Earth Day huh ....

I'm pretty far from what you would call a "Tree-Hugger" to be honest, but I figured I'd try and do my bit this year. They say every little bit helps and honestly, I could probably and should probably, do more. I have a daughter that will hopefully need this old flying rock for a very long time, so doing a few little things to help the Earth out a touch, just plain makes sense.

At 11:59am today, a phase of development growth for our company will finally be completed. A phase I have been working on diligently as hell, for about a full year. Right on a full year to be exact, or since last Earth Day.

What's the big noon milestone you may wonder?

Five years ago, this company had a garbage pick up of three 40 cubic yard bins of waste, every single week.

Three years ago, we worked very hard to reduce that number down to just one of the 40 cubic yard bins.

Two years ago, we had managed to reduce that number just a little bit more. We were having one 20 cubic yard bin of waste removed, once every week.

Last year on this day, I made a wager with the eight other business' on our little street. The winner, (or winners) would be treated to a Summer street BBQ, by any and all company's that could not meet it's waste reduction target.

Today at noon is the deadline.

At exactly 11:59am this morning, the last remaining garbage bin used buy this business, will be hauled away for good. We will be recycling 100% of the products utilized in every aspect of our process.

The actual waste developed in one week of business now, has come down to one household sized green garbage bag. Eight large pieces of equipment running our product, 36 employees running said equipment and a management staff and Sales department all doing what it is we do day-to-day around here, and we'll be putting a single bag of garbage out at the curb every Friday from now on.

I love it when a plan comes together!

'Cause after all when you take a good look around, The Earth's really kind of a cool place!

You know what else is really kind of cool? I think we'll have to have one Hell of a Summer street party too! It looks like everyone on the street is going to meet their waste reduction targets as well.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


nzgreen said...

Nice work! We've all gotta do what we can and you have accomplished a lot. Thanks.

Memphis MOJO said...

That's great. I'm not a tree hugger either, but, heck, let's use common sense.

Katitude said...

On behalf of every kid I teach, thank you for keeping crap out of a landfill. I mean it...thank you.

Riggstad said...

I cut down my trees because the lawn mower was too difficult to maneuver around them.

I bought a really big high horse power rider that runs on diesel. It has a bit of a leak but I put some of that foam insulation in the areosol cans and plugged it right up!

Sometimes I put a those green plastic 7-up bottles on the lawn before I run the mower. When I run them over they shred and spread across the lawn in tiny fragments.

It makes the lawn look sparkly! :)