For those of you that have stopped by here for the last three or more years, or those of you that have known me longer than that, you know something about my brudder CC. I actually created the word "brudder" just for him. It was stronger and yet more fun than brother. It was unique and laughable, yet still got the point across.

"True friends, are family you get to choose."

*Sept. 17, 2004

Few "brudders" have come my way since CC. I have hundreds of "brothers" and "sisters" and as I've always been happy to say, I run pretty damn good in the friends department.

But there's something pretty special about those that fill the "brudder" moniker. A feeling that is shared between two, three or four, yet felt by everyone in any environment these "brudders" happen to be inhabiting.

"Brudders" exude an emotion slightly stronger than joy, just a tad below orgasm and yet to those around when they're lucky enough, both are totally achievable at the time.

"Brudders" had to come from somewhere and for me, it's who you are and how you were brought up. The "bringing up" part is a blend of friendships, schooling and most importantly, how you were raised by your parents. This is no "Dad-ism" or Bam-Bam says so BS. This is quite simply a fact of life, at least as I know it. We are what we are through experience, judgement, mistakes and lessons learned. The vast majority of each of those, a culmination of messages put between our ears by our parents. For good or for bad we are what we are because of our upbringing and parenting roots that were planted very early on. Then again and again, as the seeds for our lives were planted repeatedly throughout.

There were my cabbage rolls vs. her meat on a stick.
My adoration of my wife vs. her calling Peb's "quite simply, the most beautiful natural woman on the planet.
My love for her vs. her love for me.
My love for her son as a "brudder" vs. well, let's just say it paled in comparison.

For five years now we've all done what we could, to help Fred battle the insanity that is Cancer and all the while, she would've done anything she could to help make it an easier journey for us all.

It was just a one sentence email.

~Mom just lost her fight against Cancer.

But I cried for hours.

Yesterday morning my brudder CC, lost his Mom.

I know for a fact that the hole in my heart right now truly pales in comparison, to the hole in this world left behind, from a truly remarkable woman.

R.I.P. Kate.
You were and always shall be, truly loved.

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What's your Dad-ism?....

Mini-Peb's = "Dad do you actually believe that, or do you just say it?"

Bammer = "You're kidding.... right?"

The previous discussion was the result of my "remember hun, the glass is half full at all times" speech, at what I thought was a critical juncture in my baby girls life. Big decisions were being made and I for one, wanted her to see the bright side of having to make them.

"Such a Dad-ism!" she said, as she shook her head and started to walk away.

I had to look it up.

In my life, despite it being a pretty rough go with my Father for several long and arduous years, I have always retained one of the more common thoughts he ever tried to instill into my little pea brain.

"It doesn't matter if you are as strong as a bull, if you keep being as smart as a tractor."

I told mini-Peb's that one and of course, I got the totally expected reaction. Once she and Peb's stopped laughing, I realized that they were not laughing with me at all! They were laughing at me.

Peb's = "I can just picture your poor Dad trying to make you think first, instead of just leaping off the edge."

Mini-Peb's = "Yeah. Can't you just see Dad and Grandpa trying to figure out what the hell just happened, as Dad explains that it was 'for the win!'"

This brought about much hilarity at my expense but hey, as long as my girls are both happy right?


After a very lengthy discussion about my old "half-full-glass" approach to life, my baby looked at me and said, "Dad, you're not that far from Grandpa after all you know." and I have to admit, I think she's got a point.

As parents we can only hope to instill at least one meaningful little tidbit into our child's brain. Hopefully its something helpful, to carry with them through their life. Sometimes I guess, these are called Dad-ism's.

I asked Peb's if Fred had one off the top of her head and before she finished the first word, I already knew what it was.

"You can't pull your socks up, if you don't have them on."

There is a real value in the message of both of our Dad-ism's I think and hopefully, mini-Peb's gets what I'm trying to get across to her.

So how about you dear reader, do you have a Dad-ism you'd like to share?

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A nothing post for Schaubs....

Schaubs says, "Bloggers are boring."

Not sure what's going on for everyone else out there but hopefully, a fun filled life is just getting in the way of blogable material. That's what it is for this kid! Besides looking for the perfect un-retirement opportunity nearly 24/7, I've had the chance to actually enjoy a little summer time and the weather. A real switch for me for sure.

Tonight I'm supposed to finish a match play team game for our Tuesday golf league. We started it last Tuesday and after the results, I really have no interest in playing. It's a team format where the entire group is split into two sides, based on handicap. Then you play as a two man team against another two man team, 3 holes alternate shot, 3 holes scramble and 3 more holes playing your own ball, for a best ball team score.

In my match we dominated, taking 7 wins and halving the other two holes. I was on fire! I finished birdie, birdie, birdie in the 'own' ball section. I've never putted so well. It's always been my downfall.

So I get all wound up about the big win, only to find out we were the only two that won on our team. We win seven HUGE points for the squad in one single match, just to find our team is down, that's DOWN, by 11 total.

I hate losing at golf! (did I ever mention that?) But nothing eats away at me more than being a winner, when I'm actually losing. (does that make sense?) I need to get pumped up for tonight, but the wind is out of my "team" sails.

I just made my mind up however, that I'm going to dig in and approach it as a singles match. Maybe my teammate could carry my clubs?


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My weekend....

Saturday I took in the sights....

and then I took some kids for a ride....

On Sunday I waited and waited, shit just didn't happen.

I ended up cooking a little pork that night.

I ended up still, second "top" dog!

Pretty good weekend here,

How was yours?

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