Frantic Friday: The Superbowl Edition...(NSFW)

Well, the Superbowl weekend is finally here! It's time for the big game where one of the most common phrases across America is clearly going to be,

could I ask you to

Yes Americans all across the country will be getting jammed up from the second they wake up

until the game finally comes to an end.

I don't really get all that fired up for Superbowl Sunday, unless of course my Packers are playing. For those of you that didn't know, I'm a huge

But alas, my Pack didn't make the big game again this year. Leaving me less enthused about

this weekend, than I probably should be.

OH right! I should let the readers across the pond know that this is American

we're talking about here.

Not the game of Footy

you're more accustomed to watching.

Of course there are kickers in the

just not of the same quality or style as the better players in "proper" Football,

that you may be used to.

There's also a lot more officials on the playing field than in Footy, in an effort to get the plays called correctly. I think the Americans call them

Zebras, because of the black and white striped uniforms they wear.

Like you Footy fans, I don't care what the hell they're called. As long as they don't get in the way of the game, and make the right call each and every single time. To me, nothing can ruin any special sporting event like

Now before you Footy fans turn up your noses at American Football, there are a few things I think will help you appreciate the game a little more, once you learn a bit more about it.

For instance, what's not to like about a

Tight End?

Of course there's also

Wide Receivers that often keep the game interesting.

Now I know what you're thinking, most of the Quarterbacks in the NFL are pansies that are media whores and for the most part, I tend to agree with you there.

I mean, what does it really take to stand behind a

tough bunch of dudes called

The Front Line and follow the coaches

after all, right?

Well I'll tell you what, I don't think this Sunday's Superbowl is going to come down to the two Quarterback's that are playing in the game. They'll of course be a part of the game as always, but I think the real key to winning this Superbowl game will be at a very key position that isn't the Quarterback.

I think it's going to come down to which team has the best

Nose Tackle on the field for the entire game.

That's a critical position in big games in my humble opinion and therefore, I give the edge to the Colts this Sunday.

There you have it. That's my pick for Superbowl Sunday now if you'll excuse me, Coach tells me that I need to hit

the showers.

Enjoy the game everyone and on this Frantic Friday going into Superbowl Sunday, ask yourself this

for some Football!

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Losing my virginity....

Like most of you out there, I've been fortunate enough to have several great sponsors over the years. Each of whom has paid to put a small link of some kind, somewhere on my little corner of the intertubles. To say it's appreciated is somewhat of an understatement to be honest. I also pride myself in only accepting quality sponsors as I go along the way, turning down just short of two dozen offers to-date, from those that I don't feel are a good fit for my little spot.

But those are all paid advertisements. No one is actually paying me for writing, as much as they are paying for you the visitor of Bedrock to see their product when you do take the time to drop by.

Apparently however, I have just lost my amateur status as a writer. Now of course I am indeed incredibly amateurish when it comes to writing and the skills required to do so properly, but the fine folks at Pokerstars have just been kind enough to gift me some cash, for my daily WBCOOP reports from the last several days.

There's only one thing left for me to say now and that's thanks Pokerstars!

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Pokerstars WBCOOP weekend recap....


To use the word I want to use, we may have to take the PG rating off of this here blog. So let's go with it was an interesting weekend of Poker instead.

Things started out in fine enough fashion on Saturday, as there be a brudder at my table when we started. Bonus!

Then we played the first hand and this,

set the tone for the games first hour.

On the second hand we saw this,

and the steam was already starting to rise within me.

Then the sixth hand of the game saw 'jam-boy' on his fifth all-in. I went with A-9 and,

I doubled up my starting stack.

Every single pot was raised and every single flop was bet out by someone and it didn't surprise me at all, to see hands like this

at showdown.

After the first 50 minutes straight of the same type of plays, I completely lost interest in the game. After an intial raise and the all too natural re-raise, I jammed 'em in with 10-10 and told Peb's, "I could give a crap if I hit, win, lose or whatever." Naturally 9-J was the nutz and I was relieved of the pain of watching the plays being made.

Sunday I tried to stay focussed on the task at hand. Why I don't know, as the play may have actually been worse than Saturday!

I was running pretty good and pretty much doubled up on the first two hands I'd played. With this set being nearly a quarter of the new stack.

Then I continued to watch redonkulous pre-flop calls make out like bandits, this one

being very typical for the rest of the day.

Then when I made a raise pre with K-K and saw not only a jam over the top but a re-jam by another player,

despite getting almost exactly 2:1 on my money, I let the Cowboy's go.

Only to see this occur of course!

I also let go of big slick a little later and as it turns out,

that was a pretty good decision to have made.

Then I totally lost interest. After re-raising an agro-donk while holding pocket Aces, I see this come up in the chat.

Great! Now I not only have to watch it, but I get to read their thoughts as well!

I don't turn off chat for one reason and one reason alone, getting to see a friend at the table either railing and saying hello, or sitting at the virtual felt with me is a bonus. A bonus I happen to like alot!

So after another half hour or so of watching this amazing player make phenomenal play after phenomenal play with 9-J and 10-J off, I went at him with my stack after only showing A-A, K-K and A-A in the three hands I'd recently won. He naturally jams with Q-Q here and,

as this brilliant mind put it in the chat box, I go back to Russia on my bike. ???

I really need to learn the new insults. It's got to be a lot like the new math right?

I finished dead center of the 2000 something field and honestly, I was thrilled to be away from it.

"Fishing" for those that care by the way, was good. Not great, but good. I took Fred up and after a four hour session, I left with a tidy $165 extra in the pockets. Oh I also paid for a great lunch for two, all the drinks and even the gas for the trip up and back. There was nothing really special enough about this session to write a full post about, but maybe tonight when I sit down at a live table for the second time in the same day. I was just happy to actually sit down with a few players who really meant it when they'd say, NH and GG.

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Well, that's enough of that....

The weekend WBCOOP report is just going to have to wait. I actually feel a little dirty from seeing and making some of the 2000+ player freeroll plays that were made on this past weekend so, I'm heading up to RAMA to actually play a little Poker and see if I can remember how.

So for now, consider me gone fishin'

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