Losing 'it'....

I honestly know when it happens!
I just don't know how to stop it yet.

Constantly putting up with the absolute tediousness of relentless Bammer, after Bammer, after Bammer, eventually manages to get to me. When it does, my weak ass performs at Hold'EM just about as good as most American "Stars" singing *their National Anthem.


I started out The Survivor Donkey Island/Mookie/Dank/Goat whatever, by busting Waffles with pocket 8's. His A-K did not improve on the flop, turn or river and voila, Bammer manages a quick double up. I'm not proud of all-in with 8-8 on the first hand actually but honestly, I figured it for a race and went with my gut. Just got lucky like a Donkey is all!

So by first break,

I'm in the lead.

The rule is quite simple actually, play the third in a row just like Aces.

It feels dirty when they're sooted, but chips are chips.

So after surviving dozens of Bammer's in a row, I'm still on the leader board after second break.

I've shown a total of 8 Bammer's and 5 Hammer's to the table, thus far through the second hour.

I then see monster action ahead of me, as I hold reasonable starting hands for the first time all night. Monster pots develop, as I opt to fold my not quite good enough for battle holdings.

Natch, only to see them unfold as follows.

I think this next one was my favourite!

So then they come at me again, and again, and again.

BamBamCan: [9c-3s]
BamBamCan: [9h-3s]
BamBamCan: [9h-3d]
BamBamCan: [9d-3c]
BamBamCan: [3c-9s]
BamBamCan: [9h-3h]
BamBamCan: [3d-9c]
BamBamCan: [3s-9s]
BamBamCan: [9c-3h]
BamBamCan: [3c-9s]
BamBamCan: [9h-3d]
BamBamCan: [As-10h] <--- Of course 'it' happens here.

I ran that shite into Q-Q and to make things worse, it was a player I should know much better than to do that against.

Like I said, I know WHEN it happens.
I just haven't figured out HOW to stop it yet.

So in summary I guess, not much sucks quite as bad as playing good Poker and making some fairly smart decisions along the way. Having good timing for nearly three hours or so and surviving the game, despite the cards you are dealt. Only to have the bad 'it' take control of your mind, so the good 'it' doesn't stand a chance.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

*This is a post all on its own. I just need to word it correctly, so my friends don't take it as American bashing.


Outwit, Outplay, Out 15th....

My strategy for Survivor: Donkey Island was really quite simple. I'd align myself with the strongest competitor almost immediately and at my starting table, that obviously meant.... HOY!

Our agreement was made on nothing more than a quick virtual nod, rather early on in the game. Our strategy was brilliant too! I'd simply take all of his chips early on, then distribute them amongst the others as best I could. Obviously for his collection later on in the game.

As you can see, things were going brilliantly for us!

Then of course, I'd also have to make it look like I knew what I was doing on my own. This of course would be the toughest part of the game, but I felt up to the task!

First, I snatched a pot with complete air.

Then when I really needed to trust my read, I made the right play for another.

Now the hardest part of the whole Outwit thing was to get HOY's chips on his immediate left, without arising the suspicion of the others. This wouldn't be that easy. I needed to deftly pass HOY's chips over, but only when it was clear that it was nothing but good old fashioned Donktastic play on my part.


Muhctim fell into our little trap!

The last step in our plan was a total surprise to all. I'd gather just a few more little chippies,

then simply slide them along to a real player, sitting on HOY's right.

This WAS NOT simple kids! I had to wait for what seemed like forever to get a sure thing loser like a soooooted Bammer.

OH and I almost effed the whole deal up earlier on! I got three Bammer's in a row and totally on instinct, I almost played the third one like Aces! Fortunately though, I managed to find the fold button somehow.


Now that HOY was completely surrounded by chips, I figured the win was a mere formality. It was time for The Goat to BLOW out my torch.

OH and just to show you all that you really shouldn't mess with my strategy going forward in the game,

I'm telling you, align with me kids.
I'll take you to the top!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....