So I played a little on-line Poker....

The Poker swing this weekend was ridonkulous. No other words for it! I went 8 for 20 in my new favorite games and just couldn't believe how I was getting busted out when I did. No less than half of those losses came at the hands of rivered gutshot draws, while I'd already flopped a set and lead out pre & post flop, as well as getting the bulk of the chips in after the turn.

One guy actually typed in the chat, "I don't believe you." prior to calling off his entire stack on the turn, with 9 frickin' high. NINE HIGH!!! WTF?? Don't believe me is one thing, but have a hand to fight back with, Puhleeeease ! He natch hits his gutter ball and types in, "sry, gg. :)"

Fuck me!

The second nuts also haunted me during those games, as I kept running into hands that were one card higher straights and flushes as well. I can live with the occasional one or two of these types of hands but this weekend, my mind wasn't where it needed to be to detect when they were happening. Just plain frustrating, for the amount of Poker I played.

Last weekend, I went 16 for 20 and fell in love with the games. I will continue to play 20 a weekend and see if I can't get back to my winning ways. I'd love to have these games be the new way to fund the NLHE habit. Here's hoping! And no, you do not need to know what games it is that I am talking about. I saw too many of you yahoos at the double-or-nothing games on Stars, after I mentioned my azz and easy chips were sitting down at them! Friggin' Vultures!!!! :)

I did have a good run deep into one of the larger events over the weekend as well. I was lucky enough to have a few actual Poker players at the three tables I ended up sitting at. I ran into one Donk that I managed to dispose of rather quickly, after he limped into my BB and I checked the Js-Kd, only to see a flop that came Kc-Jd-Ks. my check-raise was re-raised and we got all the chips into the center. Miracle of all miracles, I'd beaten his 9d-10d and I'd snagged a pretty descent pot. He said something along the lines of, "wow, bad time to make a move!" in the chat.

That big pot meant I was able to click fold an awful lot, as no type of playable cards managed to find me for almost an hour straight. With blinds at 200/400, I was dealt big slick in the SB. Action folded around to me and the BB only had about 6 BB's behind. I figured this was a good spot and made a pretty standard 3x raise. When the BB jammed it seemed a fairly no-brainer call to me. It was what I was expecting after all. My A-K held against his A-J and another pot was pushed my way.

Nothing much exciting happened after that though, as the fold button was starting to see the text fade off of it from over use. I finally ran nearly out of chips to fight with and was forced to jam my 8 BB's with 10-10. An auto-call by the table chip leader with A-Q and I was done after the Queen on the flop. I think I took in about $22/HR for my efforts but, I was a little pissed at just missing the final table, where some of the big money was going to be had. Finishing just four spots higher would have been good for about 10x that payout!

One great thing that happened over the weekend was, I did find a helping hand of sorts, in the form of some groovin' tunes to play Poker to. I've always had some interest in this band but typically, I'd managed to avoid putting them into the Poker rotation for some reason. As I played my way to that tenth place finish on the weekend, I was glad I'd loaded up their latest album on a whim. I think listening to this one, may have kept my mind where it needed to be for the whole time!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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