Well Riggs is bigger....

This test is completely retarded, obviously!

How Many 90 Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight?

It's not my fault Riggs is bigger than me! Experience should count for more than it does in this dumb test!


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Frantic Friday : The what shirt edition.... (most likely, nsfw)

Alright alright! I wouldn't let you down on a Friday!

I crashed for a bit early and then I couldn't sleep. I ended up watching Schaubsy and Astin run to 2nd. and 3rd. in the NumBlowMe re-buy until about midnight or so instead. Railing is not enough to keep me busy though so instead of being selfish and playing a game myself at the same time, I put a Frantic Friday together for you.

= = = = = = =

So it's a done deal!

Peb's and I are headed to Rama for a little fun. But you see apparently, as I listen to my darling wife debate the big question that seems to be tormenting her to no end, today's toughest decision is all about the right gambooling attire. I didn't have any idea that this was going to be such a critical and pot altering question.

So it begs me to ask the ever frantic question, which colour do you really think is the luckiest?

See, I personally love the clean crisp lines that come with a bright and sharp looking White. There's just something spectacularly brilliant about using white in the right situation or, at the appropriate time. White can really add curves where they're needed and add highlight to all the areas that should be paid attention to. White is also the perfect oxy-moron. You see White always appears so impeccably clean, but we all know White's really dirty!

But there's supposedly some stupid "Winter White" rule or something and also, the fact that Black has that much more aggressive and tough look to it too. Black could be good for a little time at a $1/$2 table though.

I thought about Yellow a lot. I mean who wouldn't? Yellow is one of the most beautiful colours available and it can really catch your eye!

But it has seemed to me lately, that Yellow has become the new Blue. I mean you see it everywhere in the Casino nowadays and I do like to stand out just a little. Maybe I should go Blue?

Oh crap! I completely forgot about that Brown one Peb's keeps saying would look great on me.

Oh no wait! I can't go with the Brown. I don't really have anything that goes with that right now. I guess I'll have to get myself out and find something soon though, because Peb's is so right. I'd really like to see myself in that little number.

Well here's a really weird question that I can honestly say I never thought I'd be asking myself! Why the hell am I so focused on solids all of a sudden? I mean I have some great stuff with light prints that most of the other guy's well, they just drool over some of it! Hell! Most of them can't keep their hands off of them!

Of course, I've always been more partial to the darker printed patterns myself.

You know what? I think I've made my decision! I'm going to throw on a little mix 'n' match number and just have me some fun. Sometimes you just have to chill, decide to grab something, get yourself comfortably into it and then....

Just enjoy the ride!

Now there's really only one decision left to make, but it is an important one!

What do you mean what decision? Come on!

Everyone knows that you have to accessorise appropriately, or else the ensemble is going to be totally wasted as a package.
(I've really got to get all of you folks reading The Wife !)

So all I need to do now is.....




shoes !

Wish me luck !

I've really got to thank my Peb's for making me think this all through! It's been a fantastic and very educational process for me to discover. I'm definitely going to have to start giving my selections a whole bunch more thought from now on.

I should also thank my friends over at Bullz-Eye too. They've always been a crack research team, getting me past the incredible humps and bumps of any investigation. I've always been able to depend on them.

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Going, going, gone....

Going #1 -

Uh Duh ! Peb's and I are in !!!!

Going #2 -

I should be 'cause I absolutely loved the first one. For me, it all depends on how I feel and what time I actually manage to get my ass out of here tonight. I know I'm exhausted right now..... so unless a miracle second wind manages to find me, I just don't see it happening.


Gone -

Crazy, crazy couple of day's. I remember why I was going to start my own consulting/auditing business a few years back now though. I'm pretty freakin' good at this crap! Like good enough to have the answers in printed form, hitting both of the auditors ThinkPad keyboards before the question is even asked kind of good! Both auditors were about my age and I liked them both too. Very unusual these days, not to see an auditor right out of school and full of piss and vinegar and wrongful self-righteousness. To get two of the old school types during this ordeal, was beyond a treat and definitely bordering on davine interventional miraculousness of extraordinary proportions. At one point, I think I actually saw the Tea in my cup touching nothing but two sides!

Oh and another thing about guy's like this for auditors, they know their crap too! Uber-efficient and straight to the point. Yes the grey area is small BUT present and usable, as long as explanations are clear.

Results you ask? I done went 5 for 5. WoooOOOOoooT ME !
(sorry! No one around here is going to WOOT me, so I indulged)

So now as it always seems to go here in corporate Bedrock with these things, I'm just left to clean up the mess. I guess I could also sort through e-mails, catch up on all things, (mostly) work-related that no one did for me while I was busy solving the latest corporate crisis and then get the hell out of here.

Hmmmmm..... what was the good part about all this crap again?
Oh yeah..... ME!

WoooOOOoooT me.

= = = = =

I'm afraid Frantic Friday will have to be a game time decision kids. Peb's starts her new job on Monday and finishes up at the old place today. It's been a bit of a secret up until now I guess but,
WoooOOOoooT Peb's !!!!
I could really use a break and a day off sounds like just the ticket to me so, here we come Casino Rama.

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The longest day, longest comment and longest laugh....

Those, "in charge" have magically managed to manage my time to the point that my time is totally......


In a cost cutting effort of near epic proportions for the company, totally EPIC proportions for yours truly, I have not one, not two, not even a measly little three systems audits all scheduled in the next two days. Say it with me folks....

FIVE total systems audits..... in two freakin' day's.

I won't bore you with the minor details except to say, ISO is the runt in this litter of five! I can run through that one with my eyes closed.

SaaaaaaahWhhhhheeeeeeeeT lordy Jebus......
come 'n' take me now!

Now despite the slow and smarmy facade you all typically see from this here kid, believe it or not...... I'm pretty good at what I do. So overlapping is a very strong point. So I literally can walk all five auditors through one basic program and cover 90% of all of the bases. It's that damn 10% that drives me bananas. I mean, WTF is with the uniqueness and non-conformity in these stupid systems? Can we all not just get along here people!

= = = = = = =

Just a short while back, Astin wrote this. I started immediately writing a comment that I soon began to realize, was so much more like a post.

So I have a crazy day today and next to no time to do anything of any intrinsic value to me. (read : read all your fabulous blogs as per normal and, write my normal drivel here) So here is the short version of a comment gone too long.

Peb's and I are what I assume is probably, "typical" when it comes to Vegas mail and e-mails. The players cards we have, (with the exception of The Venetian for the blogger tourney) are due to some substantial wins at the various Casinos. We all know the drill and hell, when The Tao of Luck was with me, I upgraded two card levels at one table sitting.

So we see monthly offers from the I.P., The Main Street Station, The MGM, The Riviera and Caesar's Palace. Now I personally can't stand Caesar's, so that crap goes right from the mail box to the recycle bin. But these represent the standard fair, for a month worth of mail from the City of Sin.

To put how bad things really must be for Vegas into total perspective, picture those mailings amounting to a standard six a month. Now if you can, wrap your mind around the 48 we had received in the month of December! So far in the early portion of January, we are at 32 free nights stay and at least a half a grand in free food comps. Oh and if we feel in a particularly charitable mood, with all the free Jackets, shirts and hats we could receive, we most likely could fill a Goodwill store upon our return. Then there's the free gas rebate deal. Is everyone getting these things? I just want one of the bigger ones to be for the Deathmobile on my commute, instead of on a flight to Vegas. We can now fly to Vegas from Toronto and get a fuel rebate, that almost covers the entire flight, if we stay at just the right Hotel.

You want a real sign of the status of our world wide economic picture? Check with the sinners first. They'll always cut you a deal to get a couple of extra bucks squeezed out of the masses.

Based on the Rosy and so very inexpensive picture that Las Vegas is portraying, I'm afraid we're in for a pretty long haul...... IMHO kids!

= = = = = =

I know most of you already read over there.......... but OMG !!!!!

If you guy's haven't been to my little brudder The Doc to see THIS, you have missed the tears of laughter, from how truly funny we can be. I know it starts a little slow but stick with it. It's so very worth it !

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Another night, another laugh....

Another classic Monday night performance, with a little twist. Peb's played in The Open and busted out in 10th. right at first break. That allowed me to sign up for the second game and Donk around a little with the gang.

Great crowd of friends for both games once again. My special thanks to CEM, Muhc, Bay, Wolfie, SKI, Memphis, the beautiful Kat and Astin for making it out for the fun. Always makes my Monday night to 'see' each and every one of you.

Of course the usual TuckFard suspects were also present to make it an outstanding evening too. With brudder Carson, DonKaaa and the ever-luscious duo of Suzy_Q and RedNeckTuckFard, all making the show.

I sat and watched Peb's play in the NLHE portion of the night and tried to keep myself busy in the chatbox. She played well as usual, but could never really get anything going to build any sort of a chipstack up. She'd get the occasional two cards well worth seeing a flop with at a reduced rate, only to have either a monster raise come in behind her, or she'd whiff the flop completely and have to drop her holdings like a rock. She finally made her stand with an A-9 I believe, after a pre-flop raise from brudder Carson. She re-popped it saying, "I think he's got J-K or two similar face cards." I was amazed how acurate her actual read was when the cards were flipped up. But alas, her A-9 60/40 race against Q-K off ended like they all seem to do lately, with brudder C hitting the hell out of the board and damn near boating up. Well, when you're willing to race with less than stellar holdings, you are going to lose one or two of them aren't you? But it would be nice to see the odd better hand hold on just once in a while wouldn't it?

Mucho Congrats to cem for taking the Open down! Also to Memphis and ShockerKitten for making the cash. Well deserved by all.

So like I said earlier with Peb's out of The Open just at break, I had plenty of time to reset and sign in for the second game at 8:05 myself. I probably should have gone to bed instead! That's how well I ran. There was one really funny hand though, that sort of set up how the entire night would play out.

Cem and I were the only two interested in seeing a flop and so we did. There was minimum interest in it and the bet and call were very small. Then the turn and I'd made a straight. Now what do I do? I mean I really hate a middling straight in any split game, but I did pick up a draw to the nut flush and even a possible straight flush. The only thing I could really put cem on with that board, was possibly two pair or a set. So I checked to watch for the paired board on the river and cem checked behind. I make the nut flush and bet it out accordingly. As you can see, we chopped it up with a classic High/Low split on a Monday night. WE ROCK !!! :)

A little later on, I got impatient and played a few too many hands out of boredom. Nothing came of them at all and I realised that I was just spewing away chips by keeping busy. So I tightened the belt a notch and tried to improve the starting hand selection just a little bit. Apparently, I should've stuck with the more "creative" plan from earlier. Despite it costing pot and sometimes a double bet, I watched in amazement as hand, after hand, after hand was taken down by a luckbox catching on the river. It never mattered what the starting hand selection was either. A-J-9-7 rainbow.... Perfect! K-3-10-6 with four suits.... that's as good as it gets right there. I mean these hands were not just hitting, they were scooping at times. Over and over again, I saw excellent starting holdings turn into phenomenal draws, only to lose on the river. In many of the cases I had to go back to the HH's to see how the hell the hands worked out the way they did. I was in awe of the number of incredible draws that were hitting for this player. Oh and it's not sour grapes here either folks. I was not one of the ones this was repeatedly happening to!

I played a few hands that I thought were reasonable starters but as has been the case for a few weeks now in the second games, I would miss anything that came on the flops and turns completely. Like it couldn't get any farther away from my holdings if they really, really tried to miss... miss!

So with half a stack and 3-3-5-6 as a starter, once wolfie pushed his remaining 65 chips into the middle, I figured I'd take a shot and isolate him and those juicy chips in the blinds. I got a caller instead. I get my low draw flop and getting the rest in, just seems to be a no-brainer to me. I am called once again and of course, I hit nothing at all on the flop or turn and I'm done for the evening thank you very much.

It seems cem double-dipped into the TuckFard cashola with a third place finish and muhctim found himself with even more 08 H8, with a second place run. A new player to me, dfazman took down the win. Congratulations to everyone!

I then sat down at a couple of $1 9/player games for some real punishment. Early play was typically brutal. With hands the likes of A-2 off squaring off all-in against A-4 and A-3. They always settle down near the middle though and true to form, these did as well. So now I could start playing.

In the one game I was keeping myself occupied by counting the number of hands I was playing and tracking what were deemed call worthy hands against my big raises.

Game Hand #17 - My Hand #1 - Button raise 4x K-K - called by 9-J
Game Hand #28 - My Hand #2 - MP raise 3x A-A - re-raised by 7-7
Game Hand #30 - My Hand #3 - Button raise 3x Q-Q - called by 3-3
Game Hand #39 - My Hand #4 - BB re-raise 3x As-Ks - called by 10-J
Game Hand #46 - My Hand #5 - UTG limp, re-raise A-A - called by 4-4

My stats to that point? 10.8% played, 100% won.

How the hell I won those races after the way things have gone for me lately, I'll surely never know. Truly there must be some type of luck other than all bad out there somewhere. But why is it always in the non-bankroll boosting, $1 games?

Oh well, ces't la vie I guess.

Don't forget tonight is also Cem's Skillz game over on FullTilt! All the info. on it, can be found HERE.

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I'll try the Duck please....

I decided to dedicate myself to 4 specific games over the weekend. My motto would be, "head down and grind it out" in all four.

I'd not been really 'working' at my NLHE of late, more just playing around instead. So this past weekend I made the decision to really focus and treat it more like "The Office" than I ever have.

"You're a brave man. Go and break through the lines. And remember, while you're out there risking your life and limb through shot and shell, we'll be in be in here thinking what a sucker you are."

Game #1 - $3.30 90 player MTT.

I basically fold a bunch of crap for 35 minutes straight. At about the 40th. minute, I pick up 10-10 in my BB. Now as has become customary on my BB as I've continually folded pre or post-flop, there are five limpers. I think a cull is in order to increase my odds of winning. I make it 4x to go and get all five calling the bet. (so much for reducing the competition!) The flop comes down A - 7 - 10 and I've made my set. There is a pot sized bet thrown out and to my amazement, a call ahead of me. I've watched and watched for the first half hour or so and I can pretty safely say that one of these players has A-? and the other more than likely has A-? or, some type of soooted connectors. The 8-9 is indeed possible, but my gut say's they're both on A-?. Action behind me is possible I guess, but I figure in order to win these things, you gotta' take a shot with a hand like a set early. I jam.

At first I thought, "that was stupid you idiot!" With all of the folding I'd done, now they'll all know I'm on some type of monster hand. What I was doing however was, giving them FAR too much credit. My all-in is called by not just the original better and caller, but two others as well. Three with A-K, A-J A-7 and an unfortunate pair of pocket 7's. My hand is dominant and I hold on to knock out 3 of the 4 and collect their bounty's. I also more importantly, have a huge stack of chips to play with.

Nothing else spectacular happens for quite some time. The odd small pot was pushed my way every once in a while, but it's just enough to survive the ever increasing blinds and antes. With 10 players left, we are on the money bubble. It is once again my BB and I have about 9 BB's left, after putting my blind and ante in. I'm dealt A-A and have had a pot sized bet made into me, from mid-position chip bully. It is called by the SB and I quite naturally, (to me) jam my stack with pocket Aces. The initial better folds and the caller takes about 80% of his time bank, before deciding to call off all but 300 of his chips. My A-A is no match for 3-4 o/s and I am bubble-boy.

"I could dance with you till the cows come home...On second thought, I'd rather dance with the cows when you came home."

Game #2 - $3.30 90 player MTT.

I run like a God in the early going. I'm dealt pocket pairs to make sets, limped BB's holding suited connectors that constantly get there and flopped the nut flush twice in a row! About thirty minutes into this game, I am chip leader with five bounty's already. Then the card gods decided I should be taught the virtues of patience once again. So I wait, I fold and fold, I wait and I fold some more. I wait and I fold without seeing any playable cards or even seeing an opportunity to make a move of any kind, all the way to 13th. place of 13 players left in the tourney. Mercifully, I am dealt J-J in the SB with one limper ahead of me. I have exactly 4.5 BB's left and I'm at the table of six-handed play, there's no time to lose! Jammo !! Both players call and we're off. Flop = 10-J-3 and the smallest stack jams instantly and is just as quickly called by the other player. I see A-J and Q-K, my set is still good until, Turn = K, river = Q and I am busted out runner-runner to the straight style.

"Get me headquarters. Not hindquarters, headquarters!"

Game #3 - $3.30 90 player MTT.

Good solid and steady progress through the field. I don't bust a single player but once again, some fairly standard TAG play gets me a pot here and there. I pretty much stay mid-pack up until second break. About 10 minutes into the third hour, I arrive at the final table. I'm going to get paid finally! Down to eight, seven "holy crap!" we're down to six already! In the SB, I see 5-5 with no action before me. The blinds are huge and I'd be quite content to take the pot right now, the way they are dropping like flies! I make it pot to go. The BB does the time thing and eventually just flat calls. We see a beautiful looking flop of 5-A-Q and I do the sneaky check-raise all in move! Again he tanks to the bottom of his time clock, goes into reserve and then makes the call. With a pair of sixes! When one of you can make sense of that for me, given that he pretty much played the entire event at my table and has to know I got a little something on that board, let me know what the genius thought process to making these types of decisions is all about. Like magic and to kill off all hope as quickly as possible, the turn brings a 6 to bust me in sixth.

"Remember, you're fighting for this woman's honour. Which is probably more than she ever did."

Game #4 - $3.30 90 player MTT.
Focused ! I was actually really and truly focused in this game. I played really good, solid and slightly aggressive NLHE. ..................... waiting for laughter to subside............ no no, go ahead..... get it out of your system....... I'll wait....... hell! ...... I'm still snickering a bit myself........

I managed to make it to mid-pack with just two tables left in the event. A shorty moves all-in for about 2.5 BB's, I'm holding Q-Q and raise to isolate. We're head's up and I'm against pocket nine's...... that naturally make a set on the flop. I lose an 80 / 20 race and take a small hit. About four hands later, I pick up pocket Ladies again. The same shorty jams once again and again, I make the isolation play. We're heads up again and my Q-Q is up against his 4-4. I think I actually giggled out loud at picking up the what? one extra percentage point in the race. Flop = 4-4-A...... are you kidding me? Another blow to the stack.

Thinking that the third time just has to be the charm, when there is one limper to my BB and I see those darling faces of pocket Queens again, I decide to see just how interested that limper really is in getting my BB. I put about 1/3 of my stack in as a raise and after taking some tank time, he jams them all in the center. My read from his earlier play was possibly big-slick, (60/40 to the good) but a much more probable hand was A-10, A-J or even A-Q, where I may be up in the 70/30 side of the race. The pot is huge and it will get me to the final table quite comfortably. I have him covered by about 3500 as well so, I think I will call! Pocket freakin' two's! TWO'S for cripes sakes!!!!! I'll save you all the drama.... the two came on the river and I'm the new shorty.

I get all my stack in, (about 4 BB's I think) pre-flop with the A-Q of hearts. I only get called by the BB and I can't blame him for the amount and the cards he was holding. My suited A-Q is up against his suited A-10. I hit my Queen right in the door, but then see the Jack and King come right after her. I'm done for the night.

"I got a good mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it."

And so, good poker got me nowhere on the weekend, except to a good state of mind. I know I can apply what I've learned over the past year of playing, listening and reading. I know that I can get it in reasonably good with the reads I'm making and I know that I made a few folds here and there that turned out to be genius once play had resumed. I avoided A-A traps twice in the one game, while holding J-J once and A-K the other. That is not something you'd consider normal of my NLHE play for certain!

I'm also pleased that with a little more focus and attention to the players at my table, I made it deep in all four games. No real winnings to show for the effort I'm afraid, but I get the feeling that they'll start to show up if I take this a little more serious than I have been.

All I need to do now is, win a couple of the races.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....