Stack and a Story #50....

*EDITORS NOTE* We at the desk cannot be held responsible for the crap that follows! Even if it's crappier than usual, the kid doin' the typing is just starting to remember how this whole thing works.

It's never been a secret that I love BadBloods now famous, "Stack and a Story" posts.

First off though I have to admit, I was crushed by the Casino brass not allowing me to take an actual shot of my stack. It really makes the thought behind the theme of the whole thing rather pointless, don't you think?


I played a little known game called NLHE over the weekend, perhaps you've heard about it? They say it's all the rage these days. I wouldn't know myself of course, being far too busy with all the goings on uh... going on.


I gave it a whirl in a $1/$2 game at the local establishment. It was a nice quiet little table with 7 players in total. Not too big, not too small. Expecting the worst and hoping simply not to embarrass myself, I sat in with my shorty buy-in of $100 Canadian. Two bright, shiny, very Pink and very crisp Canadian $50 bills to be exact.

Things ran pretty much as I had expected at first, where I fold, fold, fold, fold again, fold a few more trillion times and then just to be sure the Poker Gods were really with me, fold in the dark in the BB.

Oh all right! There were a FEW hands where I actually played with the other kids. Not that many for certain though, just enough to have made a bit better than a double up of my stack. Then on my $8 defence in the BB holding a soooted big slick, I happened to have flopped something called "Broadway," with a re-draw to the entire city of Manhattan. There was a fair chunk-O-change in the middle by the time the turn card came out but alas, I'd hit the first Royal in my not-so-illustrious career in NLHE. Nothing I could do or think of was getting another single penny anywhere even remotely close to that pot.

A bit later on as I was hearing some crap about "you never count your money, when your sittin' at" blah-blah-blah running through my head, I realized I was up a few more bucks than I'd first thought. Hit and Run perhaps? Justify the sad-sack move to myself as I ponder a December Gathering budget?

"I could do that" I think I actually said out loud.

Then once again in the big blind, I tossed out four little chippies to defend with two pretty little red cards. Yeah I know, they were 5's! But it was $8 and I seemingly had so many chips. A flop came out and you know what? I didn't hate it too terribly much.

5S - 5C - AH

The three of us in the pot just checked it down quite contently. The turn was something like the 8 or 9 of Diamonds I think, but it was all a bit of a blur after I saw two players happily toss a funny little bet and call of $50 each, right there into the center. The River card though, it made a bit of a bigger splash than I first expected.

It was the Ace of Clubs!

One thing lead to another, then another and before I knew it, two players were sitting there just waiting on me to act. "Are you still in the hand Son?" asked the dealer.

Was I ready to lose all of my stack against what surely had to be Aces?

"I Call."

I only wish that the Casino would have let me take a picture of that stack that I had assembled into a monument to The Imperial Palace that night, it would've made this story POP just a little more.

Unfortunately I was denied that pleasure so this my friends, this will just have to do.

That's MY Stack and!
That's my Story.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....