It's finally here !!!!

I don't know about you folks out there, but this kids been waiting for today for some time now. Today it officially starts! NO !!!! Not the WSoP! Something even better!

Today marks the day that The good Dr. starts covering the damn thing. If you think you may be even remotely interested in Poker, The WSoP or even just some damn fine journalism, if you have ANY interest, ANY INTEREST AT ALL!!!! I urge you to check out Pauly's work over the next little while. You will never be disappointed you did.

I am twice as excited about it as usual, as Pauly has mentioned he'll be running two-a-day's throughout the event. One post will be live blogging and then he'll run a daily recap as he always has done as well.

It's like a Birthday/Christmas/BBT win all rolled up into one for us blogger types. The best of the best is about to get down to what he, (and only he) does best.

I'll tell you something right now! For absolutely certain, one of my days in Vegas in two weeks, will be spent watching the man in action. I just can't wait!

Happy Tao of Poker Day Bloggers!

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My kind of town ***Update***....

Maybe PG 13 'butt,'

'In the end,' please remember that the sole intention of all information you are about to read is nothing, 'butt' humour!


As we are want to do during long road trips or at least lengthy travel times, Pebbles and I got into another one of those great discussions on our way down to PA. I honestly don’t remember how we got started on the subject at all but eventually Peb’s blurts out,

“What would you name your own town?”

I told her I would have to consider all of my options appropriately, before I could give her the correct answer. So we drove on just a little further until she gives me that quizzical look and say’s,

“What frickin’ options?”

I said I’d need a fun name, a name that wasn’t already taken and one that had all of the marketing strategies already built in to it. I looked over to find her staring at me with the all too familiar, “you’re an idiot.” look on her face. ( Yes! I get that a lot )

“Youranus!” I said.
“Uranus? What about it?” Peb’s asked.

I explained that I did not say Uranus, I said Youranus and that this would be the perfect name for my little town. I mean come on! Based solely on the marketing prospects for my town of Youranus, I would expect to make my first million within about 5 or 6 months. I mean seriously, give this some thought. Hell! T-shirt sales from garbage pit alone would be worth that I’d think! Can you picture the shirt?

“I was checking out Youranus, ‘till I saw a nasty dump.”

Of course, we’d have to set up a traveler’s welcome center to provide all of the pertinent information about Youranus. But I think once we started to get Youranus out there for everyone to see, they’ll start packing into Youranus at an incredible rate. I mean I think eventually of course, some will just want to slip into Youranus for a quick in and out. But there will be others that will surely want to hang around in Youranus until they’re either too tired to do so anymore, or they’ve just run out of things to do in Youranus. Some of course, will become homebodies. These ones will spend the vast majority of their lives in Youranus, staying faithful and true to their one true love. To them, it’s all about Youranus.

We’ll have to attract the professions of course, if we’re going to make anything out of Youranus. I’d like to think proctology might get to be a really big thing in Youranus. You know what? I think it would be a good fit. Then there’s also that pretty big rumour that the folks over at KY are looking for a new place to build a production facility. I bet they’d just love to slip into Youranus. Then with a slogan as good as “Packing Youranus, night after night!,” I’d like to think our concert hall would be able to draw some of the greatest performers from all over the world.

We’d get nothing but the best in Police services, I can tell you that. Hell, who wouldn’t want to serve and protect Youranus? And a military base would be just the perfect compliment to my little town as well because let’s face it, once I get‘em to Youranus, the Army would definitely want to be all that they can be! I’d of course also fully legalize gambling activities as well. I mean since I fully intend to Let it Ride in Youranus, I certainly see no reason to put an end to any other Youranus poker. A little Poker in Youranus is definitely something I am willing to get behind. I personally do not want to see craps in Youranus, but there might be those out there that are into that kind of thing, so we’ll just see how that goes. For those of you all worried that ‘there’s something missing here,’ fret not my friends! As always, the slots will be around front. You’ll see me there as often as possible don’t worry. You’ll be able to easily recognize me when I’m playing up front there, I’ll be the one pushing the buttons only. I NEVER play the ones with the thing you have to pull!!!

Marketing the golf course would take a little extra strategy of course. Perhaps a special feature could be that when you’re playing a round in Youranus, you’re always playing the back 9? We’ll also need to attract a sports medicine specialist of course, because I picture Youranus seeing a lot of activities that will take great physical demand and dexterity. We’ll need to make sure we’re keeping everyone that hangs around Youranus, nice and healthy. Oh and I’ll personally hand pick the crew that’s going to always help keep Youranus clean. If there’s one thing I just won’t tolerate, it’s a bunch of crap all over Youranus. I’ll make it my solemn oath right now, I personally will inspect Youranus every single day! I won’t rest until I’m satisfied that anyone else looking at Youranus for the first time, would just want to unpack their junk and move right in.

Like anything these days, it’s going to be all about the proper marketing of course. We’ll need Shirts, hats, beer coolies etc.. etc.. etc… All with slogans appropriate enough to sell.

“I had a great time in Youranus last night.”
“I did it in Youranus.”
“Yeah, that’s me in Youranus.”
“Ask me what I saw in Youranus.”
“Thanks for that night in Youranus.”
And of course,
“Youranus, where we Liqour up front and Poker in the rear.”

Although it’s really important to keep very positive about the prospects for, and my vision of Youranus, I also realize that it’s equally important to consider any downsides as well. For so very many health reasons alone, Youranus sadly cannot be going at it 24/7. Youranus will just have to schedule certain downtimes for rest, recuperation and of course, frequent cleanings. We might even have to consider hiring a few extra bodies, to take care of our Youranus clean & scrub divisions. But I think the additional help would be well worth it in the end. I like to think of this as a much more positive factor, rather than the negative that some would have you believe it to be. I ask you to consider this. We could create a little planned downtime for Youranus and keep everyone away for a little while. Then when they finally get to return to Youranus, it will feel every bit as special as that very first time they popped in.

So what do you think? I personally see a lot of potential for Youranus! But if you think I’ve forgotten anything critical to the over all experience that is Youranus, drop me a line. I’d gladly review any ideas anyone has. That is, if they think they can heighten my experience with Youranus of course.

***update*** (courtesy of some IM's and the odd e-mail here and there)

Actual conversation I just had with Peb's.

Me = Hey hun, Youranus seems to be a big hit with the gang!
Peb's = Excuse me!
Me = Youranus! There's lot's of interest in it I guess. Theres been some comments about Youranus and the IM's about Youranus have been great!
Peb's = You're an ass!
Me = But honey, I told you in the car that I was going to post about Youranus.
Peb's = Who the hell reads this drivel?
Me = The BBT crowd hun!
Peb's = Oh well then, BOOOOOOOOOOOM, Choo-Choo and weeeeeeee to them!!

And so it started, the second in a series of very serious strategies for marketing Youranus. Pebbles did a quick check of the leaderboard and discovered, with 443 runners and a small $5 markup, we should be able to make a cool $2200 for our first collectible from Youranus.

The official shirt of the BBT, "Yeah I BOOOOOOOOOMED you in Youranus." Who wouldn't want one? This could be followed up with the "What's that in Youranus, a Chooo-Chooo?" Tee, and we'd be able to back both up with the soon to be popular, "I didn't go Weeeeeeeee in Youranus" cap and Tee.

For some reason, Hershey's has also shown great interest in Youranus. There's been calls from two other very large corporations, namely Sheik Condoms and FHM magazine. It all looks pretty promising for Youranus if you ask me. We were a little dissapointed that KFC pulled out all of their marketing, something about it conflicting with their corporate image and "Finger Lickin' good." This prompted us to pursue Wendy's and the "hot and juicy" campaign for Youranus. As well as the Lifesavers brand and their "Hole in the middle" business strategy. Both are extremely interested in the potential growth of Youranus.

There's always the struggle with the corporate image and marketing strategies involved in the local sports franchises. We're thinking Youranus "Pumpers" for the local school football and baseball teams for sure!

The cheers of;
I'm a Pumper, he's a Pumper, let's go Pumper, weeee should Pumper, wouldn't you like to be a Pumper too! would surely ring through the stadium with a resounding ROOOOOOAAAAR ! as the games played on.

But the pro hockey franchise would have to be something pretty special. Initial thoughts were leaning towards the, "Youranus Fire." We could possibly go after Taco Bell to help us with the building of the arena, of course allowing them to appropriately name it, "The ring of fire" arena.

I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself here, but there's just something special about Youranus. I seem to be getting drawn in deeper and deeper, not un-like a moth to a flame. I just can't seem to get my mind off Youranus! I'll tell you, with me involved, the potential for Youranus seems so incredible.

Just think about the bloggers moving into to town! It would be incredible I think. Who wouldn't want to WAM in Youranus? Bayne would probably be one of the first to get there, although he may just struggle with Youranus at first. One day you may just look back and see Big Mike in Youranus. Wouldn't that be something special? Of course, I can't believe ANIguy would want to live anywhere else, can you? The possibilities seem endless! The home games once everyone moves into Youranus, would probably be something we'd be able to talk about for weeks on end. So who's it going to be? Who's ready to step up to the plate? Who's going to be the first one to say, "I'm so ready for a game in Youranus."

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


When in doubt....

I needed a break. A break from hold'em, a break from blogging and a break from reality. I don't have enough memories of my grandparents to satisfy me personally, but one of the most vivid memories I do have, was my grandmothers advice to surround myself with friends. So this past weekend, I took that advice to heart. I loaded up the 'Red Rubble Racer' with my girl Peb's in tow and I created a plan. I pointed the car South by South East and off we went.

Saturday morning at around 11:30, I'd found the address we were looking for. It's an address that I'd had written down for some tome now, "just in case," as I'd always said. Well, I guess this was "the case." I dialed up the phone number and sat there waiting in the driveway.

"Hello," said the voice I was hearing for the first time.

Long story short, I think we surprised the hell out of ANIguy, Donkette and minidonk. The smiles, the laughter and the hugs made every mile of that drive, totally worthwhile. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting this family in person. Sometimes there's a common thread in writing styles, sometimes it's the game of poker or the chat and sometimes, it's just hard to explain how you just know you'll be able to get along with another blogger. But in my case, I knew from one of our very first meetings at the tables that the "Donk," family, was one that I just had to get together with. From the "ANIguy say's," day's, (where I felt it necessary to chat on ANI's behalf, after he'd had his chat put on hold for a bit) to my blogger crush mini, constantly knocking brudder Carson out of a game. The laughs we've had together as IIF's, are always very special to me.

Then there's Donkette and "her story." If you're not aware of how she's been putting her entire life out there for all to see, (and learn from!) then you're missing something pretty damn special! Where some of us, (including yours truly) write self gratification stories, or bitch about bad beats. This wonderful young lady is writing a story about her past with only one real intention. If her story helps just one person and prevents them from taking the same path early on, or even better! If it helps just one person realize that the situation they're in is not good and they seek the help they need to follow in her footsteps to recovery, then every word that she's written will have been well worth the effort. She puts up a great facade of the "tough Italian Momma." In reality, she does what she does with one of the biggest hearts I've ever known. I miss her hugs already!

We all spent the afternoon together out in their backyard. The conversations and subject matter ranged all over the map, as should be expected I guess for such a surprise get together. It was wonderful! Trying as hard as we could not to intrude, Peb's and I started to make our way off after an hour or so, so they could get on with their family weekend. Yeah right! Donkette just wouldn't let us leave! Our quick surprise visit turned into a couple of drinks, a huge lunch and several hours later, we were on our way.

I seriously ((((((HEART)))))) the "Donk" family !!!!

And mini..... they were some of the bestest hugs I've ever had! I hope I didn't squish you too much. ;o)

So with nothing better to do and a night in PA left at our disposal, Peb's and I did what everyone in PA should do, when given the chance. We went to a pub! No, no, no!! Not "a" pub! "The Pub!" The Tyler James Pub out in Phoenixville.

I had a drink or two with this guy.

I helped ruin the quiet and charming atmosphere with this guy.

Peb's played her favorite game, "spot the diff." with Big Mike.

Although I have to admit, Pebbles seemed a little off her usual game since she's more used to balloon and food pictures on the game she normally plays. I got a huge kick out of what differences the two of them were noticing!
Bike Mike = "Her boob! That tat on her butt! The thong up her....!"
Pebbles = "Her shoes. The picture in the back there." *sighs.."OK.... her boob!"

Everyone knows Al and I'm not going to bust a nut trying to tell you anything new about him. He's a good man, a good friend and I'd drive that 600 miles down to have a drink with him, damn near anytime. I know I'll at least be doing it again in September, as I officially threw my name in for "the Bash." We talked a bit about some plans for the Friday morning that included some "A-Lister," dude from the East, but we'll just have to wait and see if they all come together. For the record Al, this "EH-Lister" will commit to it right now!

So all you blogger types out there, who hasn't met Big Mike yet and, what the hell are you waiting for? I read a while back that Al had issues with a few words here and there about Mike and his poker game. Well I'll tell you something, there isn't a nicer person that deserves no crap from anyone, than Big Mike! The guy is awesome and just plain fun to be around. Somehow, somewhere.... Al must have done something right. Because when he got in line for for friends to hang around the pub with, he got the pick of the litter. Rockin' the Juke with you and the ever popular "play now" feature, was a blast Big Mike! See you in September for certain!

We waited too long to get a hotel room for the night, so we had to stay all the way out in King of Prussia. That was really too bad. Since Peb's was pretty tired and had to be my chauffeur for the night, we had to leave a little earlier than I really wanted to. I'm sure my liver isn't too terribly upset about that however! As I was really starting to get into the swing of hoisting the glass!

I need to thank my man Riggs for being my "guy on the inside." Although, his switch-around plan didn't quite work out the way he had hoped I'm sure! I had a plan to call Al from outside the pub and start the dial-a-shot process. As soon as he said, "let me grab a shot," I was going to walk in and say, "yeah, me too!" That's basically how it all went down. Al and Bike Mike had another plan in mind, since someone obviously let them know I was in town!!!! I tell you what! I almost wish it would've worked out the way they had it all planned out! I would of loved to have been kicked out of the pub. What a story that would have made!

It didn't work out that I got to sit down with Riggs on this visit, and that kinda sucks! Next trip for sure though. I'll just have to figure out a way to make it happen.

Al, Big Mike, ANIguy, Donkette and of course, my blogger crush minidonk! I can't thank you all enough, for putting up with me just dropping by.

So I drove about 1200 miles to be with good friends and have some great times ! I had a pretty good weekend! How was yours?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Happy Memorial Day to my US readers....

A partial post today with much more to follow tomorrow. Yeah, I'm back!

Something that occurred yesterday, hit home with me more than it probably should have. But it seems only appropriate to bring it up on this day of Memorial in the U.S., for those that have served and protected.

Peb's and I were in the States over the weekend and there will definitely be a LOT more on that tomorrow. The thing with us is, we rather enjoy the longer drive along two lane blacktop and will almost always make the decision to take a route with some type of aesthetic or historic values. We chose very wisely yesterday! Just Northwest of Scranton PA, there's old historic route #6. I urge all of my American friends to try and take it just once. The beauty of the landscape as you seemingly never stop the up and downhill trek to the Northwest, can only be described as breath taking. Often with a river on one side and the steep embankments of the mountainous region on the other, one begins to feel humbled by the efforts of those that came before you, back in the late 1700's. After a drive through this route, one can only use their imagination to fathom how 1000's of soldiers could have possibly survived this trek on foot, over 200 years ago.

But even more important than the phenomenal beauty of the trip and dotted along the roadside for all to see, were historic placards of noted dates and names of each and every event that occurred along the route. Some of the history along the way, has nothing at all to do with soldiers and waring. But instead focuses on the Artisan side of being American. Stephen Foster's Camptown Races and the history behind the origin of the song are posted along the way, as an example. The point is, it's all there for anyone to see and learn about.

We went into this route knowing that over such a holiday as the Memorial day weekend, this may just be a very busy drive. But sadly, (in my humble opinion) two Canadians basically had this entire route to themselves. In fact all things considered, we were very surprised that our historic trip from Valley Forge up through the Northwest passage into and through so many significant historical locations, was not only a worry free trip, but an American free trip as well. Something that totally surprised and amazed us as we journeyed on.

I'm not trying to say anything other than this. Over the course of two hundred and some years, it's a little sad to me that fireworks have become the grand memory for this weekend, rather than the intrinsic value of the history that helped make the weekend possible in the first place. I know the feelings and the memories are deep within so many of my American friends and readers out there. I'd just like to say, take the time to enjoy a much stronger bond with the true reason you celebrate someday when you get the chance. If you get nothing more out of the trip than the incredible scenery, it'll be fully worth it. But me thinks as the history of the region starts to creep into your very being as you go along the way, you'll begin to appreciate the other side of the amazing efforts made by Americans on a daily basis. They've managed to keep your country, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Happy Memorial Day my friends! And so many thanks to those of you who have served to protect all of North America from the many dangers lurking, both at home and abroad.

More tomorrow on good friends and great times.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....