Frantic Friday : The Peb's saved the day Edition.... (NSFW)

AT first, I was going to skip todays Frantic Friday. I really wasn't feeling it at all. When I first sat down to type it out, I really found myself having no clear :

Every time I went to write something down it was like :

But when Peb's caught me on-line and we had a little chat, everything started to come together just like any other Frantic Friday. After she signed off with her patented :

this Frantic Friday, had found it's niche.

You see the last thing I wanted to do was, be an :

and deprive any of you out there, of your Frantic Friday fix!

You're all used to dropping in here on amy given Frantic Friday and checking out some really :

so who am I to deprive you of that?

It's been proven time and time again, that there is :

of you that take time every single Frantic Friday, to stop by and see what type of little :

your Uncle Bam-Bam has up his sleeve this week.

Well let me tell you this. This week trying to come up with something :

just for you, had me scratching my :

to the point where I actually said :

But thankfully while I was checking out some really hot :

doing what it is they do, I had one of those moments that make you go :

It seems that whenever I'm stuck and need that next great shot, I can always count on a couple of :

that have had a bottle or two of :

to if you'll pardon the very appropriate pun, "loosen them up" just a bit.

Then as almost always happens, they tend to throw :

to the wind and out come the :

And once again the Ladies get me right back on the :

God bless all the good and bad little girls out there, for giving me such great material to work with.

I think next week we'll have to take Frantic Friday to the extreme outer edges of things. So it'll either have to be about :

or :

Not really sure which right now, maybe both!

That's all we have time for today kids. Mostly 'cause I just have to find out more about this :

Now that I've found her, I need to start working on a plan to get her together with me and :

Did I ever mention to any of you out there, that I have a real thing for :


Smart, sexy and sassy! Three of my favorite esses and when you put'em all in one cute little redhead, I'd be like a kid in a candy store!

Have a great weekend everyone!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


People Google the darndest things....

Part of beeing a bad blogger I guess, is not really paying attention to your stats. Well maybe not "bad" exactly, but if you have a tracker, it definitely makes you lazy!

So OK sue me, I'm a lazy blogger!

The other day as I was changing something up in my stat tracker thingy, Peb's leans over my shoudler and says, "Anything I should be worried about there Bam?"

As is typical with me, I just stared back with a blank expression, hoping for a little clarification to the question.

You see, at the top of my screen was the last ten "key words" that got searchers to come over and hit up bedrock.

bam bam fucks betty
pebbles and bam bam do it
big pecker
bam-bam and pebbles having sex
wife loves red pecker
bam bam fucks his girls
what is felasheo
bam bam Stuffed animal sex
pebbles y bam bam xxx

All I could say was, "No really, I swear! People google the darndest things!"

This made us both LOL and so, we continued on to check out all of the key words being used to get here.

Now of course, I won't bore you with every single one of them that has been used. But I do sense a fairly recurring theme!
Do you?

bambam fuck wilma
Pebbles y Bam Bam porn
tree with big pecker
felasheo huh
pretty peckers
pebble y bam bam XXX sex
pebbles and bambam sex game
Bam-Bam's nsfw
big pecker shirts
naked chics by bam
facial expressions of bam bam in sex
bam bam xxx betty
hot just 4 bam bam
pebbles and bam bam xxx
sex weekend at barneys
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bam bam and pebbles sex emotions
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little bam bam fucks HO good
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our first fuck
biggest donkey 2 dicks
bam bam and pebbles fucking
The biggest donkey dick in the world
big peckers.com
I do felasheo
perfect azz bam-bam
big peckers
bam bam fucking betty
bam-bam fucks Betty
bambam topless
blogger porn
bam bam porn star

And for sure the winner is :

self felasheo

However you got here....

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Earth Day huh ....

I'm pretty far from what you would call a "Tree-Hugger" to be honest, but I figured I'd try and do my bit this year. They say every little bit helps and honestly, I could probably and should probably, do more. I have a daughter that will hopefully need this old flying rock for a very long time, so doing a few little things to help the Earth out a touch, just plain makes sense.

At 11:59am today, a phase of development growth for our company will finally be completed. A phase I have been working on diligently as hell, for about a full year. Right on a full year to be exact, or since last Earth Day.

What's the big noon milestone you may wonder?

Five years ago, this company had a garbage pick up of three 40 cubic yard bins of waste, every single week.

Three years ago, we worked very hard to reduce that number down to just one of the 40 cubic yard bins.

Two years ago, we had managed to reduce that number just a little bit more. We were having one 20 cubic yard bin of waste removed, once every week.

Last year on this day, I made a wager with the eight other business' on our little street. The winner, (or winners) would be treated to a Summer street BBQ, by any and all company's that could not meet it's waste reduction target.

Today at noon is the deadline.

At exactly 11:59am this morning, the last remaining garbage bin used buy this business, will be hauled away for good. We will be recycling 100% of the products utilized in every aspect of our process.

The actual waste developed in one week of business now, has come down to one household sized green garbage bag. Eight large pieces of equipment running our product, 36 employees running said equipment and a management staff and Sales department all doing what it is we do day-to-day around here, and we'll be putting a single bag of garbage out at the curb every Friday from now on.

I love it when a plan comes together!

'Cause after all when you take a good look around, The Earth's really kind of a cool place!

You know what else is really kind of cool? I think we'll have to have one Hell of a Summer street party too! It looks like everyone on the street is going to meet their waste reduction targets as well.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


My Birthday present to BadBlood....

Al did his thing for BadBlood's Birthday and if you only even have a spare ten minutes or so to kill, I highly recommend you head over and check it out. There are some of the finest thrash tunes going all lined up for you to listen to, one right after another.

I found it a great way to kill a really bad morning, but that's just me.

My Birthday treat for my fellow BB however, grooves to a slightly different tune. Courtesy of a tip from some anonymous writer type, that just returned from Argentina and is looking at a Mac to replace his casino smelling laptop, I give you a Birthday BadBlood.

I don't know about anyone else, but I certainly hope he's found a way to work that little ditty into his Procedure.™

Happy Birthday fellow BB. Thanks for making me smile so much, without doing anything at all except aging, on such a crappy day!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

I hate myself today....

After a lengthy and quite heated financial forecast meeting with top management here at 'the quarry', several things became very obvious. The most important of which was, some changes needed to be made immediately.

So this morning after our general meeting with the Production department, I was the one to hand pick some of them out of the crowd and ask them to stick around for another short session. Then I was the one that handed them their termination papers and I was the one, that looked into each pair of eyes and said, "I'm sorry."

I find myself considering an awful lot of numbers this morning. Numbers like I just terminated 25% of a group, that I'd been working with very closely. The shortest of which was for about 7 years. There are now 12 new people looking for gainful employment in a pretty rough time to do so. There are 12 spouses finding out today, that their loved one has lost his/her job this morning. And finally I know them all well enough to know, there are now 31 children out there wondering why their Mom or Dad isn't at work right now, or tomorrow, or the next day. 'The quarry' is a small'ish family run business and these people worked for me. I could recite all 31 of the children's names and probably get at least half of their ages correct if put to the task.

I've just touched at least 60 different lives, in a way that I wish I'd never had to. I don't really like me very much right now.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


So I played a little on-line Poker....

The Poker swing this weekend was ridonkulous. No other words for it! I went 8 for 20 in my new favorite games and just couldn't believe how I was getting busted out when I did. No less than half of those losses came at the hands of rivered gutshot draws, while I'd already flopped a set and lead out pre & post flop, as well as getting the bulk of the chips in after the turn.

One guy actually typed in the chat, "I don't believe you." prior to calling off his entire stack on the turn, with 9 frickin' high. NINE HIGH!!! WTF?? Don't believe me is one thing, but have a hand to fight back with, Puhleeeease ! He natch hits his gutter ball and types in, "sry, gg. :)"

Fuck me!

The second nuts also haunted me during those games, as I kept running into hands that were one card higher straights and flushes as well. I can live with the occasional one or two of these types of hands but this weekend, my mind wasn't where it needed to be to detect when they were happening. Just plain frustrating, for the amount of Poker I played.

Last weekend, I went 16 for 20 and fell in love with the games. I will continue to play 20 a weekend and see if I can't get back to my winning ways. I'd love to have these games be the new way to fund the NLHE habit. Here's hoping! And no, you do not need to know what games it is that I am talking about. I saw too many of you yahoos at the double-or-nothing games on Stars, after I mentioned my azz and easy chips were sitting down at them! Friggin' Vultures!!!! :)

I did have a good run deep into one of the larger events over the weekend as well. I was lucky enough to have a few actual Poker players at the three tables I ended up sitting at. I ran into one Donk that I managed to dispose of rather quickly, after he limped into my BB and I checked the Js-Kd, only to see a flop that came Kc-Jd-Ks. my check-raise was re-raised and we got all the chips into the center. Miracle of all miracles, I'd beaten his 9d-10d and I'd snagged a pretty descent pot. He said something along the lines of, "wow, bad time to make a move!" in the chat.

That big pot meant I was able to click fold an awful lot, as no type of playable cards managed to find me for almost an hour straight. With blinds at 200/400, I was dealt big slick in the SB. Action folded around to me and the BB only had about 6 BB's behind. I figured this was a good spot and made a pretty standard 3x raise. When the BB jammed it seemed a fairly no-brainer call to me. It was what I was expecting after all. My A-K held against his A-J and another pot was pushed my way.

Nothing much exciting happened after that though, as the fold button was starting to see the text fade off of it from over use. I finally ran nearly out of chips to fight with and was forced to jam my 8 BB's with 10-10. An auto-call by the table chip leader with A-Q and I was done after the Queen on the flop. I think I took in about $22/HR for my efforts but, I was a little pissed at just missing the final table, where some of the big money was going to be had. Finishing just four spots higher would have been good for about 10x that payout!

One great thing that happened over the weekend was, I did find a helping hand of sorts, in the form of some groovin' tunes to play Poker to. I've always had some interest in this band but typically, I'd managed to avoid putting them into the Poker rotation for some reason. As I played my way to that tenth place finish on the weekend, I was glad I'd loaded up their latest album on a whim. I think listening to this one, may have kept my mind where it needed to be for the whole time!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....