out of town at the local pub either. You'll just be wasting your time you see, as the Grocery stores are full of them.

OH and 8 b) The girl with the really confused look on her face driving around town, she's a noobie for sure! She's actually looking for someplace that sells ovens around here.

9) They already know you're from Ontario, so don't waste your breath telling them. It's the squint in your eyes, the way you "signalled" your turn, (like that means anything!) and the stupid questions you continually ask like, "If water runs downhill and this place is flatter than Twiggy, where does it all go when the snow melts?" They will only answer, "You don't have puddles out East boy?" This is where I highly recommend that you try to curb your enthusiasm just a touch, and do you best to avoid saying something like, not the size of Saskatchewan we don`t.

10) Don't waste you time with Google Maps or Mapquest. To find a place like say, oh I don't know, how about the other side of town. Simply go to the second floor of your home and look out the window. You can see everything in this town from a 12 or so foot vantage point. Did you know that perfect vision at the height of 5' 11" here in Regina, can see for exactly 8 miles along the Horizon? It's true! I tested it! Hell, you can't even see that far on a flat calm body of water.

Here's one last fact for you kids;

Bonus) Peb's is in town for the weekend and everything you know or thought you knew about Regina, is about to change dramatically.

This place is about to RAWK!

*Always make sure your cart is at a full and complete stop before attempting!
** borrowed from the Regina Department of Motor Vehicles Licensing Bureau.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Nothing left in The Dank....

In quite typical fashion I:

1) got in 2 hours of work
2) got in slightly better than an hour of chat with Peb's
3) got caught up with Barney for an hour or so
4) managed to make significant changes to my invesment portfolio

All in the 3 little hours before the 8:00PM, (local) Dank.

Then 8:12PM local hit.

Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has disconnected
Dealer: BAMBAMCAN has reconnected

I'll spare you the actual details but let's just say, it ain't easy playing bad Poker like me, when the geeks have it in for you!

I resorted to jamming A-A the only three times I held it, due to disconnects. I was merely hoping to stay alive.

Natch, only to win the blinds.

Connectivity variance.

Who knew?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


BADUGI, WHAT did I expect....

RAMBLER catches his miracle, despite three bets from a stand pat and drawing 2 cards, every chance he had.
Three times.

TBA prolly has a good hand, despite drawing 3 to start.

Not much makes me feel better about being me, than a little get together like tonight.



I SUCK at it!

But then again, did I expect anything else?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

I BADUGI, do you....

It's rare that a Blogger game isn't NLHE.

FAR more rare with the exception of CEM's SKILLZ series, that a Blogger game outside of the NLHE realm is one that I am considerably familiar with.

During a rather large part of my career in several locations in Asia, I taught the Crazian's STUD. In return, they did their best to increase my knowledge of a fairly interesting variation of Poker known to them, as Badugi.

Now of course they called it Padooki, or 바둑이 for short.

The game's tonight at 9:30 EST and on FullTilt.
You think RAZZ can be frustrating?

This should be good.

I'm already entered as BamBamCan.
You can player search and use the P/W survivor to get in.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


TWEET this....

Today, as I always do, I took the time to make my daily rounds.

You know, stop by every blog I can't wait to read daily.

In 2008 this process, if it was an excellent day, may take up to 3.5 hours to complete.

Well today, it took exactly 4 mins. & 51 seconds.

I know, I know!
I ain't exactly lighting the intertubles up myself right now.



1) 1700 miles from home
2) living out of a Hotel
3) on just week #3 of a new career.


Yeah, possibly.

What's yours?

I judge not, lest I be judged myself.

But FWIW, I can't help sayin' I miss us.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Damn KAT'S....

I was hoping to be in Calgary this weekend with a few lucious friends. Instead at, (give or take) 11:00PM local, SHE has me pondering the future like no other.


Unlike most, I'm WAY too friggin' busy thinking about the realtime to consider the next thing that just may come my way.

Trust me kids!
THIS is the way to go!


Beautiful has a way of putting a spin on things that always gives a kid, the opportunity to ponder.


Before I die huh?

Well let me tell you, I've given this some real consideration Kids.

Before I die, I'd like you ALL to run rike *me.

*never could get that self-link shit down!

Oh and one other thing.

It's Jos, NOT JOE C.


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I Mookied & I sucked....

Dont'cha wish you had a HAWT Kat like me?

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Odds are,,,,

Got it in bad = 80%

Got it in good = 20%

Got it in, in a race from behind = 50/50

Got it in, in a race from ahead = 50/50

Finish second with only two buy-ins = 100%

Silly Poker!

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Who does this to a kid?....

The now famous (in our Blogoshpere) "Bam-is-NOT-a-geek" mentality, has taken on a whole new twist this week. Oh, and with nothing more than a few minor and new, technological additions.

I mean, we're talking about a kid who has some fairly serious issues when it comes to three different stores having three different debit machines at the cashiers, when it comes time for checkout here.

Technologically challenged is just about as polite as it gets as you know, when it comes to me.

I know it, I deal with it and most importantly, I accept the facts at hand.

This week however I have been presented with two separate Laptops for personal and work use. Both Toshiba, and both damn near the top of the line so I'm told.

Geek Yahtzee right?

Uh ya, not so much.

How does one company make two products so vastly unique from one another, yet still manage to grow in the market share it has thrown itself into?

I can't even half-assed operate one of them without a wireless mouse for cripes sake! What kind of Laptop 'convenience' is that?

Come play The MooDankie tomorrow night with me kids. Lord knows that my miss clicks will get me into all kinds of troubles for sure!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Survivor Donkey Island: The view from the mainland....

So this past week I missed my first MooDankie since Survivor Donkey Island got off to a flying start. I had to choose between pussies and when it comes to that, Pebbles will ALWAYS hold over on you lot!

However since the inception of this wonderful little game of chance has truly re-energized a few of the blogging types in our community, I thought I'd share an outsiders opinion of the game as it is to date.

The American Idle move ~ Numb first out.

Allow the people to make a decision and as per usual, they'll fuck it up! I wouldn't say that Numb has haters exactly, dudes always social within the group and has not often said poo. (even when it's being flung at him) Numb has some edge for certain, but don't we all? The best part of that edge though, would have been in getting his team much deeper into every one of the challenges. Would I want Numb sitting on the rock beside me when it came time to pick a winner? In Poker vernacular, I'd take that race.

The Gilligan's Island move ~ Riggstad out.

All I know is, Riggs failed to show. If it was only Mary Anne available, Ginger wouldn't have stood a chance either. Would I want Brudder Riggs sitting beside me when the big vote came? HELLs NO!

The drunk & disorderly move ~ AlCantHang out.

Obviously there was a serious lack of foil caps available in The US of A that week. As it had to be aliens controlling the minds of of the voting team, when it came right down to crunch time. I mean seriously? AlCantHang out? For reals? I'd take Al on any team I was ever asked to be a part of period! But having said that, would I feel comfortable with him beside me at the vote? UH... no. But I would try to take him at least into the merge for our teams sake. This vote was clearly made while the the right honourable and incredibly knowledgeable voters, were looped on something other than Soco & water back.

A vote in Synopsis ~ Goodbye Hoy.

I know, I know. It would be highlarious to have left it at that! But that's just not how I fling poo. The voting off of Hoy was one of great mystery to me. As I for one couldn't think of ANYONE left playing in the game that I'd rather sit next to, during the final vote. Through no fault of his own of course, its just that I could see my chances being pretty damn good against him in that spot.

The racist vote ~ Dawn Summers out next.

Let's face it kids, this was clearly the first intelligent decision made in the entire process. As a card carrying and fully blown racist myself, I understand the need to cleanse the playing field. There's just no room in the game for nice folks! I mean what the Hell would happen to this world, if we kept letting all the nice ones tag along? Seriously? I can just see it now. Everyone gets along, while the mild banter with some pretty damn funny edge to it just keeps on coming. It would be a friggin' disaster! Grab a membership card as you walk out the door kids. There's just no way we can let the nice ones inherit our blogosphere!

So now what?

I see the merge shaking things up a bit more than most expect. New alliances will, nah, HAVE! already been formed and the blindsides my friends, well they'll get pretty hot and heavy going forward.

This is gonna' be good!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


It sinks in....

So I've got a great new job opportunity.... Blah~Blah~Blah

This position is really.... Blah~Blah~Blah

Amazing how well everything is coming togeth.... Blah~Blah~Blah

I'm so excited about.... Blah~Blah~Blah

I walked around the perimeter of the cave here this morning, not sure of why I was doing so. During the jaunt, I touched trees I'd planted with Pebbles. I laughed at the piece of drywall hanging from the ceiling in the barn. The one I promised Peb's, "I'd get around to fixing up. Some day." I cleared a patch of snow large enough for a Muskoka Chair, off one end of our deck. I then placed a chair down and parked my ass into it. I sat and stared at the view I'd come to love and cherish, more than any other sight in my little corner of the world. One of the kids next door seemed to somehow know, that I needed a lonely cry.

Why I sat there was for sentimental reasons for certain, as for 30 minutes in rather minus Celsius temperatures, I managed to ignore the tears freezing against my cheeks. The snow falling and collecting upon my shoulders and head went mostly unnoticed also, as that view of my world never looked so unique to me, as it did at that very moment in time.

Its just a house and a yard I told myself.
Wood, bricks, grass and trees.

There'll be a new house in your future soon Bammer, so get over it.

The sentimentality of using ten years to build a home from a house, seems so little to get yourself all worked up over. But there I sat, saying goodbye to the spoils of my labour just the same.

In one hand I hold a signed contract of intent. A document that has the power to change our lives for the better forever. In the other hand, a one-way plane ticket.
That one-way, is away.
Away from home.

One week from today I'll be starting the process all over again. A challenge that has never caused me any reason for concern in the past. But as I sat there on the deck enjoying the sights and sounds that I've truly come to think of as home, it started to sink in.

It wasn't the brick, the wood, the grass or the trees I was saying goodbye to. It wasn't the friends, family, neighbours, or even the rural route mail delivery guy at the end of the driveway that I was going to miss the most.

As much as I've travelled over the years and made the adjustments for my living arrangements accordingly, for the first time in my life it was really hitting me. What was happening to me was the clarity of the moment. I've left houses, apartments and various neighbourhoods and friends behind before with nary a thought. But this time somethings different.

This is the first time I have ever had to say goodbye to my home.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Das Goat....

Making bloggaments fun again, well that just couldn't have been easy. Herding cats and all. But this kid is determined to doff his cap in the direction of one of the master herders of all time, Julius Goat.

Thanks to Survivor Donkey Island;

1) The right crowds show up.
2) Online Poker is fun again.
3) There's now occasionally something to read on our blogs.
4) Hilarity ensues at each post.
5) I get less sleep on Wednesday nights.
6) My weekly liquor bill now parallels fuel prices.

All good things IMHO.

Normally I wouldn't join a club that would allow someone like me to be a member, but this is fun. So I continue to donate.

I think we all owe Goat a big thanks for the fun because those are my principles, and if you don't like them, well.... I have others.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


What a wicked game we play....

So, I invited the boys over for a drink.

Seemed the right way to say farewell.

They wanted to play some Hold'EM.

Seemed the right way to make me puke.

Even the more intelligent of you should be able to put the thousand words required, to these simple pics.

The flop bet.

The Hollywood moment.

The eventual three all-ins....

followed by....

deal your own fate.

Only one or two things left to do.

First off,

Flush vs. Boat vs. Royal.

That's the first thing taken care of.

Now to complete it!

Royal Flush, over Straight Flush, over Boat.

To everyone that has ever taken the time to do so but more specifically today, to my Brudders Donk-EH and CC,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Losing 'it'....

I honestly know when it happens!
I just don't know how to stop it yet.

Constantly putting up with the absolute tediousness of relentless Bammer, after Bammer, after Bammer, eventually manages to get to me. When it does, my weak ass performs at Hold'EM just about as good as most American "Stars" singing *their National Anthem.


I started out The Survivor Donkey Island/Mookie/Dank/Goat whatever, by busting Waffles with pocket 8's. His A-K did not improve on the flop, turn or river and voila, Bammer manages a quick double up. I'm not proud of all-in with 8-8 on the first hand actually but honestly, I figured it for a race and went with my gut. Just got lucky like a Donkey is all!

So by first break,

I'm in the lead.

The rule is quite simple actually, play the third in a row just like Aces.

It feels dirty when they're sooted, but chips are chips.

So after surviving dozens of Bammer's in a row, I'm still on the leader board after second break.

I've shown a total of 8 Bammer's and 5 Hammer's to the table, thus far through the second hour.

I then see monster action ahead of me, as I hold reasonable starting hands for the first time all night. Monster pots develop, as I opt to fold my not quite good enough for battle holdings.

Natch, only to see them unfold as follows.

I think this next one was my favourite!

So then they come at me again, and again, and again.

BamBamCan: [9c-3s]
BamBamCan: [9h-3s]
BamBamCan: [9h-3d]
BamBamCan: [9d-3c]
BamBamCan: [3c-9s]
BamBamCan: [9h-3h]
BamBamCan: [3d-9c]
BamBamCan: [3s-9s]
BamBamCan: [9c-3h]
BamBamCan: [3c-9s]
BamBamCan: [9h-3d]
BamBamCan: [As-10h] <--- Of course 'it' happens here.

I ran that shite into Q-Q and to make things worse, it was a player I should know much better than to do that against.

Like I said, I know WHEN it happens.
I just haven't figured out HOW to stop it yet.

So in summary I guess, not much sucks quite as bad as playing good Poker and making some fairly smart decisions along the way. Having good timing for nearly three hours or so and surviving the game, despite the cards you are dealt. Only to have the bad 'it' take control of your mind, so the good 'it' doesn't stand a chance.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

*This is a post all on its own. I just need to word it correctly, so my friends don't take it as American bashing.


Outwit, Outplay, Out 15th....

My strategy for Survivor: Donkey Island was really quite simple. I'd align myself with the strongest competitor almost immediately and at my starting table, that obviously meant.... HOY!

Our agreement was made on nothing more than a quick virtual nod, rather early on in the game. Our strategy was brilliant too! I'd simply take all of his chips early on, then distribute them amongst the others as best I could. Obviously for his collection later on in the game.

As you can see, things were going brilliantly for us!

Then of course, I'd also have to make it look like I knew what I was doing on my own. This of course would be the toughest part of the game, but I felt up to the task!

First, I snatched a pot with complete air.

Then when I really needed to trust my read, I made the right play for another.

Now the hardest part of the whole Outwit thing was to get HOY's chips on his immediate left, without arising the suspicion of the others. This wouldn't be that easy. I needed to deftly pass HOY's chips over, but only when it was clear that it was nothing but good old fashioned Donktastic play on my part.


Muhctim fell into our little trap!

The last step in our plan was a total surprise to all. I'd gather just a few more little chippies,

then simply slide them along to a real player, sitting on HOY's right.

This WAS NOT simple kids! I had to wait for what seemed like forever to get a sure thing loser like a soooooted Bammer.

OH and I almost effed the whole deal up earlier on! I got three Bammer's in a row and totally on instinct, I almost played the third one like Aces! Fortunately though, I managed to find the fold button somehow.


Now that HOY was completely surrounded by chips, I figured the win was a mere formality. It was time for The Goat to BLOW out my torch.

OH and just to show you all that you really shouldn't mess with my strategy going forward in the game,

I'm telling you, align with me kids.
I'll take you to the top!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Hell hath no fury....

Normally when Peb's is in her "office," it's a rather calm and quieting experience.

Just like you see here.

After holding a 3:1 chip lead HU in this game however and just two hands later, I'd find myself requiring a dictionary for the swearing impaired.

PebblesCan shows [Ac As]
overthehil shows [6c 2s]
*** Flop*** [9d 7h 2h]
*** TURN *** [9d 7h 2h] [6s]
*** RIVER *** [9d 7h 2h 6s] [2d]
PebblesCan shows two pair, Aces and twos
overthehil shows a full house, twos full of sixes

PebblesCan shows [Ah Qs]
overthehil shows [Ac 2d]
*** Flop*** [7d 3h 2s]
*** TURN *** [7d 3h 2s] [3c]
*** RIVER *** [7d 3h 2s 3c] [Jc]
PebblesCan shows a pair of threes, Ace high
overthehil shows two pair, twos and threes

Although I truly love her fire and determination,
that was a lot closer to fire and brimstone, if you ask me.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


When Vince goes home....

I think all of the PACKERS WIN celebration alcohol is starting to become a distant enough memory to write. It could be close though! Bedrock threw one hell of a green & gold victory party, I can tell you that!

The thoughts I have on The Lombardi Trophy are simple. No trophy in any sport, anywhere, is more appropriately named. For no one IMHO should ever be more recognized for defining what it takes to be a winner, in a sport that requires a total team effort. Having said that, I also believe that Mr. Lombardi was more capable than any coach that has ever coordinated any team, of bringing out the very best in any individual, when they needed to be their best. And from what I've learnt over the years of my study of the man, for Mr. Lombardi, he needed your best on every down.

Yes I'm a die hard cheesehead so I may be biased just a touch but to me, Mike McCarthy did a damn fine Vince Lombardi impression on Sunday. One after another we lost Collins, Driver, Shields, Woodson and honestly, I thought those losses just may be our demise. It only got a few seconds worth of coverage on the broadcast as per usual, but Mike McCarthy did what Vince would've done I think. He pulled together the rag-tag remains he had for a team and inspired them. Forcing them to bring out their very best. Shields was supposedly so taken with the McCarthy speech, he eventually threw his helmet back on and made a bunch of great plays, despite what was probably a dislocated shoulder at the time.

Aaron did a damn fine job picking the Steelers apart I thought and had Jordy Nelson not had the most bizarre case of the dropsy's I think I've ever seen, I can't imagine what his stats could have looked like at the end. Quarterbacks and MVP titles are rather standard fair in this NFL driven by the media types, and there's nothing really wrong with that I guess. But I'm a blue collar cheesehead at heart and not one player on the field during the entire game, was more valuable to his team and more disruptive to his opponent, than Clay Mathews. Start to finish, Clay went 150% in everything he did. I can't call out one specific Clay Mathews play that made the difference in the game but what I can do, is recognize the pure talent, heart and desire he showed out on the field, all in the biggest game of his life. He left it all out on the field, held nothing back, on any and every single play. The definition of drive, desire and a championship attitude.

After watching that game from the sidelines, I think Mr. Lombardi would have made a different choice as his MVP.

I've patiently waited for 14 LOOOONG years to once again say, congratulations Vince! You're going home again!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Funny thing this life, Part II....

Typically, I'm used to *mountains and trees as a view.

Well.... welcome to the new Bedrock Bammer!

Mom says, "Always check out the neighbours when considering a move"

Good advice although fortunately, they're just like my current ones!

Dad asked, "how will you entertain yourself?"

I told him there was a plan for that.

My oldest Sister wondered, "Is there culture? You know how important that is to you."

I mentioned this old place.

"It's pretty flat out there you know Bammer." said brudder CC. "Grain elevators

road signs and nothing but the back of a semi,

pretty much making up the landscape."

Then he pondered, "Any thoughts on what type of home out there may fit your needs?"

"Ya" I said, "I think I may have found something."

"Does it have the property you're used to though Bam?" he asked.

"Not bad CC" I answered.

"What about the house though?" I heard him ask. "Is it decent at least?"

"Ya, it's okay I guess." I told him.

"You have such a great view for a full 360 here in Bedrock, are you okay with what's out there?" CC wondered.

"Considering it's Saskatchewan I guess, not too bad CC."

was my response.

"Well Brudder" offered CC, "if you and Peb's are going to be happy AND they're going to throw the average price of a Ferrari at you every year I say, you might as well run with the bulls!"

Ya, funny thing this life.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

*Mountains here are NOT like Banff, Jasper, Colorado etc.... I get that. But it is NOT as flat as a Saskatchewan prairie.