A little get together....

Nothing like a home game, to get the Badblood pumpin'.

The Carsino is hosting a TuckFard home game tonight but alas, we lost the lovely Kat. After what sounded like a pretty successful day, despite suffering from a migrain and still schooling the fishies, Kat is driving straight past the Carsino and making her way home. She will be sorely missed.

Brudder Carson and I talked format a few times this week, and decided to shake things up just a touch. Instead of the $20/$40 start with a $4000 chipstack in front of you, we went with a $10/$20 start and $6000 in chips instead. Let's see a little "play" going on!!!!! WoooooooooooT! I love's me a little play!

So the gangs about to converge and I thought I'd make an early prediction on tonights win-nah. I'm takin' this Bee-yatch DOWN !!!! Let's face it, there ain't no stoppin' a kid on a mission! Kid + play = Waaaaay + EV !
More on the big win in the morning!

Oh and congrats to my beautiful wife! This morning she doubled up her bankroll on Tilt with not one, but two big scores in the game of choice for her. Go get'em sweety! Obviously, it's a day for the Sharks NOT THE FISHIES !!!

Dum-dum...dum-dum...dum-dum...dum-dum...... da-DA-da !!!!!

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That'll teach me....

What does a kid do after a craptastic day at work, followed by a far from up to par round of golf, (thanks to good friends, I still enjoyed that) and barely avoiding single handedly wiping out all of Bedrocks deer population on the way home after?

Simple really, sign up for the Riverchasers game and get some stupid going on.

I knew it was going to be a rough night, right off the top. I drew Astin, TwoBlackAces, Dino_Burger, heffmike, ShabazzJenkins and ElSnarfgrande. BUT that was nothing!!!! Imagine having to play against all of them...... AND mindonk !!!!

It was going to be a tough night. ;o)

Let me see, where to start. Well, I played good. I made a few chips and got myself up into a steady top 10 position. I flirted with the top 5 for quite some time. I kept up the pace and tried as hard as I could to play good solid "fun" demental ABC poker and, I was chugging along very nicely thank you very much. Let's see, what else happened?

Oh I know !! I massively over-played pocket 10's and was massively called by Buddy. Hmmm.... I said to myself. He must have a monster! I bet he puts me on something like a pair of Jacks. I'll have to be really careful here. Flop = 8-J-2.
I think I just found a way to steal this pot from his stupid A-A. I will make a pot sized bet, he will no doubt raise it up to see if his reads good and I will Jam. What a plan!!! BamBamCan, super-genius! I bet it up, he jams and I raise..... HEY!!
What was that part in the middle there??? Why are both of our stacks in the pot here, wait just a dog-gone minute. Oh crap! Yup I did it. I made the plan and forgot to watch the actual action. I shoved thinking I was raising, when in actual fact had I been paying any attention at all, I was calling an all-in. Da'Doooshky was holding pocket 8's and had made his set. I amazingly, do not improve and IGHN. Incredibly embarrassed of my play and feeling like a complete idiot. So..... I decide that I deserve a huge punishment for my Re-Donkulous actions. BUT WHAT ?????

My initial thoughts were,
Option #1 - the 10 FTP, 1200 player, double-stack, knock-out turbo that already had almost 7 players signed up so far OR,
Option #2 - I could go with the $10 Guaranteed, 900 player freeroll that was going to pay out the top half of the field. It was a tough decision, let me tell you.

I ended up choosing option #3. Multi-tabling two 90 player SNG's at $1.25. I figured this could quite possibly break me of my nasty poker habit for good! "This'll teach me" I actually said out loud.

I grabbed a beer and a Scotch..................... WHAT ? What's that look for? I WAS PLAYING TWO TABLES EVERYONE. Two $1, 90 player, paying out the top 18 in both bloody "poker games." If that isn't cause to have a back up immediately at hand, I surely don't know what is.

I told myself, "self! Pay attention and do good." ( I am such a good motivational speaker. Did you know that?) So there I sat, completely focused on the two tasks at hand, (of course I mean the drinks) when I noticed the next 90 player game already had 72 signed up. SWEET !!! For the record, NO! I did not go get another drink. I just decided to play three games instead.

Game #1 - lost focus for a split second when my pre-flop raise of pot and a quarter got me three callers while I held, "the Fred." The flop brought me one of the 'Red' aces to go with it, along with a 4 and a Queen. This is not where I really lost focus though. The first to act merely made the standard dorky min-raise. It was the next guy that popped it up to a 5x raise. "I see your TuckFard Nutz there Veng from Denmark. Don't think I don't know how they get played," I said. So I pooshed. Everyone but the Lobotomy from the Netherlands managed to get away from the hand. Veng pushed his stack in instantly and we were off to the races. My set of Aces against his........... OMG! 10-J...... Turn.....whew! And now the river.... KING !
BUSTO in 18th place for a profit of -$0.15. Woooot me! By the way. Anyone have any idea, what the hell "Gutter-Ball Waffles" was doing in Denmark?

Game #2 - I weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen !!!!!!!! for a profit of $21 something, something.

Game #3 - Despite the urge to fire up another table at 1:30 am and make an all-nighter out of this punishment, I managed to actually focus the most on this game. The play was far superior to the other two games for some reason and it took a little extra to make a few chips here and there. This game well, this one actually had my attention. We were at final table and there were some pretty strong plays being made for the $1 level. I was sitting about mid-pack chip-wise when I picked up big-lick in my BB. It folded around to the SB who made the standard pot sized bet into me. I'll be damned if I'm going to let him just steal my blind here I thought, and so I made the min-re-raise back at him. He called. The flop was the damnedest thing I've ever seen. (sorry, no scr. cap, I got a touch wound up) 6-6-6 !!! DQB's!!! Check, check and we see a turn K. Check, bet, call. The river is an 8 and I go into Fuel mode.... OBFV baby!! I jam and just sit back and wait. He'll fold. They always do when this happens to me........ CALL !!!!!!! I'm rich !!!!

I couldn't hang on to all of the chips the rest of the way and ended up settling for a second place finish for a profit of $12 something, something.

That'll teach me !!

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And now for something completely different....

Actual Poker content ahead !

Tusdays Skills game had 67 runners and the game was RAZZ. Can you say Saweeeeet?

Unlike most in the Blogger kuh-myoo-ni-ty, I love RAZZ. If you know much about me, you'll know my penchant for STUD Hi. Well RAZZ, is exactly the same only backwards.(did I actually write that?) Anywho.... The game itself can be frustrating because of the changing equity of your hand upon the arrival of the next card on the later streets. Like the infamous "one-outers" in NLHE, during a RAZZ game things can change by you actually making a hand, while you seem to have no bricks left in the deck that can hurt you.

There's also the great gambit run all the time in RAZZ, where so many cards are visible that gamblers just can't help themselves when the are showing say x-x-A-4. The strength, (I guess that's really weakness huh?) they appear to be holding can make betting machines out of even the best of the players out there. Give them a 6 or 7 on 5th. street and watch out. You'll need to hold on tight a their chips go flying towards the center of the pot at the greatest of speeds. To that player, it doesn't matter that their hole cards are K-K. They are showing the best hand and others should get the hell out of the pot. I ran into this exact hand and the aggressor just kept firing another shell. My hand up to 5th. street? [A-3]-5-6-2

The other frustrating thing about RAZZ is, it seemingly always happens that in a game where the worst hand is declared the winner in the end, finding premium starting hands includes three cards of say 5 or lower. (this is my opinion and I would say it's considered fairly standard) For a STUD player, it's incredible how many times this can happen in RAZZ. I read HOY had 3 rolled up hands in the first 90 minutes. At least I beat him at something heads up, this was my 5th. time it happened early on in the game. I picked this one just 'cause JJ had just joined us at this table and I saw the humour in it I guess.

Then I went on a sick run. I mean, my hands were absolutely craptastic! Which by the way, is a good thing in this game. I could not have been dealt any better RAZZ hands if I was dreaming. With hole and door cards like, [A-3]-5, [2-3]-A and [4-A]-2 all coming on a regular basis. I also changed my strategy in these situations repeatedly. Betting into some, allowing my opponent to make the first moves at times and also making a few check-raises here and there. I had made several hands to a 6-low by 5th. or 6th. streets and in all cases, the size of the pot was completely under my control. I was on a RAZZ rush and planned on riding it all the way to the top. It worked and it took exactly 44 minutes to get to here.

I was really feeling good about my play and felt like I had pretty good control over how I should play everyone at my table at the time. So naturally, I was moved. I continued on mixing things up and making a few adjustments as I went along but, I just played too many hands that were suspect, (but had potential) in a short period of time. That brought me down to around an average stack in a hurry. I better than most, understand the need for patience and focus in the STUD versions of poker, but I got carried away trying to "ride the rush," instead of actually playing my version of the game.

By the time we got down to final table, I was in about the 6th. or 8th. place chip stack position. My playable hands got farther and farther apart and the expected shift to all out aggression from my opponents, got understandably increased in the right situations. There was actually some great RAZZ play early on at final. To be honest, there was some pretty damn good play going on all night, with as Waffles said, "no one eliminated before the first break." That is a great rarity in the non-NLHE games we play to be sure.

So back to final table. I picked up a starter of [A-3]-5 and made my complete. Everyone folded. A little later I pick up [A-2]-6 and the exact same thing happens after I make a bet on top of the player completing. I get descent hands and over-agress others out of the pot. At first I was bit miffed when I couldn't get players with door cards of 2, 4 or even Aces to come along for the ride. But i figured my time would come. Then it happened. At a 9 handed table with the brings all the way up to $500, I draw 9 out of 10 brings at the table. $4500 of my stack gone and the best card I have in the door for RAZZ, is a 10. That hurts!

My demise came in the 9th. place money bubble-boy position, when I am dealt [A-4]-6 and feel the need to put pressure on the three other players interested in playing the hand. My thought was raise to isolate and take my chances against one player, rather than all three. It worked and I even got the worst of the door cards out of the deal. I make my hand with [A-4]-6-2-3 by 5th. street and can tell you with absolute certainty, I am now not going anywhere no matter what happens. So it's my [A-4]-6-2-3 up against x-x-8-9-4. G/L me !!! Uuuuuuh, Not so much. In the end I did not improve and had my [A-4]-6-2-3-J-K beat on on 7th. street by A-3-8-9-4-2-5. That my friends, is just how it goes. It was a game altering pot and we both knew it. I can't really blame such a large stack for playing that hand against the shorty at the table I guess. Only it would have definitely made me dangerous to the table, had I managed to hold on and more than double up in that situation. THAT's RAZZ !

It was a good night and I take nothing but the positives in my play away from the game on the whole. I'll be back and I'll throw my chips around with everyone again soon. But golf season seems to be starting for real around here, so the BBT3 games that I get to take a shot at, will be fewer and farther between I think. That'll make it pretty hard for me to improve my position in the standings I guess. But I will say, that I'm pretty damn proud to be holding 34th. spot on that huge list of bloggers playing in this series. I've still only been able to play in 16 games thus far and most above and below me on that list, are up into the 30's and even approaching 40 games played. With 16 games played and $160 something in earnings, what I've been able to do so far was basically a free-roll for me. You won't hear me complain about that at all.

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You-You redo Part II ....

I’ve been incredibly busy getting a few fun things lined up from my discussions with Pebbles on our way back from the “honeymoon,” and suddenly I realized, I missed my monthly You-You!! Well that just won’t do! We're gonna' keep on planning some incredible and fun c h i t for the Summer ahead, and quite a few of you are going to be seriously surprised by the end of it all, I promise. But no You-You in Bedrock? That just bites huge Donkey........... well, you know.

The one thing I prize in all of this Blonkery writing that we do, is learning just a little bit more about what made you, who you are and why.

So here it is, You-You redo part II :

As always, there’s 3 very simple rules.

1) The first name of your first real crush.
Followed by,
2) The name of a blog you feel compelled to read everyday.
3) If you’ve made it this far, you must participate.

Bam-Bam = Gailyn BWoP
Pebbles = Billy Bam-Bam
The Doc = Lynda "The Wife"
I/T = Stephanie The Doc
CK = Chuck F-Train .......(small giggles only please!)
Carson = Crystal minidonk
Cayne = Chalisa Highonpoker
PokerTart = Kirk Katitude
My Final Out = Katie Otis
Neil = Claire Governmentcheese
DrewFours = Katie Katitude
Donkette = Mike Waffles
The Wife = Randy Bettyunderground
minidonk = Robert Miamidon
The Poker Enthusiast = Shawna Waffles

Don't forget to FEED THE MONKEY when you get the chance! Tell'em the TuckFards sent you.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Feed the Monkey II....

So there’s this news we need to get out there. We don’t know if it’s HUGE news, big news or just news. The thing is, it’s really up to you!

A year ago, the TuckFards decided to make an adoption. We held a small event and raised a lot of cash to become Guardians of her and in the foray; we ended up making enough to take care of him too. Meet Malia & Mutemi, the official mascots of TuckFard poker.

That’s right! The TuckFards can seriously Feed The Monkeys!!!!

So we’re Feeding The Monkey again this year. Maybe we’ll even be able to feed a cat or dog too!

You see, in the heart of Bedrock, there’s a great family that runs a little place known as Bear Creek Sanctuary. They have cared for 1000’s of animals that have been neglected, abused and well, just left to die. What they do is take in an animal that’s got no hope or nowhere to live, because Mary and Warner just won’t allow it to happen. Instead, they’ll figure out a way for the creature to live as normal a life as possible, no matter what its problem was or is. Drugs from Hollywood, Animals bought as pets then discarded, Circus Cats that just can’t make the grade, or even Zoo animals that just don’t fit in with the others! If you're one of those bloggers that just breezes across the links, to see where they go. DO NOT DO THAT WITH THIS POST! It'll be worth your time, I promise.

Check this place out. They just want to help those that can’t help themselves.

There are Wolves, Coyotes, Lions, Tigers, Bears, Monkeys, Lynx, Bobcat, Foxes, Deer and some of the most beautiful Cougars that you've ever seen, (easy Guy’s…. I mean real Cat’s this time) there at Bear Creek. All just a one minute walk from Bam-Bam and Pebble’s cave. Some of these animals were nearly blinded by drugs. Some were taught to act in an un-natural way, just so that they would work for their food. But the real facts are, some were just left for dead because they were useless to the ones making a profit off of their very existence.

You should see them now! Happy, Healthy, full of life and wanting to live even more. These Bear Creek folks well, they’re literally miracle workers. But it takes cash. There’s a fair bit of food involved in feeding all the animals that they’ve seen fit to take in and it’s a non-profit organization. Then there’s the habitats. Creating a natural setting for such a variety of these creatures is not easy, or cheap. Every penny that Mary and Warner take in, goes directly to the well-being of those animals. But remember, it’s not a Zoo. It’s a Sanctuary! This place is all about the animals and making them comfortable and happy, as they live out the best life they possibly can.

“Feed The Monkey II,” will be Saturday June 21st. this year and it’ll be held in Bedrock. Right next door to the ones we’re trying to help. This poker game and all that it does for those animals, will change your out look on life for certain. The morning of the game, we’ll take you to see all of the ones you’re supporting.... and you’ll stand just a few feet away from an 800lb. Tiger! You’ll see an animal that should be hunting out in the wild, but got wrapped up in our world instead. You’ll stand beside one of the greatest hunters in the world, only to realize that a veterinarians advice can go slightly awry, if he doesn’t know his house cats from his BIG cats.

We’re looking for 36-40 players to come out to Bedrock and play. For those of you that want to help but just can’t make it, donations can be sent HERE. Please just tell them that the TuckFards sent you their way. But we hope you can make it! Carson, Peb's and I would love to see the look on your faces, as you stand literally next to those that we’re trying to help. For those that are local and either planning to attend, or just can't make it. Bear Creek Sanctuary could really use a couple of key items right now. Chain link fencing and mini-ties for the habitats are desperately in need. If you have either and you'd like to drop them off at the cave here, we'll make sure they get taken right over on your behalf.

Here’s the current list of “Monkey’s” we think are coming. (minus a few we know will be supporting the cause, but haven't been able to contact as of yet)

PokerTart & Bankwell
ANIguy & Donkette
EVY & her TOP PAIR !!!!
Carson & Suzy_Q
DonKaaa & QueenKaaa
NutzFirth & Total_Tilt
Redneck TuckFard
Pebble’s & Bam-Bam

Are you in?

$50 buy in for NLHE.

$4000 chip starting stacks with blinds starting at $10/$20….. should definitely provide for plenty of play in the original TuckFardian style. Oh and one other thing! Sitting on the deck in Bedrock, there’s a guarantee that the serenade from next door will keep you “howling” all day long. Oh and in an Astin moment of clarity, Bam will be making his famous Roast Beef on a bun for those not looking for just a liquid diet for the day. Rumour has it, that there may just be a "jealous Astin" siting over the weekend, as he attempts to steal the secret recipe.

For those attending, Bedrock allows for a fair bit of tent camping, trailers, RV’s of almost any size and there’s also, a quaint Bed and Breakfast just down the road for those seeking a little more….. uhhhh….. comfort. There's also two hotels within easy/cheap cab ride/fares or drive away and our favorite pair 'o' T's Total_Tilt, will be in full control of your car key's as you arrive.

We are forced to limit the entrants due to space and time constraints so, contact us if you’re interested. The things partially full already, so contact us both to make sure there's room.

bambamofcan at g mail dot com

carsonpossible at g mail dot com

It's highly recommended that you copy us both, as it saves us from having to hit forward every e-mail. ;o)

Let’s feed those monkeys!!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….