Putting the CAN in Canadian....

Being back in a world full of "school nights" and alarm clocks actually being used, is a rather strange and yet exciting place for me right now. After two days of what can best be described as orientation or perhaps more accurately, familiarization with the companies goals and plans, I gotta' say, I'm wound like a top!

I see :


and perhaps best of all,

Genuine care and concern for everyones happiness and success, wherever life may take whomever it is on the go at the time.

In other words, a very productive Mom & Pop shop with a lovely yet serious, Canadian flare.

Two days!
Just TWO FRIGGIN' DAYS and you know what?
I think I just found my calling kids.

Energy and desire have never left the thing between my ears. You know, the thing that controls the actions I choose to take or not so much. But something about this opportunity has me all in a tizzy about potential and success, like not much before it came along.

I really miss buying Canadian because of our lack of choices, courtesy of the WalMart mentality. A theme driven so deep into modern culture that even the bargain giant themselves, can't keep up with the pressure to sell cheaper and cheaper. But you know what? By the time I'm through with this little project, I hope you'll all see that you really don't have much of a choice any more!

Rock on Ma and Pa!
This kid's about to take you to a whole new level.

Oh and one other thing.
Did I mention that the love of my life just also happens to work for this place?

A career with perks!
Ya, I continue to run good.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Been there, done that....

So I walk downstairs to find my Peb's sitting at an online poker game, nothing really new there right?

"Uh hun, a $1 game.... really?"

"There's some guy that has an avatar that looks like the guy from the EPT game we watched last night, I thought I'd give it a go."

Play with a FullTilt Pro, been there!

Take most of his chips,

done that!
Oh and by the way,

She got the T-Shirt!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....