Frantic Friday: The BadBlood BUTT Bonus Edition (NSFW)....

Right off the bat, I feel the need to warn you all.

This Frantic Friday is definitely NOT for the weak at heart, or any of you rank

out there!

Frantic Friday's are some serious sport, so run away right now if you don't think you're up to the task!

Speaking of sport and amateurs,

For the record, it's not always easy picking a subject for a Frantic Friday you know!

So many of you out there, seem to believe that they should always be about the

of life.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I've been told that cleavage

I like it mind you, it's just not the end all to be all in my books.

My fellow BB, (that's BadBlood for those of you new to the game) and I have a slightly differant perspective on things.

We're all about a few other

in life.

So today I dedicate this Frantic Friday to my man BadBlood. He may be in Vegas without me right now but you know what? I'm still happy for the guy. It's just how I roll.

See kids the thing about your cleavage love is, you seem to forget one major factor.

Now that kind of cleavage makes this kid think

Because when I see a contestant for the

I basically think it

It's like the phrase "kissing ass."

I mean think about that kids,

What do you think when you run across a nice butt somewhere?

For BadBlood and I, it's always the same.

Well sometimes we do say what

but I think you get the idea.

So to keep my fellow BB as happy as can be, this weekend I'm going all out and heading

at the local races.

I heard that there are a lot of potential candidates out there so for me, that's where

to make my eyes happy.

Despite this Frantic Friday being mostly about my man BadBlood, I do feel the need to salute another good friend as well.


Now THAT's a SUPER genious in my books!

That's it for now kiddies, but I will leave you with one more little but important thought.

Always remember

Happy Frantic Friday kids.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The thing about riding Bareback....

Don't let the title fool you!
This IS NOT another Frantic Friday post!

That's going to have to wait until tomorrow.
But it WILL be worth the wait!

No, this is about one of my usual staples for the bankroll.
The $5.50 H.O.R.S.E. games on FullTilt.

I play them quite a bit, mostly because as I said, they are pretty good for the bankroll on average. Typically they get about 200 or so runners and despite the limit poker involved, half the field is gone in the first 30 to 45 minutes. Some pretty TAGGY poker and a few good hands and the next thing you know, you can be in a commanding position on the leader board.

So last night I check in on my peeps in The Dankie(?) and hear on BDR, that a few of the folks are jumping into the HORSIE game about to run. Why not?

Now my strength in these things has always been the R.S.E. end of the game so naturally, I expected nothing less in the game last night. Obviously however, FullTilt had another plan for me instead.

Usually I can say I played pretty good and got lucky once in awhile, in keeping with the tradition of a mixed game format. You need to play well AND run good, in order to get anywhere in these things at all. Last night however, I ran like molasses.

A-A cracked in LH, natch!
A-A-2-3 double sooted quartered on the river in O8, sure!
Rolled up K-K-K in Razz, why not every second hand?
3-6-9 or 2-4-8 for every starting hand in STUD, seems reasonable.
Rolled up 5-5-5 and hit the quads on fifth street in S8? Only if I'm up against rolled up 6-6-6 that made the same quad hand on fifth street!

Variance is usually a little more 'patchy' when it comes to the mixed games for me but last night, well last night was just about as silly as it gets to be honest. I lasted to about 50th. place or so despite getting the crap run out of me all night long and my busto move? Just more of the same old, same old in the end.

Dealt (A-3)-4 and actually looking like a RAZZ starting hand, I get the 2 I needed dealt to me on fourth street. Now holding A-3-4-2 and several players interested in building the monster pot I need to get back in the game, my board runs out A-3-4-2-Q-Q-Q of course! So I get to see a player I have a gajillion notes on take the huge pot down, all while he's holding 3-6-7-J-8-10-10 and the two players check it down on 7th. street.

Of course the night wouldn't be perfect if I didn't see this in the chat right after!

wildo1: U/L mate gg
BamBamCan:[observer] nh gg
wildo1: thanks
wildo1: got lucky was chasing the str8
wildo1: thought we were on stud lol

Playing HORSE while riding bareback?
Let's just say it gets a little tuff on the balls.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Get your McLovin' on....

Every once in awhile, our little community manages to actually do something pretty damn good. When most of us spend so much time in the grey area that naturally comes with degeneracy, it makes you feel awesome when something like this is about to happen. Because I certainly know when the cause is worth supporting, the cool kids will get behind it big time.

Some time ago, one of ours and his family needed a little help and a large portion of that help, came in the form of the Ronald McDonald House. During that time, another one of us got to see from the outside looking in, just how amazing the RMH really is and decided to try and garner the place some support.

So here's the plan.

~Go ahead! Gank the banner and post it at your place.

With the ten's of thousands of dollars that FullTilt Poker and AlCantHang had just recently thrown our way, I fully expect this thing to hit at least 100 players, if not more!

Remember kids Poker Blogger charity, is the bestest kind!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


BBT5 ~ The Battle Royale....

Well THAT didn't quite go according to plan!

Sometimes merely playing poker just isn't quite good enough and yesterday, well it was just one of those days.

After showing two "Bammer's" early on, I took advantage of a pretty nice flop when VinNay was interested in seeing some cards.

Yeah I had TPTK but I think having the 9-3 out there, was just enough to scare Vin out of the pot.

VinNay then put me to the test a little later. After my early position raise, Vin jammed in on me and I had to make a decision with just a small pair.

I know, I know! I'm probably supposed to make the call there no matter what. I didn't though and you know what? It wouldn't be the last time I'd fold those cards.

Smokkee and I then got in to it on one hand. I actually wasn't that thrilled about holding my Asian-Jew here, but the price was right to see it all the way through.

Of course what kind of tournament report would this be, if I didn't insert at least one token "Bammer" shot for the win?

I had one major bluff hold up here against PinkyStinky, when I knew the only way I could win was to make a move.

After just chugging along for a bit, Fuel put me to the test with the 88 once again.

I guess I just wasn't ready to leave yet, so I folded them again.

Then I guess when I was finally ready to get off the table, I seriously over played my pocket pair.

"There's only two hands ahead of me." I said, as I jammed pre-flop.
Of course, I was up against one of them!

So I bust.

So that's it for my BBT5.

I managed to final table/in the money right on 30% of the games I played and thanks to AlCantHang and the fine folks at FullTilt Poker, I net a tidy little $562.00 profit for my efforts. Not exactly the cash I was hoping for when I dedicated myself to playing well in this thing, but far more than I probably deserved!

AlCantHang ~ You are the man!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....