Just the thought of Brudder RIGGS writing again oughta' make you bitches smile like me!

Since her BUTT and Breasts are QUITE MAGNIFICENT as they always have been, oh, you can trust me! We should throw a big invisible party for what? All 34 and 3/4 C'ish of us?

She's so good at deception!
Poker player you know.

Probably actually 36B I know but as an expert in push-up technology and all, a man just can't admit that he.... you know?


All we need to do now my dear is find some silly little Poker Room for The Doc and Peb's! ;)

Silly side note?

I have to admit I'm totally crushed that any Italian chick would admit, "mine are soft."

Random thought just came to me.

I feel LINKS!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Another Blogger game bites the dust....

Well, at least for me.

My last two VJ's were less about Poker and fun with friends, and far more about trying to get away from another on-line Douche bag extreme. Now you should know, none of DB's crap was aimed at me. Now if you were a "Girl," "Black," "Hispanic," or lord forbid, "Canadian," you were fair game. HEY WAIT! No wonder I was so disgusted! I AM ALL of those!

I did have to laugh at this comment though;

HEFFMIKE: Funny how, (insert random Douche Bags name here) can tilt Bammer too.

It's far from tilt HEFF! It's knowing when you're in the presence of true Douche bag greatness, and still being smart enough to walk away. My time means something to me so, I have no time to waste on such trivial matters.

Sorry Jos, not worth it to put up with the idiot.

Hope it's still fun for you though.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....