Men's closing is tomorrow.

Golf with 120 of my closest friends.

Talk about a Frantic Friday!

(I'd take the under on me, but that's just me!)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The first "free" weekend....

Right off the bat, getting laid off from work Friday came as a real surprise. As management I've always believed that if you didn't see such a shocker coming, it was your own damn fault! So I'm going to sit back and reflect on the situation, using all of the analytical skills I've acquired over the years. I need to see how this move could possibly make any sense at all, for a company that I've made an awful lot of cash for over the last several years. Right now the answer is simple, it just DOESN'T make any!

Maintaining my classic half full glass how ever, Peb's and I had one hell of a good weekend!

We went for comfort food and a warm comfortable fire out back, as the perfect way to start the first of what may be a few "free" weekends.

Have you ever had a Spider Dog?

If not, take your kids out to the fire and make a few up. You won't regret it!

The meat in the sandwich that was this weekend, was great times with good friends and family. We got a few odd jobs done and relaxed with a few too many cold beers and colder Scotches. Having so many friends stop by just to get together and talk about nothing, helps to make everything come into perspective every time.

We capped off a great weekend with my Peb's getting a little something exciting between her legs.

EASY there kiddies!

I meant a nice ride out back.

Hard not to love that smile huh?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....