Frantic Friday : The Perspective Edition.... (my guess, NSFW)

I've always thought that Perspective was a pretty funny thing. For one thing, there's so many different ones out there! There's even different Perspectives, on Perspective! How crazy is that?

Take for example a simple mindset that occurs with just one word.

Java. To some, this is Java.

To others, this is Java.

When I say Twister, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Was it something along these lines?

Did you maybe go more broad scope and think of the entire film? Or are you more like me than you'd probably like to admit, and went with something like this instead?

Sometimes Perspective can be influenced by a couple of factors and they can greatly change Perspective for you.

Sometimes Perspective can be tricky to gain too! There are natural factors out there that can play tricks on your brain and/or eyes, so be careful! Now this one is all natural and can be very tricky to see. But stick with it and keep focussed, you'll eventually see what I mean.

Now some out there are just trying to take it to the next level. But faking nature isn't as easy as it sounds or looks. I mean come on! Eventually you'll make out how fake that blue is in the water!

There are also those that see every side of Perspective and they really know how to have fun with it. The guy that created, "The Lamp" poster for example. Despite the Persective he was trying offer us, he was apparently having a little more fun than he was letting on! I like that. I like that a lot!

So here's my two cents worth on Perspective. Firstly, you should always take the time to assess the information available to you, and I mean ALL of the information.

Take for example uuuuuuuuhhhhh..... uuuuummmmm..... OH I know! Playing on the tracks. We all know how dangerous it is to do, but I bet most of us have done it at least once right? So here's one point on Perspective. Sometimes no matter how good an idea it seems or, no matter how good it looks, it can still get you in a lot of trouble!

Now don't think for one second that I'm saying a little play makes a situation bad or dangerous. If you know me at all, you'll know it's quite the opposite actually. In fact, I'm all for not completely growing up and playing a lot more than most. It's what keeps us all young! So my second tidbit on Perspective is to not take it, (or yourself) too seriously and play a little when you can.

So here's a little 'Bamshack' type test for you, to see what you've learned today about Perspective. There probably isn't really a right or wrong answer but going on popular opinion, I think I can safely say what the majority will think of your initial response to this test.

So..... Good Luck



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A weak post, from a weak blogger....

Damn near asked Peb's to put me out of my misery Tuesday. I don't get sick and NO! I am not a suck about it when it does on the rare occasion happen. This damn bug was so debilitating. It left me with zero energy, aches and a chill right down to every bone, muscle and joint. Really quite crippling to be honest and the worst part of all.... the bug just wouldn't let me sleep. I don't get that much to begin with, but normally when some type of virus or disease does make it past all my safety filters, I can drop out for 24 hrs. of straight sleep and come out on the other side completely re-charged and on the way to recovery. The aching throughout my body made it impossible to find any halfway comfortable position to ever be in. Laying down, sitting or standing, it never went away for three straight days.

I kept coming up with the same conclusion every time I tried to figure out how I got sick in the first place. It has to be that I stopped smoking. (YES still!) The combination of the cold outside, a packed room Saturday night and a body trying to figure out why the poison has stopped being filtered through it on a regular basis, has to have been a little too much for the immune system to handle all at once.

I feel half-assed better today so I drug myself into work. Probably not the smartest of decisions, but I have no 'back-up' as such and that only means my work piles up until I get in to get it done. Three un-planned for sick days during a pretty hectic time, can make a pretty substantial pile for me to wade my way through!

= = = = = =

As promised, here's a few shots from our game at The Carsino Saturday Night. Brudder Carson and the lovely Suzy_Q were as always, the greatest host imaginable. Peb's and I tried sneaking in a little early to help get things all set up but like they always seem to do, pretty much everything was already done.

After a very short cocktail hour, it was time to fill The Carsino with TuckFards.

Peb's was trying to constantly throw off brudder Carson with a couple of distractions, but apparently Kat and I were the only ones really paying any attention to her antics.

At first break I had my first real opportunity to grab Astin and Kat for our traditional Donkey, not-Donkey, Donkey, not-Donkey, DonKaaa group photo. I'm never really sure we ever get the order quite right, but they always make for descent pictures just the same. :)

DonKaaa quickly one-upped me in the photo-op department! He grabbed Queen_K, Peb's and new Grandma J for his shot. Smart boy !

As for the Poker itself, a ton of fun but meh. Drawing Kat at my table was a bonus! It made for a very pleasurable night at the tables. Together we could console each other on the random acts of futility we had to endure as Kat could get nothing dealt to her that was playable, and I had to suffer through dozens of second best hands on the flop, turn or river. Poor Kat was showing 2-6, 3-6, 2-8 etc... for over an hour straight. I on the other hand was obviously over playing K-K, Q-Q quite repeatedly. As somehow despite showing face up folds with both on several different occasions, my three-bets were always insta-called by any and all Ace-rags on the table. So natch there was the 'voila' on the flop, turn or river and I fold to see A-7 drag in the pot from the mighty A-5. This happened to me over and over again, throughout the first two hours.

As the tables were breaking down, ours had been joined by several players from the outer two tables. In my BB, there was what I read as a weak 3x raise by a player in middle position. The voice said weak as did the bet amount and manner in which the chips had been placed out. Everything I could see told me, he's on a weak pair at best. There was no other action and it folded around to me. I take a quick peak and excitedly jammed my stack into the center. "I'm all in." I announced while staring him right in the eyes. His tank time told me everything I needed to know. I had a pretty good read and he was in a tough spot. "I should probably fold here, in fact, I was just about to fold, But I guess I call." He flipped up 9-9. Since I was making a move, I had no idea what two cards I actually had. I think one was a 7.

I open toss my cards into the center and find out, I'm throwing the hammer. Miraculously, I did not improve and am now crippled to the point of lost interest. I bust out the very next hand and head to the cash game.

Despite losing 1/2 a buy-in over there, I had an awful lot of fun for that amount. I never had cards but made move after move and picked off two very obvious bluffs with a re-steal or two. One in particular that I though DonKaaa was going to bust a gut on. With me acting behind and having been the aggressor all the way through the hand, I started asking the young man what kind of information he had on me? Did he know my favorite hand? Did that flop fall into my starting hand range etc.... The more he talked and got un-comfortable with all of my banter, the more I knew he had crap but possibly a strong Ace. So I called him on it! "That A-K shrinking up a bit?" I asked him. He folded A-K face up and didn't play another hand. I felt a little bad to be honest. But then I saw he was leaving with about 1 3/4 buy-ins and, I got over it.

The main table was still going at it and it was getting close to decision time for Peb's and I. Stay and crack open another drink and then risk the roads on the way home, or just make our move right there and then. We wisely decided upon the latter, as the wind and snow were quite bad enough at that moment and only got worse as the night went on. Hopefully someone will post up all the results from the night over at the TuckFard sight.


I thinks I gots the virus....

Seeing everyone Saturday night was so much fun! The Carsino was packed with four full tables and much pokering did occur. A night like that makes me really get excited for Eh-Vegas now! I have stories and pictures that should get up here sometime soon but for now, I'm going to focus on getting rid of whatever it is that's trying to make me sicker than a dog.

Back soon.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....