My team RAWKS.... 'cept 4 U

Well "team Bammer" seems to be shaping up nicely, I guess.

If you count all those really good poker players and crap.

What I need though, is a few of the "wild cards."

You know the type! The ones that really piss you off, 'cause they play just like YOU!

Monday night, 9:00 PM Eastern.

You're either on my team, or you sucks!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Frantic Friday: The "Double D" Edition....(NSFW)

I know, I KNOW.

Bad blogger, BAD BLOGGER!

I've let our Frantic Friday's slide a bit and I'm sorry. Sometimes though, life just gets in the way. Chalk it up to living the dream.

It's not easy being Bammer you know?

So I promised a friend I'd make him a unique Frantic Friday and you know what? Here in Bedrock we live by the motto that,

You folks know me. Normally I'd be all about something like

or something else pretty special, like perhaps the endless quest to find the

But I sense Pokah Dave is apparently all about the

When you have a pal like double D, you do what you can to help him understand that there's nothing more important in life, than understanding the need to learn to

You all know me, I'm all about the quest for finding the

I'll die pretty damn happy the day I find the

to share with all of you!

But my man double D wants to see some exceptional

Who am I to disappoint?

I'll give DD this, a great pair can make for some awesome cleavage! Don't believe me? Well then,

Yes double D, I know you truly believe it's all about breasts

Good for you too!

I mean, a man's gotta' believe in something worth while right?

I just happen to run with a slightly different desire OK?

I mean, there are a few other

that can really uh.......... hold my attention.

Did I ever mention the


I'm not 100% positive or anything, but I believe in my heart of hearts that she's trying to send me some sort of message.

I don't know, what do you kids think?


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Some help with a prop bet please....

Okay friends, Bammer needs your help!

And right off the top, it’s a guy thing!
There, I said it.

I know all too well that dozens of the readers here are female, but lacking all the fun bits myself, I can only speak from the male perspective and in my mind; it’s a guy thing all the way!

Since the discovery of our ability to throw rocks and swing clubs, guys have always had something to fight about. Hell once we discovered how to fight, we went looking for things so that we could. A woman, (<=== best reason on the planet to fight IMHO!) food, shelter or even just a little space to call our own, if it could be had, guys were going to go out and fight for it. The nature of the beast and all.

As infants, the introduction of a toy was always a great catalyst. Throw the cool toy between two boys and hang on, something big was definitely going to happen. Eventually it swings to a war of words, rather than a knock down drag out brawl. It doesn’t really matter what the words being used are, as long as you can one up your little buddy over there.

My Dad can beat up your Dad.
My teacher is better than your teacher.
My Hockey Mom will kick your Soccer Moms butt.

Then a switch occurs at adolescence, the toy itself becomes the fight! Bicycles, soap box cars, bats and balls it’s all the same. Less violent than fighting for the toy, guys become competitive through the toy itself.

I can go faster than you.
I can hit it further or more often than you.
I scored more whatever’s than you.

It’s a timeline through history that has been repeated over and over again. The subjects and toys will always change as we go through the motions, but boys will always be boys!

I mention this to you today, as I find myself deep into this exact situation!

My pal Amir and I started to get things going through our passion for Poker.

We should get a game someday.
Sure uh…. STUD? ( typical tendency to swing things in my favour! )
NLHE! ( Note the re-twist to his advantage! )
Uh Amir, you’re kinda’ like a Poker Pro in NLHE.
C’mon Bammer! You are learning and besides, it’ll be fun!

Being a guy, I felt like I was losing the battle here! That can only lead to the one known guy trait that has remained for all time.

Oh yeah!
I may not be any good at NLHE, but I bet my friends can beat your friends!

And now, here we are today. Two grown men who by the way, very proudly call each other friend, both looking for some other friends to do battle with. We’re calling it,

The Pokerwit vs. Bam Bloggers Challenge.

One week from right now, Monday August 30th at 9:00pm ET on FullTilt, there will be a private game for a $5.50 buy-in. It's being held just to settle the score between the two of us.

It will break down to my blogging friends vs. Amir and his Pokerwit gang.

The key here is, I believe Amir has five pros registered at the site where as I my friends, (who are really awesome at NLHE BTW !!! ) have ALL of you! With any luck at all, I see a serious advantage for me! Oh sure, Amir will bring several others from the site no doubt but hey! I HAVE ALL OF YOU!

Our private side bets on last longers knock outs and team performance will remain just that, private!

BUT…. And this is a pretty important but!

Amir is so confident that I’ll lose, he’s juicing the overall prize pool with $200 of his own American, ( surely ill gotten through some donkey player like me! ) dollars. Basically doubling the prize pool should forty or so of my closest and dearest friends, ( who by the way ARE REALLY, REALLY GOOD AT NLHE! ) decide to jump aboard my team.

I should also clarify at this point that besides what we have going on the side, there is NO COMPENSATION coming my way from this event at all. (unless I fluke into the money) This quite seriously, is nothing more than two good friends doing what they are always want to do. CHALLENGE one another. No angle, no profit and no one but friends. I know I can’t do the $50,000 in WSOP seats and the like, but I try to do what I can for my friends. If you play with the Pokerwit site and like it, let someone else know or possibly even put up a brief review. That would be great and I know Amir would appreciate the support. BUT NO PRESSURE! If you don’t like what you see, you’re some of the best I know at the game and I’m quite certain Amir would also like to hear about that.

Like I mentioned earlier this will be a private event, so here’s how to get in.

The Pokerwit vs. Bam Bloggers Challenge.

Monday August 30th at 9:00pm ET on FullTilt
P/W = Bammir

I'm already there, so player search and help me out!

Here’s the other thing in my favour kiddies, Amir’s also going to let you have access to his “Pro’s hands section” that he normally charges a fee for. That means you can get the gist of who you’re playing against, BEFORE you play them! He’d only give me a week for you to do this though so PLEASE!!!! Take full advantage and prove me right! Register at the Pokerwit site, (YES It's FREE!) under your FT name and type in Bam-Bam as your referrer.

Once you’re in

The Pokerwit vs. Bam Bloggers Challenge,

access to the pro section will be granted in just about 24 hrs. for a one week period.

So my friends, (TOTALLY INCLUDING the BEST NLHE players I know, that just happen to have all the fun bits that I like so much! ) let’s do this shall we? I’ll tell you what, I’ll even throw a buy-in bounty on Amir. Knock him out and I’ll ship you the $5.50. Just e-mail me the bust out hand screen cap for my "brag" post about you and the bounty will be on it's way.

It’s on now Amir my friend.

Oh and by the way……..
My Poker players will beat up your Poker players!

Two brudders against 10 Pokerwits, U R TOAST!


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....