The thing is....

1) I shot an 80 today on a PAR 73 7,683 yard, "Championship" Course.
2) I did #1 at Fred's side.
3) If you had told me two years ago that #2 would have happened, quite honestly, I might have called you a name or two.
4) I have hopefully made dinner plans with Mr. & Mrs. Chako.
5) I think Oklahoma would be lovely in August of twenty-twelve.
6) I think #5 for several reasons. Of course one of them is KAT.
7) Did I ever tell you about the time I golfed with Fred today?
8) #7 RAWKED!
9) I think I'd like to "gather" with a few good friends at the MGM on Friday night. Maybe throw $20 each into a silly little pony racing game and have a free drink or twenty something?
10) I now run a company that hired me ummmmm, five or so months ago.
11) Trust me, see #7.
12) #4 makes me happier than a kid should be allowed.
13) #9 sounds like a little too much fun.
14) #13 is why I know it's going to happen.
15) I love being us.

So The Thing is....

a) If I ever grow up, I want be JUST LIKE FRED!
and of course....

b) Invitations are open for #9.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....