I've had a secret....

I've been holding something in for some time now, and I can finally share it with those that I know will really appreciate it. Since you read here, you'll know exactly what one of my friends from my little kuh-myoo-ni-tee really means to me.

Well now, I'd appreciate it if you would go head over to his place and give him a very well deserved congratulations on his CLIFF DIVING NEWS !

It couldn't happen to a better man.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

When time flies, where does it go....

Busy couple of days getting ready for Not-so-mini-Peb's Graduation tonight.


It's truly one of those very surreal times, as I consider my "baby" graduating High School. It's not the "my little girls all grown up," thing. Nore is it, "man I'm getting old," either. It's all about the time passing in an extraordinary hurry.

I won't regale anyone with diaper change or scraped knee stories. There's no real reason to bring up any specific memories that occurred over her years of education as a matter of fact. Every memory from this time frame is special, and picking one or two would be impossible to do. It's just that I can't believe that the years have passed so quickly. I know we hear it all the time and hell, I can't begin to count the number of times I've said, "time flies," to someone else. But at this particular moment in time, the realization of just how quickly time is capable of passing is hitting me like a 20lb. sledge.

I'll be sticking with my glass is 1/2 full attitude for certain here however. Time flies when you're having fun and let me tell you something. It's been a hell of a lot of fun growing old with my baby girl.

OK.... Just one proud Daddy thing and I'll move on.


In poker news, no news is good news. I'll be taking a short hiatus from NLHE for sure. I've found myself caring less and less for the game and I feel it's from playing too much. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest, so I'm going to work on something else for a bit. I've been dabbling more and more into the RAZZ games of late, and I've also been having some fun in the slightly higher level HORSE tournies as well. Despite only managing to break even financially so far in the HORSE events I've entered, I see potential for these things to be rather profitable in the long run. I know I'm at least a descent HORSE player and with a bit more patience and practice from playing in a few more of the games, I feel pretty good about my chances to make a buck or two over the next little while.

I've been noticing how truly easy it is to pick out everyones specialty in these HORSE events. It's like bright neon signs waving over their names that yells out, "HEY !! I'm into Omadraw," or "LHE's my game everyone!" I'm finding that if I can recognize their game fairly quickly, it makes it a ton easier to get them off of hands, (or even better, get a bunch of their chips!) in one of the other formats that they may not be as comfortable with.

I think I'll run the ten event challenge with these HORSE events, and we'll see how it goes over the next few weeks.

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I'm bubblicious....

That title depicts Monday night poker in a nutshell.......

TuckFard Open NLHE......... BUBBLE !

TuckFard Open II HORSE..... BUBBLE !

First 90 player SnG NLHE... BUBBLE !

Second 90 player SnG NLHE.. BUBBLE !


Me thinks I need to work on my bubbleability..... well..... abilities!

As always, had a blast in the TuckFard games. We still can't seem to get a real field of players out every week, but there are a few signs that we may be seeing the fields grow a little bit at a time. Last night in the HORSE game, I had a fellow BBT3 player and always welcome friend in cem show up for the game. It was great to see him out. Hopefully, it'll take him a while to realize that we're all just a bunch of long floppy-eared Donkey's having some fun.

Along with the usual TuckFard regulars, Muhc and Bay also made appearances last night in both games. I don't think I can ever get the point across properly, how much I look forward to seeing you guy's on the virtual felt every Monday night. Carson and Nutzy did a great job getting us our own games set up and having you come out as regulars every week, sure makes it a whole lot of fun for the group of us. I don't know much about our newest guest regular val, but if by some miracle you happen to be one of the fools that stops by here from time to time too, it's great to have you out to the games every week as well. You're all helping us build a great game, full of friends and fun. It just doesn't get any better than that.

In the Hold'em game last night, I just let the ears hang low and wobble to-and-frow. I was at my Donkey best. 'nuff said.

The HORSE on the other hand, I played some damn fine poker. That is, right up to the end. To get there in the first place however, I was in complete control. Good reads paired up with some decent cards and some very timely bets into players I could put on some standard drawing hands. YAY me! Then Carson went on a sick run. I stayed out of all but two of them. THE TWO I SHOULD HAVE AVOIDED natch! In the first one, his board showed draw. He would not represent anything else and only smooth called repeatedly. My board threatened of a straight-flush potential and I figured him to drop out by 6th. or 7th. street. (I had only shown some very premium hands to this point) I actually only had a buried pair of 5's and was going solely on how scary my board was looking. He stayed in the whole way with buried 9's, and I lose a five bet hand. Like I said, he was on a pretty big run. We joke between us about card rack's all the time. But every once in a while, brudder Carson can seriously lock into a run that's about as sick as anything you've ever seen.

In NLHE, he was getting A-A, K-K, A-K sooted etc....
In Omadraw, he gets A-K-A-K double sooted, 10,J,Q,A single suits etc...
RAZZ, he pulls A-2-4 and his board comes 5-6-3 etc...
In STUD, he had some very respectful looking boards. So much so, he couldn't get paid.

I think I've said it before but, Carson can be very creative in the split games. Give him some cards to go with his creativity and watch out.

So I get to watching him mash buttons and hold some ultra-premium hands in a row, figuring I'd better pick my timing pretty carefully. The earlier hand still stung a little and I didn't plan on getting bit again! I time it out and decide to catch him in his fifth pot in a row. (can you hear that little voice saying "got'cha?") He has completed and only has a Queen up. I think about the draw potential of my hand vs. a pair of Queens and decide I like my odds. I bump and not surprisingly, he bumps back. Based on my current chip commitment to this hand, I am now involved no matter what. I get the rest of my stack in on a draw that I feel has real potential to take out a pair of Queens. Only one problem! He's got the Ladies rolled up! DOH !!!!

Never even crossed my friggin' mind! NOT ONCE !! and I call myself a STUD player??? I correctly calculated my dead outs. I correctly calculated my live outs. I correctly deduced that against a pair of Queens, I had a shot that was about as good as I was going to get to a perfect 50/50 in a big pot after such a large chip commitment. Not making a decent assessment of what you may be up against, is the single largest mistake you can make in STUD. And I made it.

HEE-frickin'-HAW !!!!

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My sincerest thanks for helping out....

Congratulations to NutzFirth, he’s our FTM II champion.

Prop bets *updated….

3) I say..... Yummy-Mommy outlasts the good Mr. Bankwell. (I lost !)
5) I say the beautiful Kat outlasts brudder Carson. (I lost !)
6) I say I will NOT Gigli this MoFo. (Winner !)
7) I say DonKaaa will at some point show everyone, that he really is the greatest short-stack player in the world! (draw)
8) I say Pebbles and I BOTH final table. (Winner !)
9) I take the 0% chance of precipitation, you can have the rest. (I lost !)
10) I say that surrounded by such a great group of friends helping us support our friends and neighbours over at Bear Creek Sanctuary, it's going to be one of the real highlights of the Summer of 2008. (Winner !)

I break even in the props and ended up busting out fourth in the event. It was a lot of fun, but some pretty Vanilla’ish results. Oh well, better than losing it all I guess!

I can’t thank each of you enough for helping to support such a great cause. As you saw from our quick little run across the road, there’s an awful lot going on over at Bear Creek Sanctuary and every little bit helps them out so much more than you can know.

Here's a few shots of the day.

The Bedrock Poker room was all set up for play.

Peb’s surprised everyone with shots, to start it off for the original 6.

There were some steely poker faces made by "Fred" and brudder Carson.

We eventually got down to just the boys.

And...... we took a quick trip across the road, to give everyone that showed up a pretty special treat.

One dissapointment from the weekend though. My cell acted like a piece of crap all weekend and I'm crushed that I missed a very important BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

I hope everyone had a good time with the poker. I also hope you all really enjoyed the time we had over at Bear Creek too. It's moments like that for me, that really drive home the point.....


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....