The Blogger news....

We'll start today's news with an apology.

I mentioned to Riggs and a few others that it's been a little too busy for my liking around these parts lately and honestly, that's a pretty large understatement! The end result of all the action it seems, is a lack of time to dedicate myself to flooding the intertubles with my drivel, as much as I always have.

For those of you that continue to drop in regularly, only to see the same old crap still posted at the top of the blog, many thanks and even more, my apologies for becoming a slacker.

Now on to our top story, which just happens to come from local news.

Five day old Taylor;

and her five day, 13 minute old sister Sawyer

graced the cave with their presence recently. Both new neighbours are as you can see, quite beautiful and very inspiring to the entire Bedrock community!

Big sister Emma was quoted saying,

"Baby sit for Ice Cream? DEAL!"

In Sports and Entertainment;

No real time for pokery goodness lately either but when I do get the chance, I certainly like to donate to the masses as much as I ever have. I actually had one hand recently where I was absolutely amazed I managed to get paid!

In Financial news;

My six week contract employment ended Friday. It was six weeks that put me through Hell and back and if you know anything at all about me, you'll know that I loved every friggin' moment of it!

Instead of a handshake and many thanks for the great job as I was preparing to head out of the building Friday, I was simply told, "See you Monday Son." by Ma & Pa Canada.


So I guess this kid will be remaining a little on the 'busy' side for just a bit longer. By the sounds of things as of 4:30PM Friday, perhaps busy enough to call it a full time gig and all.

I'll take it!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....