I'm not quite dead yet, in fact....

I feel like a new man!

I'd do the rather natural, guilt-free, some BS and/or other crap, for taking so long to post around these parts and all but hey, this kids been busy!

I suddenly have 210 more neighbours than I did before and honestly, (don't tell them, OK?) I really don't mind.

From no town living to small town living, it really only takes three simple things to make a difference.

1) Attitude - Yours, as much as theirs.

I've already made friends by;

a) Trying to lift more than one kid should ever try to do.
b) Opening two Beers at once, knowing full well that the second one wasn't for me.
c) Having the tools and know-how for the job, despite only being told what the Hell the job was a mere 45 seconds before the actual job.
d) Welcoming any new experience along the way.
e) Smiling.

2) A sense of belonging.

Most will try to tell you that you need to "feel it" from "the locals" before you get to experience it. My advice to you? Tell most of them to shut the fuck up!

Join in and have fun is one option.
The other you can wait for until you die.

On that one item kids, may I suggest that you choose wisely.

The last one is perhaps the most important, no matter what situation you may find yourself in.

3) Be yourself.

The very best way to be the you that you want others to love is really quite simple.

Be the you that you actually are.

Nobody makes me as crazy about you in that really insane and insatiable way....

as YOU do.

I've lived nearly 50,000,000 years practicing all three of those simple things but coming here to this Eden on Earth, I believe in them more now than I ever have.

Here's hoping my friends, you're somehow able to run like me.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....