I thought I'd put together some random hand information from the WBPT last weekend. All I've posted about so far is fun, fun, fun. Let's get a little serious here.

Everytime I held these top two pair, I was a winner !

As you can see, I even found an Ace !

This was one of the most brilliantly concealed hands of the weekend. Pocket aces cleaverly disguised as Ducks. Sneaky ! Very sneaky !

All during the break, the conversation turned into a very aggressive debate that almost got violent. The debate was one near and dear to every Blogger's heart.
Do Blogger's really actually "marry up?" This debate raged on and on and on for what must have been hours. Finally, one piece of in-disputable evidence was presented for all to consider.


With the presentation of this startling new evidence, it was time to go back and play more poker. The debate was clearly over and the answer is a unanymous YES !

Everyone gathered around to see the 4 of a kind. It was really quite a salute !

Although I didn't win the event as planned, it was great to see a couple of trophies put together for our real Guitar Hero.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....
(and special thanks to those taking pictures, who know who they are, that I begged, borrowed or stole them from....)


The Master, The Kilt and the Tao of Luck....

The Master ….

Immediately after I busted out of “The Event,” I made my rounds to say good luck to those I either knew already, or had just met and were still playing. It was just a quick and casual good luck, as most of them were seriously involved in the game itself, and rightfully so. I didn’t feel like watching and I didn’t want to be a distraction either. I headed to “our spot” over at the sports book bar. Most of the off-time from the tourney, you could find a gathering of a special group of friends who just made “our spot” happen in a flow of humanity, booze, laughter, handshakes and hugs. For me in Vegas on December 8, 2007, this was the local pub and these were my friends. They consisted mainly of, (but certainly not limited to) Myself, Waffles, Al and GCox. A great core group that only got better and better as others wandered in and out of our little realm.

I was the new kid in town and despite my typically out-going manner, I was a little more subdued than usual to start. Al had his corner spot at the bar and was placing a drink order. This was at least the 5th. or 6th. time I’d been able to watch him do this. This man shows signs of being a serious ‘do onto others’ believer at heart. If someone just walked by, you’d here Al say, “can I get you a drink (insert any random name here)?”
When Al is buying for his friends, he doesn’t miss anyone. Even more impressive, he never missed a drink! Oh well, that’s not entirely true. There was the time he, (and I must admit I was just as guilty) forgot to get The Wife the Diet Coke he’d promised. But there’s no booze in that so all in all, it seems easily forgettable for the situation. When Al looks into the bartenders eye’s, there’s the look of determination and years of practice. Not only is each drink ordered exactly the way they should be, (in bar speak) but each specific nuance that makes each person’s individual drink just the way they want it, is remembered from some past experience. Folks, he’s not walking up and ordering 12 Bud light here. I’m talking mixed drinks with various fruity components, different ice level requests, shots neat or on the rocks, or in specific types of glasses appropriate to either the drink or the drinker. Import beers and wines or coolers also. All for groups of 7 to 14, or even more. He’s not just a pro, he’s a host that knows how to make his guests feel at home. I tried to keep up, but I always ended up turning back and asking someone what the hell I was ordering for them. But I was in the presence of the master and I would watch and learn from the best. I eventually got it right.

Oh and another thing! The next time anyone sees Gcox, shake his hand for me. He’s a great guy and his Mrs. was really nice to Pebbles too. I’ve said it several times already but one more won’t hurt. It was my pleasure to meet you G.

The Kilt….

Sunday was going to be get together with the kids and watch some football at the IP day, we decided when we woke up. As we started to head upstairs to join in on the action, the Let It Ride table at the bottom of the stairs by the Geisha Bar was calling our names instead. Peb’s and I sat down and bought in to one of our favorite table games. What a great decision this turned out to be. Not just for the very, very +EV day that it turned out to be either. We were eventually joined at the table by the organizer of this years WBPT event, Falstaff. He was joined by his lovely wife, her father and several other friends. We had a blast, but that’s easy to do when you’re surrounded by good folks. Falstaff wasn’t having too much luck at the table, but that didn’t deter him from having a lot of fun. He came and went a couple of times throughout the day. He never went too far though. The craps table beside us was about as far as I think he got. Our Sunday companions helped us finish off a great weekend in style and I don’t think I could say thanks enough to each of them.

The Tao of luck ….

All things considered, this trip was a very inexpensive little weekend getaway for Pebbles and I. We’ve often talked about heading out to Vegas for a weekend fling but typically, we end up deciding on one of our three local casinos instead. If it wasn’t for the WBPT, I know we would have made the same decision this past weekend too.

Thankfully, I had a reason to be there and that allowed me to meet so many of the Bloggers that I read regularly, or play on line with. My must first read every day is The Tao of Poker. Like most of you, I feel all ‘informed’ and ‘inside the loop’ when Pauly does his poker coverage. At the Tao of Poker, I enjoy the broadened coverage into the mysteries and happenings in the poker world the most. It’s like getting really good and very interesting insider information, when you want it the most. This past weekend, Pauly gave me more than just that. He needs a new site to write on called, “The Tao of Luck.”
We were having a lot of fun at Let It Ride, but it was a steady as she goes chip stack kind of game too. I stood up to stretch my legs and had noticed that the good Dr. was in the house. He was with Derek, The Rooster and a few others. I wanted to say thanks for everything and talk about some writing I’ve been doing. I figured he was in a groove, so I’d wait until later. I sat back down as I was dealt my 3 cards and got ready for a peak at what I had to work with. J-J-J !! I look again. Yep! Trip Jacks. For those of you who do not play the game, Let It Ride basically breaks down to this. A winning hand is anything better than a pair of 10’s. I have a winning hand with trips and my maximum bet out on the table. I turned around said a silent “thanks Pauly” in his general direction. I’m a karma freak when I play this game. I think it’s the only place where I actually show any form of superstition. I don’t really know why, but I do it anyhow. The first round of action is all done and the dealer flips up a 4. I am still golden and leaving my chips out there to get all tripled-up and stuff. The dealer ask’s, “what do you want?” I show her my set and say, “another 4’s cool, but I’d love to see the Jack.” Whammo !! It came and I get paid for Quad’s. Saaaawwwwweeeet !!! I was mad I couldn’t see Pauly anymore. This was a moment I would’ve liked to have shared with him. Oh well, I got over it. (funny how lot’s of money in your hands can do that huh?)

Still playing, (and winning my share) I see the good Dr. coming towards our table. Whammo again!! I hit a full house. Pauly comes by and say’s hi and I figure this is it. My chance is here to discuss some writing and maybe a little about the life of walking in the presence of the “Dolly’s” and Greensteins. So we chat. I can’t tell you how great this was for me. But I am also now playing my spot completely blind. Normally, not too smart.

I hear the dealer say something and I turn around all upset that she’s disturbing one of my moments. She wants me to flip up my cards because the hand is over. I turn up cards that make me two pair and get paid again. I intently listen to Pauly as he speaks not only to me, but to the others around. “Yeah-yeah” I say to the dealer, as I flip up my next hand. “BOAT!” she say’s. I don’t even think I looked. This went on for five hands in a row as Pauly stood there. We had to say our good-byes, as I’m sure he had dozens more to talk to before they left Vegas. But while he was there at the IP with me, he was most definitely “The Tao of Luck.”

I eventually left that table with more than enough profit to pay for our entire trip and weekend in Vegas. One of the two cocktail servers was very pregnant and very nice to us. I decided to help her buy her first several months’ worth of diapers. Our main server was a real sweetheart to both Peb’s and I the whole day too. I hope she bought herself something nice with her tip.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by…..
( and that goes double for you on Sunday Pauly )


"The Event" ... and a half full glass ? ....

Bloggers were dropping from the game at a surprisingly fast rate. Enough so, that the vacant spot from the Trooper to my right, was filled after only 1 ½ orbits. I feel awful that I can’t remember the name of the good guy that joined us.
(So many names and so little brains! I apologize profusely for this)
I was continuing on, despite the frequency with which the 9-3o kept getting dealt to me. I took down a very small pot with air, when I just made the read that I was up against C.C.’s missed draw. I continued my 'smallball' bets to the river and got him to let whatever he was holding go. My gut was saying he was on a flush draw. It wasn’t much of a pot, but it did help me get through some more junk hands. A 10-minute break was announced and I needed it bad. I had to get myself out of the gutter I was in. I went into the Men’s room and splashed cold water on my face. I wanted to get a little fired up and move forward in the game. When I saw my face in the mirror, all I could see was dejection and frustration. I actually tried to wash it off. (heh) That never works does it?

Despite getting comped cocktails as we played, I went to the bar and grabbed a Scotch. There was no one there and I wanted a little downtime to re-group myself. The best way for me to change things around was to go back there with a positive and slightly more aggressive demeanor. So that’s all I thought about. I was going to look at whatever cards I was dealt and see nothing but good cards. The 8-2o was going to be pocket 10’s. The 9-3o became K-K. If I could convince myself and pay attention to my reads on others, I’d be able to grab a few of the pots now that the blinds and antes were worth something. See my reads were generally right on the money. The hands I stayed in on and folded, were either shown down or shown by the player with the hand. I got to see that I was behind or beat. In the few hands I took the pot down, there was either a muck instantly or a showing of the cards followed by some laughter about a steal attempt. If I could keep this going for me, it was going to take luck to knock me out.

As the tables started filling up again I found Pebbles, wished her luck and went back to take my seat. I was really happy she was still playing, but worried about the size of her stack too. I walked back to my table, all the while convincing myself that I was getting good cards. As I took my seat, RR said something like, “Now the Blinds and Antes are worth stealing.” I added up the chips in play on the first deal and thought he was right. There was enough value in the hand pre-flop, that a move here and there would probably add nicely to my dwindling little stack. After an orbit or two, I still couldn’t catch a hand. Then we lost RR. I wasn’t even totally paying attention, so I don’t know how the hand went at all. I’m not even sure where his stack went from earlier. He never appeared short in chips to me but then again, everyone looks like they have a bunch of chips when you’re the shorty at the table. Tragedy then made a min. raise from the button. I saw a pair of tens and pushed. That got rid of the initial caller and Tragedy. That worked out well! I was holding the 8s-2s and would have been in a desperate race had I been called. The button moved to sweet-sweet-Pablo next. It was folded around to me and I saw pocket Q’s. I pushed again. Maudie is a good player for sure. Normally, I think she would have read me as desperate and made the call with any two cards. Maybe the earlier hug helped her decide to let go of whatever she was holding? I don’t know. I flipped up my pair of Queen’s to reveal the 9c-5c. This was now the second best hand I’d held in 3 ½ hours of poker and second only to that suited K-10 I held in the earlier hand with Maudie. Think about that ! The 9c-5c was the second highest hand I’d been dealt the entire time. This is a good time to ask yourself, what would your body language look like? Would you still be playing considering the players at this level?

I had a small amount of wiggle room now, but very small. The junk just kept coming. As I sat UTG +1, I found a pocket pair. My first real pocket pair! They were 3’s. It sounds stupid I know, but after all of the hands I couldn’t play, I felt like this was my best chance to get something going. If I lose it here, I lost with the best hand I’d had in almost 4 hours. I can live with that decision. I counted my stack without touching it, then I counted the chips already in play. I took a look at everyone at the table and really focused on Pablo. He had already sweated his cards, and I felt like he had a little swagger in his posture. Of the players at the table, I put him as the one who would probably call. I pushed and watched for everyone’s reaction. (In particular, Pablo’s) It folded around to him, first stage complete, perfect ! Then he tanked. Now I felt even better. I really thought that he was considering calling with any two cards. If I’m getting into that kind of race, I’ll take my chances with the 3’s for sure. He stared up to find me staring right back at him. Then his cards went into the muck. No double up, just the blinds and antes again. Still, they were chips and they were headed to the right stack.

I took a walk and if you know me at all, you’ll know that it was “my” walk. I am best known for tournament play because of these walks. I took my head count, chip stack summaries and then a quick review of who the players were, that were still in. There were some dominant chip stacks and some great players still remaining. There were very few players with stacks the size of mine. All of this information put together meant only one thing, I needed to get going. With the size of my stack and the cards not being kind to me, I would have to make a move and get a caller, (or callers) if I was going to have any chance of continuing on. There was no more time for patience. One double up would get me over the hump. Or one more orbit of nothing and my stack would be too small to scare anyone off if I needed to. Easy, brain dead poker this desperation. (you know I hated it, and I know it showed ! )

I sat down and had to fold in middle position. It was then folded around to me while I was on the button. I was dealt my first ace of the event and I held the Ah-3h, for the second best hand of the event for me. This was my chance. Poker Peaker definitely had the chips to call and I could make it look like another desperate attempt to steal from the button. If he and Maudie fold, I still get chips. If either reads it as a steal, I get the race I need to be in. Not perfect but I had to look at it as a win-win. I pushed, Maudie folded and Peaker called instantly. That made me pause and hang my head. I figured I was up against at least a stronger ace. To my surprise, I was ahead in the hand. He held 9-J off-suit and said, “No man, you’re OK.” I’d gotten my money in while being close to a 60/40 favorite. The flop came 8-Q-10 with one heart, to which Peaker announced, “That’s not a bad flop.” No kidding! He’d made a straight and I now needed runner-runner and they never came. I was out in 35th. or 36th. place. Al joined me at the bar shortly after, followed by Pebbles soon there after. In the family last longer, I got my butt kicked again. (lol)

The eventual winner ended up being Joaquin “The Rooster” Ochoa. I was very happy for him and a pretty sad for Otis, who ended up losing the epic head’s up battle. Both great guys and obviously, two great players. After conversations with them both over the weekend, I can’t tell you how much I look forward to doing it again.

(*** Side note *** Today is a great day to read Otis. I highly recommend you do.)

I’m disappointed in my lack of play and how the event panned out for me. But at the same time, I wonder how many players could have made it that far with one ace and one pocket pair being dealt to them the entire event. I guess I’ll consider it another lesson in life. I think I’ll say that my glass was definitely ½ full for the day. If I could’ve gotten more out of the cards I was dealt, I’m not at the level as of yet to understand how. I did what I could, with what I was dealt, with all the skill I had at the time. I don’t think I can ask for anymore than that from myself.


Coming up tomorrow: ‘Kilts’ the luck of “The Tao” and paying for this trip….

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


Only 28 to go ... Part II ....

I sat down in my seat and started to settle in for what I figured might be a long game. I was feeling pretty good about where my game was at and how I’d been playing of late. I figured that the extra confidence would help me out a lot when it came to the inevitable decisions that I knew I’d have to make later on. All the players are now making their way to their seats and after a couple of brief announcements, it was almost time to shuffle-up-and-deal.

I know this is a blogger event and every table is going to be full of the best,
(and most fun !) bloggers out there, but I think I got pretty lucky on the draw. Not because of anything to do with poker at all. I just happened to draw players that have blogs I like to read.

So what did my table look like? Well……… see what you think.

Seat #1 = The Tao of Poker himself.
Seat #2 = Recess Rampage.
Seat #3 = Instant Tragedy.
Seat #4 = Sweet, Sweet Pablo.
Seat #5 = The Trooper97.
Seat #6 = Bam-Bam
Seat #7 = Poker Perspectives.
Seat #8 = Poker Peaker
Seat #9 = C.C.

Five writers I read daily, two that I check in on frequently and
a Pablo. Sweeeeeet !

I had a few bloggers that I had wanted to meet, but still hadn’t managed it at this point. I took a quick look around the room and I noticed Otis standing out in the middle. I walked up to get directions to one of my favorite invisibles. Otis only needed to point me in the general direction. I’d heard enough descriptives about this blogger, that I was pretty sure I was going to the right dude. “I just wanted to say Hello to my fellow BB” I said from just slightly behind him. He jumped out of his chair and had his arms around me in less than 2 seconds flat. It was a strong and friendly hug that said, ‘damn good to actually see you.’ I really hope he could feel the same from me. There weren’t many there this weekend that I wanted to meet more than BadBlood. As was the case far too many times in this little 30 hour getaway, we never managed to get hooked back up together the rest of the weekend. Not getting together with BadBlood and Otis for our drink to G-Rob, was one of the biggest disappointments of my time in Vegas. The problem was time itself though. Trying to cram everything in was a monsterous challenge. Groups, Individuals and old friends all flitted around and around. Bloggers could be doing anything or going anywhere at the drop of a hat. There were basic guidelines and the old stand-bys that you could run into almost anyone at, if you waited long enough. The Geisha bar at the IP was no brainer. But finding two guys for a drink somehow eluded me. Now that’s a bad beat!

I made my way back to my seat and we were just about to start play. The social aspect of the game was not forgotten about at my table. There was some great conversation and several tall tales from the earlier goings on in the weekend. I had laid down a few hands in a row, when all of a sudden I could feel a presence looming over my right shoulder. I just stood up and hugged the lovely young lady behind me. The only word I needed to say was “Kat.” I wanted to go for the “butt-grab” right then and there. You know, to show her that I meant business and wasn’t just all talk. It would have to wait as I was being dealt into the next hand. It was only a brief meeting to say the least, but still a very meaningful one for me Kat. It was such a pleasure to finally meet you in person. I think we both know that well be hooking up together again real soon. ;o)
I have the address and will make contact, as soon as I get a little settled down here.

I had gotten no hands at all in the first two orbits. Watching the play and seeing things develop was OK for the time being though, I wasn’t going to be in any hurry. The blind levels went up twice before I got anything that seemed remotely playable, so I finally entered into a hand. I hit the flop with TP and was waiting to see if Pauly was going to check or bet. I asked the dealer, “did he check?” The dealer didn’t answer but I heard “Check” coming from my left side. I figured that it was weird that she would go out of turn like that. I made a small bet and the dealer pushed it back at me. “You said check.” he told me. I clarified but to no avail. The next card came and I decided karma should make me check. Maudie then put in a small bet and I called. The river did nothing for me and again I checked to the bet that Maudie was about to make. “I wanted to bet that flop to get you out of the hand early,” I said. “I think I just let you hit your four for the straight.” Maudie was kind enough to show me that my read was correct as I folded my hand. For the record, my hug with Maudie was pretty special for me. She let me know that she has really appreciated my comments of late. That made me feel wonderful. I know how much I love seeing that little smile I get, when someone cares enough to take the time to comment on a post I’ve made. It was good to hear that I can have the same effect on others.

I ran completely card dead right up to the third level. The time was going fairly slow for me, but I had to hit something or make a move with anything, fairly soon. I chose make a move. Well actually, it wasn’t much of a choice. With no cards finding me, I made a 3x raise in middle position, in an attempt to steal the blinds. “Call, Call and Call.” (lol… guess I have no respect yet huh???) Flop does absoloutely nothing for the crap I’m holding and I check. This was followed by, check, check and a raise to pot. I look at C.C. and made my mind up that it was a move to re-steal the pot I was trying to steal in the first place. I re-raised and could tell that I was right by the look on his face. I should’ve been looking over to my left a little longer. “Raise” was all I needed to hear. I twisted my hand into the muck and watched ‘my’ pot get pushed over to PokerPeaker. I was now the shorty and I would have to pick things up just a bit to catch up. I waited, and waited, and waited. I actually walked away from the table for 10 minutes to cool down. I was so sick of seeing 8-2 offsuits and 9-3 off’s in back-to-back hands. It was happening over and over again. I returned to the table and was dealt the TuckFard Nutz. Nice I say to myself, finally something that I can work with! I raise 2½x from the button and get a fold, and then a re-raise from C.C. in the BB. Okey-dokey…. I fold.
Two moves, two lost hands, lots of lost chips and I’m off to a good start.

The only one really losing chips any faster than me was The Trooper. His stack had an up and down swing to it that was kind of violent. (to put it mildly) At least he was playing though, and I was very jealous of that. He ended up getting it all in on a race and lost. Now I had an empty seat beside me so the blinds could eat my stack up even faster. This is sooooo not my style, but I actually said that out loud at the table. Another 10 minute walk away, to chastise myself for being such a fool.

Tomorrow, in Part III….. Hear the Rooooooooster crow …..


Saturday evening as Pebbles and I headed for a nice romantic dinner, the late afternoon shift that attempted to talk the two of us into taking them 'home' were;

1) Cindy
2) Terry
3) Rachel
4) Lori
5) and a very persistant Hope ! (2 day's in a row!)

Sorry Carson..... I couldn't bring myself to steal anything useless. I decided on a new tactic. I mouched you a Sahara club button that all the dealers were wearing to promote a 4:00pm promotion they were running.

Best I could do.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


30 wonderful hours .... Part I ....

This is going to take a few posts. Don't worry, I won't miss anything ... I think!

Our weekend started with the same incredible grace that 2007 has been bestowing upon us for the past few months. Our flight out of Buffalo was delayed due to weather. Weather in Newark ! The plane that was going to take us to Cleveland for our connection to Vegas was having a hard time getting to us. It finally showed, 2 hours late. No problem we were told. That would leave us a little over 5 minutes to catch our connector in Cleveland, and off we'd be to the WBPT in Vegas.

You want sick ??? I was told by a certain Continental Airlines personnel that, "I've made that hike from gate to gate in 5 minutes. With a stroller and 3 kids." I was first off the plane in Cleveland. With boarding passes in hand and our bag full of goodies for "The Doc," I ran like I've never ran before. I made the jaunt down into, ( and right back out of ) "The Tunnel" in exactly 1 minute and 21 seconds. ( a new track record I was told ) There was another couple and Pebbles and I, that needed to catch that flight. 70 feet from the gate, I announced that "the four of us are here." This lead to the airport security, closing the gate right in front of my face. I could see the Captain and co-pilot, they were actually staring right at me as if to say, "sorry man! There's nothing we can do from here." I went insane for what seemed like hours. I'm sure it was about 5 minutes of hell for everyone that could hear me. The last flight out of the Cleveland "International" Airport could not wait 30 seconds for 4 desperate travellers. I lost it and, it was not pretty. Somewhere right now, there's a Continental Airlines employee, that won't be able to hear for at least two weeks. The security dude? He has to be wondering how he's ever going to get his head out from 'that high' up his ass!

It was all to no avail. We were officially stuck in Cleveland, instead of heading to Vegas. We'd lost 18 of our 48 hours of debauchery and mayhem, thanks to a dipstick security guard, and an increased "Orange" level of security. Word to the wise for those protecting "Homeland Security." Canadians flying to Vegas for the weekend, are NOT THE PROBLEM !

Now it was a race. We made it to Vegas by noon the next day. We had exactly 30 hours to get in everything, I mean absoloutely everything that we wanted to accomplish. That is a small window. But those of you that read here or know us, know that we'd make the best of it we could. (the glass is definitely 1/2 full ! And it's a damn fine Scotch we're drinking! End of discussion.) And so that brings us to the end of the crap. Everything else no matter what!.... Gets better from here on out!


No matter what we tried, it looked like the only way we were going to meet was, at the event itself. Then my cell went off. I looked down as if surprised by who might be calling me here in Vegas 2 hours before the big event was going to start.
"The Wife," was displayed on the screen. "Hi. I'm trying to find the poker room" were the words I'd hear. I could here those words in both ears! I turned and gazed around the massive main floor of the Venetian. "You're beautiful" came out of my mouth before I could actually begin to think of what to say. Pebbles shouted, "The Wife!!" as she realized what was going on. I didn't even get the first hug. The Wife and Pebbles latched on, as if some incredible magnet had control over their physical beings. It was awesome. I finally got my chance and I took it! I leaned in and had a hug that although not lasting nearly long enough, seemed to last forever. Peb's and I were in our happy place right then. This was the one "invisible," both of us needed to 'feel' and meet. It was truly our pleasure.

Earlier on, we'd found a man and a guitar. A little primary deduction from earlier conversations, and we knew we'd found Instant Tragedy. The first of the group hugs ensued. I/T is a damn fine man. If I can figure this out in 40 to 50 post's, 5 or 6 E-mail's, 1 phone conversation and 15 minutes face to face, anyone who meets him should be able to do the same. As I said every chance I had this weekend, it was our sincerest pleasure to have finally met you face to face I/T. We can't wait for the next event, so we can do it all over again.

There was a Laptop sitting on the table in the waiting area. Several people were sprayed around that waiting area that had "the look" of blogger's in Vegas. But one, one was sitting intently staring at the screen and diligently working away at whatever the screen had to offer. It felt weird at first to just walk up and say "Hey." But I did it. Later at the bar, I/T would introduce me to the mystery man. "Bam-Bam, meet Buddy. Buddy Dank." For those of you not aware, Buddy Dank Radio is the one true way, to enjoy a mookie.
(and the 'breastest' uh...'header?' in the blogger community!) He does a live broadcast that's only getting better every single event. It was a pleasure to discuss future plans with you sir. I look forward to each of those plans coming to fruition. As an avid listener and just as avid a mookier, the results will be amazing I'm sure.

As I watched him enter the room, I knew I could scratch another one off my list of "to-do's." I headed to the bar. "Two double SoCo's neat" came out of my mouth, as the bartender looked my way politely. I grabbed both glasses and headed back into the poker room. There he was so, I walked up and said, "Sir, I still haven't managed to develop a taste for this stuff." "Bam-Bam sir." was the reply. A quick, warming and welcoming handshake was the only thing that got between us and our appointed rounds. I just did a double-shot of SoCo with Al. It was going to be a damn fine weekend. This wouldn't be the last over the weekend and yes I know Al, the next ones on me. Some things are worth keeping track of and this would qualify. I am honoured to owe you one.

"Have you met Waffles?" Al said as we had another at the sports book. "Uh no, not yet" I said. "Waffles.... Bam-Bam." Said Al as he moved away into the crowd that had formed around us. If you've been under a rock for the last little while, Waffles is the YIN to Al's Yang. You'd never know that seeing them in person though. Like Carson and I, they are definitely, brother's from another mother. I chose to imitate Al. If Waffles comments somewhere, I tend to take a shot at him and hope that everyone knows that it's meant with nothing but humour in mind. I might just take it a little easier on Waffles in the future. Not too much easier, but just a little. (heh) I will still drink with this man anytime, anywhere. You'd love him Cars! He's a hell of a 'person.'

After entry into the event, I looked over my shoulder at a voice that seemed to be familiar somehow. I don't think it was the voice exactly, more the tone of the conversation. "Otis?" I asked the man standing just behind me. "Bam-Bam!" was the reply. Another manly hug, (I promise) and handshake ensued. If you read here, you know I admire the tones that Otis uses in his work. I wanted to discuss everything with Otis, right then and right there. It just wasn't the right time. We had a small chat and had a picture or two taken for prosperity. (mine.... not his! lol) Other than 1 minute for him to help me locate BadBlood, I missed buying Otis a drink on The Doc. We never hooked up again in the time that was remaining. I think I need a trip to G-Vegas. I hate not being a man of my word. It eats at my very core.

"Bam-Bam?" said the gentleman to Otis' right. "Pauly! nice to meet you finally sir." I said. "Man, you're a lot older than I thought you'd be!" were his next words. "I figured you for a twenty-something pumped up kid, or something." said The Good Doctor. All I could retort with was, "the brains there, the body.... not so much."
I shoulda' just said screw you !

"Bam-Bam?" said the man on my left. A quick check of the questioner involved.. a thin man, who appears to have recently lost weight. He had fiery eyes, beard to match and was in "the kilt." Got it! "Falstaff sir, a pleasure." I said. It was indeed Falstaff! The organizer supreme! The man who'd managed to get this mess, to look so professional, crisp and clean. Much, much more on him, later! (This will take at least one entire post!)

I found out that I'd drawn seat #6, at table #16. Welcome to the first two hours....
Only 28 to go !


At the request of Carson, and with all due respect to Pauly.........

My udder-brudder gave me a suggestion for material to post. He was looking for names on the cards that "the clickers," hand out on the street. A top five list of sorts.

This was Vegas... We took it one step further. Here's the names of the first 5 Hookers that tried to pick up both Pebble's and I, over the weekend. You know us,
"support you're local pole-workers!"

1) Lana & Hope !! (good start if you're me !)
2) Shirley
3) Tatianna
4) CAT ( had it been Kat! We were there I think)
5) Lizzy

my sincerest thanks for dropping by....

(and making us feel welcome)