Like Niagara, I fall....

Although I really wanted to do much better than eighth last night, I will take the result based on how well I actually played for the most part. I managed to make some good reads at critical times and that included some great folds and some even better re-raises. No real complaints about how I went out either. In a situation where chips are gold and I was playing with a pile of Silver, I made a decision to race what I had to believe was a pair. I wasn't sure how big the pair was, but I really believed that I might have two overs with my suited Asian-Jew. I took a second or two to think it over, and then I jammed my stack on top of the initial bet.

It turned out I was a 2:1 dog and only in on about a 32% chance against pocket Queens. It was a calculated risk I felt nescessary to get me to the next level of play. It didn't work and IGH. But cest' la vie, that's why it's called gambling right!

Thanks for all the comments, e-mails and IM's yesterday to say you were happy I'm still here and all. It really means a lot to me that someone else out there actually cares. It makes me live more too and we could all do with a lot more of that!

On that note, I've just decided to take Peb's away for our 14th. or 15th. honeymoon this weekend. All is booked and off weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee go ! Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will.


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The un-tiltable life....

This post has been in the works for some time now, and I don't really know how I know it's time to put it up here, I just do.

"To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty." -unknown

When I was young, fishing was a major love of mine. I don't do it enough anymore and I really miss it. Some of the fondest times I can recall while spending a day on the lake or a river, are not great success stories about how many or how big the fish were that I caught. But some of the exceptional fish that got away! I remember watching in horror as a friend once tossed his almost brand new rod and reel over the side of the boat, after one particularly large Chinook Salmon broke the line and got away, while only 5 or 6 feet from the boat. I've lost much larger Salmon than that one to be sure. I've lost large fish in dozens of different families like Bass, Trout, Musky and Pickerel, (Walleye) to name just a few.

But I hooked them, I faught them and I enjoyed the challenge every single time !

Playing hockey, I was on 6 O.M.H.L Provincial championship winning teams. We stayed as basically the same roster of players for that entire span, and we dominated this province the entire time. But those are not my best memories of those guy's and that team. No, my favorite memory was playing game 7 of a best of 7 with a Russian Ice Hockey Federation team that came through for an exhibition series. We were 15 years old and just some Canadian kids playing a game we loved. They were a Russian team made up of men who were "soldiers." In case you weren't aware, "Soldiers," is what used to become of the greatest Russian players back in the day. This was done so that the federation could always have control over who played where and when, and more importantly, who went to war zones and who didn't.

Yeah, we lost that game. But we took a great team all the way to game 7 !

I had a fresh memory added just yesterday on the drive to work, there was an accident. A pretty big accident too. I was close enough to know for sure, I could've died. It only would have taken the smallest change in the situation to have changed the entire outcome of the event. If I would have stayed in the lane I was in for another 10 seconds I wouldn't be posting this today, of that I'm certain. If the driver of the Dumptruck would have made his decision to change lanes just a split second later, I would have been dead.

I got lucky for sure. But I choose to celebrate that !

As I hurriedly made my way over to what was left of the car that the Dumptruck did basically drive straight through, I knew I was going in vain. But I had to try to help. When I got to the car, it was confirmed that there was nothing left of the man to help. He was dead. As others gathered around and I told them that there was nothing we could do, I also mentioned that, "I hope he lived his life." The reaction was typical. "Doesn't really matter, he's dead now."

I didn't say another word until the police and emergency crews showed up. Once I gave my version of what happened and all pertanent information, I would be allowed to get on my way. An officer of about my age, wrote everything down and made sure to ask all the right questions, to get the most out of information I had to offer. He then asked, "can you think of anything else?" I'm not sure why, but thought I'd try again, "I hope he lived his life." I said.

The officer looked up from his pad and scratched at his temple with the pen he had been writing with. "I'm sorry?" he muttered, with the all too familiar quizical gaze of the confused. "I hope he really lived his life, now that it's over and all." The officer put the pen down on his note pad at first and then did something wonderful. He flipped to the back of the pad where it looked like several personal notes and numbers had previously been written down, and he started writing. He wrote two words, "Live life." He flipped the pad shut and thanked me for my information for his report. He then looked me straight in the eye, extended his hand out to mine and thanked me for "everything."

I could've and probably should have been dead yesterday, but I didn't die.
So I decided to 'live' a little extra the rest of the day instead.

You know what? I think I'll do the same again today.

"To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty." -unknown

"I hope he lived his life."

"Doesn't really matter, he's dead now."
-The majority

"Quite the opposite my friends. It matters more at that point, than it ever will."

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Armageddon my point across.....

Although I admit to not being the ultimate or consummate devout that I’m sure I should be, considering my lifestyle choices and the chances I’ve taken over the years, I've recently found myself focusing on all the signs of Armageddon.

I know there was something like “there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars,” and then about 8 years ago, didn’t all the planetoids align in a pretty little row?

Wasn’t there something about “One corrupted government?” Let’s face it! ALL of our current government’s can be put into one category! And that has to be CORRUPT!

I think we all know the common one, “Backsliding, turning from the faith, betrayal!” because we’ve all had to deal with some form of variance!

If we assume the recent “Blogger Wars” BS that has hopefully passed us by and found it’s rightful home back in the smoker’s corner of the High Schools it belongs in was “Hatred of Christian against Christian.” Then that too has passed.

To cover what our buddy Mathew once wrote, “Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.” I simply offer you the game of Poker.

“But trust me dis-believers, there are clear signs the end is near! I humbly offer up the true signs according to me, your humble servant.” [Bam-Bam 9:26]

First, THIS GUY is holding some "bash" thing. Then, THIS GUY decided it would be a good idea to go. So he called THIS GUY and asked him to come along for the ride. He replied with a resounding yes and since they were going to be going anyhow, they discussed it with THIS TEMPTRESS and she decided it was a great idea too. As they pass through the valley of death, they’ll travel right past THIS GUY, and will attempt to garner his interest in joining them on this epic journey.

Then as they collectively arrive amongst the heaven’s, it is said that one Capt’n shall appear before them. He’ll at first seem fully capable and handle himself well, despite the obvious need of a wheelchair during the light weight Drizzle.

It is also written that ANIguy that goes against this set forth plan, may encounter a stubborn Donkette, who’s protection of her young stands second to none. Stories have been told of her conquering even the largest of peaks, to fight her one true battle.

And of course there’s the flooding! Lot's and lot's and lot's of flooding!
I envision enough flooding shall commence, to ensure no Comfort in the Southern regions will go un-touched. Even the Glen's are not safe from this savage ending. This liquid will flow downward at an alarmingly fast pace, as gravity will truly be in control of the earth and all of those left upon it. Some will not be able to watch, and will turn their heads in disbelief. But the sign of gravities pull might just be the clearest of all signs dear brethren! I am hopefull that we’ll be able to keep a rapid eye on he who so selflessly falls, so that others may be fairly warned.

There will be signs as obvious as Kats getting along with Dogs and L's mysteriousry disappearing, onry to be repraced with R's. These must not go unnoticed by anyone!

But I suggest to you, neigh URGE! That this "bash" shall be the place to be in the event of Armageddon. Run and gather with thy flock and salute life during the moment at hand!

“For if the occurrences of the past can be considered clear indication of the signs that have been foretold, it’s coming!” [Bam-Bam 2:22 - 23]

My advice for you now is to constantly read the Phonebook and watch for it to offer signs of the “countdown.” Consider yourselves forewarned of the clear and impending doom that will surely be………….. Armageddon!

Oh and…..

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Why aren't YOU there.....

Well, there was another Open and Horse game last night, and special thanks go out to all of those that took the time to come out and join in on the fun. It was great to see one of our best supporters Donkette, out as usual. We were also joined by muhctim, (wish I knew the link!) Katitude and KingofKings. As always, my boy PUSH showed up for some of the best chat going on the intertubles. A very special guest showed up for the HORSE game, and it's obvious she's fast becoming not just my, but everyone's favorite Blogger Crush. Of course all the regular Tuckfards were out for the games as well and it's always a blast laying a beating on each other whenever we get the chance to do so. After 20 weeks of being a team, beating on each other is even betterer!

I've been struggling a bit however, with the small crowds showing up for the games. I remember when Nutzy and brudder Carson came up with the idea, my first thought was GREAT! A game that is available for the "right" coasters that doesn't run on until the wee hours of the morning. Then there's the $3.50 entry fee with the knock-out bonus. Seemed to me anyways, that this would be an affordable game and fun format for anyone to not only be able to join in on, but to want to come out and have fun at.

After Al dropped by a couple of times, we started up a HORSE game to compliment The Open and shake things up a little. Unfortunately, it's getting even smaller fields than The NLHE Open. It's the same great $3.50 to enter, and it's starts just an hour after The Open, at 8:00pm. I figured the HORSE would actually be more popular than the regular NLHE game but surprisingly, the fields are just not building up the way I'd like them to.

I know everyone that plays in these games and I know they all have a great time. I know the price is reasonable and that adding the knock-out to the format makes it even more fun to bust out your friends. And I know from my own personal experiences, that the timing allows for both games to be completed before the much more serious MATH event at 10:00pm for the more serious of players. So what I can't figure out is, why are the fields always so small? I mean, these games are not quite as relaxing as The Donkament, but NOTHING ever will be! They're not quite as serious and competitive as the BBT3 either, but there's already been over $40,000+ handed out in those games, and that can't be taken too lightly for sure. Hell, it's only at the halfway point too!

So, here's a couple of events where a small group of core players can really be themselves and have a great time joking around. The play is good, the price is cheap and the camaraderie is exceptional. Sounds like an old-school blogger event to me?

I can only think of one reason, why our fields aren't growing as they should be!

Obviously word is just not getting out to enough players, that a fun group of bloggers are holding the games in the first place! So my mission is clear! I need to spread the word as best I can about them, all this week!


If NLHE with a knock-out bonus is your cup of Tea,

The TuckFard Open on FullTilt starts every Monday night, @ 7:00pm. EST
Cost : $3.50
Password : Donkey

If HORSE is more appealing to your inner gambling demons,

The TuckFard II on FullTilt starts every Monday night, @ 8:00pm. EST
Cost : $3.50
Password : Donkey

Come on out!

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LMAO........ Lazy Bloggers.....

Best day in "Bedrock" history.....

82 visitors, I know, "I'm a baby," but come on.......

BWoP..... the only comment?

Lazy Bloggers! ( HOT BWoP!!!!!!! )

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Addin' things up.....

Plus + Had some great times with great friends over the weekend.
Minus - Didn't get out to the course.

Plus + Played some of the best poker of my life on the weekend. From great folds to monster pay-offs with the nutz, I min'd or max'd every single hand.
Minus - Finished second while ahead, only to see the set for him on the turn. No real regrets while heads up with monster blinds and a capable player on the other side of the table. There's a lot more luck involved when the blinds are nearing the 10% of the chips in play level.

Plus + The free trip to Vegas for the TuckFards is a real bonus for sure.
Minus - The timing is exactly one week off to make it to THIS !

Plus + Each of you takes the time to stop and check in here everyday.
Minus -

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VIVA TuckVegas...........


We won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More info. on the big weekend HERE !

The Tucks invade Vegas in June. Peb's and I both managed another 2nd. place finish and Nutzy & DonKaaa also hung on for great finishes of their own. Brudder Carson had issues, but managed to take down the singles points leader title with his 6th place finish. My favourite pair 'O' T's, was a spare and dominating the table she was on. Having a spare dominate for the record, is just about the sexiest thing a kid could hope for.

I'm proud of our group. When we needed to, we did 'zactly what we needed to. That ain't easy for a bunch of competitor's like us. A group of A-types, all goin' for the gold is typically, a recipe for disaster. It really ain't easy being TuckFard. But easy ain't us. Cheers Tucks! PACO's here we come! Margaritas on me.

VIVA TuckVegas........ VIVA TuckVegas !!!



TuckVegas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by.....
(and for the "Tucks," being the best friends a kid could hope for!)

Hot Kat on a warm wood deck.....

No pictures, no stories, just good friends on a beautiful Summer Saturday afternoon. Thanks Kat, brudder Carson and the ever lovely Suzy_Q.

Great times gang! Glad you could make it and, here's to many more!

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