Fred update....

Spent the night over at Fred and Wilma's. Always one of our best nights!

We've obviously been visiting a lot lately, and that typically leads to Wilma putting some kind of dinner together for us. Eventually, it has to become more of a drain and pain, rather than the real reason we head over, to relieve and believe!

So today, Peb's and I made one of our specialties. A traditional English Beef Stew that ends up baked within a Yorkshire Pudding casing. This meal NEVER disappoints and tonight, was no exception.

The signs of improvement are rather small but as they say, small gains right? This tired and weary Fred is NOT the man I knew just three short months ago. And the strain that can occur in any relationship from such an ordeal, is apparent in both Fred and Wilma. Several discussions were had between some form of the four of us on how exactly to deal with the current state of the status quo.

I found myself at a loss for words several times this evening. But after getting back here to the cave, I've found resolve in one fact that I can't seem to shake.

Just a month ago, I was absoloute in my conviction that another night like tonight was never going to happen again!

Small gains indeed!

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Hey Bloggers! Wanna' do something cool....

Here's a thought!

When I started this crap, I had helpers. Those that I may.......
NO NEVER EVER, will be able to repay.

So in turn, I offer my services in the name of Karma.

Can you stop by this PA spot and say hi?

It won't mean squat if you don't read it all and leave a comment. But after reading a couple posts, me thinks you will !

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The Good News, Bad News post.... ****UPDATE****

The Good News : We only think we have problems !

The Bad News : One of us really does ! Whether you are one of my regular readers or someone that just drops by form time to time, please take the time to reach out and offer your thoughts and prayers to a fellow Blogger that could use them now.

4dbirds, (katiemother) has some REAL issues to look after.
You can read about it HERE !

The Good News : Last nights RAKE BRAIN Challenge was a hoot!
The Bad News : I busted 33rd. of the 36 playing, when three premium starters did not improve. In PLHE, it's the kiss of death! Then with no stack, I hit top pair and ran into VinNay's Presto gone Gold. IGHN ! I see LJ won the whole shebang, and Bloggers dominated the top 10! Rock on Bloggosphere!

The Good News : Bedrock's short a couple of stinky, garbage eating Skunks this morning.
The Bad News : The Deathmobile™ I make my hour long commute every day in, was the weapon of mass-destruction. Just about the longest 50 mins. of my life in a car!

The Good News : I played a ton of Poker last night and "broke even."
The Bad News : I may have Waffles issues!

The Good News : Sat at a table with Kat, brudder Carson and Dr. Chako last night.
The Bad News : I finished 2nd. to The Doc. (rematch coming !)

The Good News : Kat reminded me of some of my best memories of my Teenage'ish years.
The Bad News : Frankie Venom has passed. I know it won't mean that much to many of you out there, but back in the late 70's, Teenage Head was The Bomb in these parts. Musically, the world is a poorer place today. I'd say rest in peace for him but since he never lived his life that way, why would I wish it on him now?

The Good News : The Blogger Winter Gathering is getting a lot closer!
The Bad News : I'm starting to resign to the fact, that Peb's and I are NOT going to make it this year.

The actual "Work" part of my life, seems to be interfering with the day-to-day fun part! But like I said to The Doc., I really like the customer involved here. We've developed a business relationship that has far surpassed any other I've ever known. Of the nearly 900 total customers of mine, he's THE one I try to never let down. What he's working on that happens to coincide with the middle of December, is definitely the largest business opportunity he has ever dreamed of. I don't see myself letting him down now. So the WBPT just may have to go on without us.

What's really disappointing to me about missing the WBPT, is the fact that I've let another friend down instead. Some time ago, I was asked to participate in creating a Golf event on the Friday of the WBPT by Schaubs. Something I was really looking forward to, and something I was honoured to have been asked to be part of.

It seems as though however, that in this life that is Bam-Bam, something incredible always seems to come from something so terribly disappointing. This situation apparently, is no different! What happens when you feel like you've really let a friend down? Another steps up to the challenge and say's, "I'll be there for you. What do you need?" Yes my friends, Golf will happen in Vegas at the gathering. How you ask? Well instead of Schaubs trying to do everything himself 'cause I let him down, Dr. Chako will be stepping up and co-organizing the game in my place. With no hesitation, no questions other than, "what do you need?" and no expectations other than helping a friend out, The Doc. was there in a flash.

Words fail for now, but you know we will discuss this one day Doc.!
Over a few on me for sure!

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Le Tune Challenge....

The good folks over at RAKE BRAIN have invited a few of us out for a little game of Poker. Actually, it's more like Le Tune is throwing together a HA game for 35 of his closest, 'friends.' He's even been kind enough to place a $100 bounty on his head. Very, very cool indeed!

And what a list of entrants! This should be great!

Participating poker bloggers: (sorry! NO time for linkage!)

MrSubliminal - MrSubliminal
BadBlood - BadBloodonPoker
ToastOnTilt – GolfandPoker
mookie99 – Mookie99
AlCantHang – AlCantHang
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StatikKling – Mattahfahtu
Babaghanoush – HardboiledPoker
katitude – PokerKat
VinNay – runner-runner-rebuy
Pokerpeaker – PokingandPeaking
Bam-Bam – Bam-baminbedrock
Buddydank – Buddydank
Jaxia – Stealtheblinds
emptyman – PokeryGoodness
huntvegas – HuntVegasPoker
TNSpaceman – JasonKirk
numbbono – DonkeysDraw
Schaubs – Lolaschaubs
ck31 – Bwop
pvanharibo – LawChica
lucko21 – PokerCash
drchako1 – PokerDoctor
Fuel55 – Fuel55
$mokkee - $mokkee
NightRanger - NightRanger
MiamiDon - MiamiDon
PirateLawyer - PirateLawyer
DDionysus - DDionysus
bdidde - Biggestron

RakeBrain people

LeTune – Rakebrain
gifted08 – Rakebrain member
woodo75 – Rakebrain member
td8507 – Rakebrain member
Vadim331 – Rakebrain staff

The game is a mixture of Texas Hold’em and Omaha, both in pot-limit format. Now I personally read that as Omaha Hi. Hopefully, that's the case! I am so NOT a happy split game player!

Either way, this should be a blast!

If you've got nothing to do around 7:00pm tonight and could use a few laughs, c'mon out and rail me. For tonight, I will attempt to NOT look like as big of an idiot as I usually do in Omatard! But I do recommend you get there early! There's a good chance you'll miss me if you don't!

See..... Not only did I make a few bucks in my repeat STUD game with the gang, I also won another MTT last night! Combine that with my second in the Riverchasers and Tuesday's Skillz win....... I should be good for getting kicked in the junk at Poker for at least the rest of the year now!


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Still Skilled I guess....

I have seriously mixed emotions about last nights Skillz game! On the one hand, it was STUD, (MY GAME!) and there's no way I shouldn't have won. On the other, man I made a lot of stupid mistakes last night!

So many times I found myself playing, "The Blogger" game, rather than playing my game. Now of course, throwing the odd fun hand into the mix isn't all that bad to be honest. It can keep your opponents guessing as to what you may have held back. But occasionally, I found myself donking off chips with some seriously redonkulous holdings. This is something I never really do when I'm at, "The Office." So my dilemma was finding the right mix of the Blogger Bam-Bam, and the grinder I knew I needed to be.

Final table was a great crowd!

Some of my personal favorite invisibles to sit down at the virtual felt with! It was great to see each and every one of you!

Some good, (questionable?) and bad plays on the night.

I laid down Aces up against Waffles. He told me after that he didn't have a set of ten's and also, despite his very straightening board, he didn't have the straight. I guess I have to believe him, despite his standard draws to gutters. Good lay down or bad, The Grinder in me says it was the right thing to do. High risk calls without the nutz, can get chips moving in the wrong direction in a hurry.

I made an incredibly stupid play fairly late in the game, when I did not get maximum value out of a baby board turned made Quads on 6th. street. SO NOT LIKE ME ! At the time, some of the table were tossing chips around like candy. This was the time to take advantage of a fairly well disguised and pretty powerful hand. I decided to push the envelope, instead of letting others do the work for me. I won the pot of course, but had I given others the necessary time and one more card to catch up, I think it could've been a monster, rather than another medium sized haul.

So many out there try to teach me the "math" in NLHE. But math in Hold'em always comes down to the money involved. I get it and I think I understand it but really, making a play based on pot size value and the probability of your percentage ahead or behind, still comes down to a large amount of gamble. And as we all know, Poker is always a gamble no matter what. Math in STUD however, comes far easier for me. The math does not need to be applied to the pot or it's size. No, the Math in STUD can be directly applied to the cards in play, or sometimes more importantly and very often neglected, the cards OUT of play in the hand. When we got down to six handed, my "calculator" went into overdrive! I really started to feel good about my chances then.

I don't really know what it's like for those that run so well in Hold'Em, when they get into this position late in an event. But for me in STUD, my brain seems to process everything I see so much faster! Decisions are strictly based on known factors and they come so fast and easy. This is NOT meant as a brag, it's more of an astonishment in my own abilities to be honest. It's literally like a switch is thrown and absoloutely everything is seen so much clearer than it was before. For me, it's a very powerful moment. I don't get to feel it that often in Blogger events, it's usually reserved for some very serious grinding sessions as my other alter-ego.

It came down to Waffles, Shrike and I in the money. Goal #1 achieved, I get paid to play. Goal #2 was pretty straight forward, advance my position up the pay scale. And I did! Waffles busted out third as Shrike and I kept putting pressure on his pressure style of play. Head's up, Shrike typed in, "chop?" He had places to go and some work to get done, and I had maybe four hours of possible sleep ahead of me, before the alarm went of in the morning. "K," was all I typed in.

Despite being Waffles self-proclaimed, "bitch" most of the night, a win is a win. Perspectives a funny thing isn't it? Oh and I see I transferred $2 too much to Shrike! I'll keep that in the bank for when we actually get a chance to meet at a Blogger gathering. I like the sounds of him owing me a drink!

I also like the sounds of a Team Canada one, two finish in the Skillz game!

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Life in the rear view....

Brudder Carson has a post up about looking back in time and the wonders of what would've or could've been. You can read it HERE if you like.

He's really got me thinking and wondering myself. One things for certain, I LOVE looking back!

In fact, I'm proud to say I'm an old "back-looker," and have been for a very long time!

Nothing really gets me fired up, like the thought of takin' a real good hard look back!

Now see! Don't you feel just a little bit better, after taking just a little time to reflect back on some of the really important things? I know I do!

OH !! That reminds me, we've also done a lot of work on Youranus! I should be able to get another update up here in the next few day's! Let me tell you! There's been an awful lot going on in Youranus, and I think I've managed to record just about all of it.

Looking back at last night's TuckFard games, what a blast! But that's true every week! With Thanksgiving day yesterday up here, the crowd was a little lighter than normal. But we managed to have a good time and sling my chips around to everyone fairly evenly I think. If I missed donking some off to you, no worries! I'll try and make it up to you next week!

Looking ahead, tonights a big night at cem's Skillz Series! It's STUD time kiddie winkles! I have a few too many loose ends I really need to get tied up before I can play. (one being to vote in our Federal election!) But I can't tell you how much I look forward to the game tonight.

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Thankful huh....

Those that really know me, know that I march to a slightly different drummer. It's an upbeat little diddy and definitely NOT, the standard 2/4 beat.

According to the little print on the calendar, today is Thanksgiving day here in Bedrock. I've never been one to let Hallmark tell me when I'm supposed to let my Wife know I love her, so I don't see myself allowing the print on a calendar to tell me that I am supposed to be more thankful today, than any other day!

For every day I start next to my darling Pebbles, I am more thankful than the last. Everyday I see the wonder that is my not-so-mini-Peb's, I thank my lucky stars one more time. Every time I'm surrounded by any of the hundreds of truly great friends I have managed to be fortunate enough to gather over the decades, I consider myself the most fortunate kid on this big ole' flying rock. Every single time I meet up with someone new that has something special to share with me, I say thanks to whatever force it was, that brought us together. Every time I check the stats out for this little piece of the intertubes out, I sit back in astonishment and give thanks that you all seem to care about something I've had to say.

Thanksgiving day huh?

I'm the luckiest man alive I say! I get one of these Thanksgiving day's, 365 day's a year! Who knows! Maybe Hallmark will make me my own little calendar? It could happen!

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