Only 28 to go ... Part II ....

I sat down in my seat and started to settle in for what I figured might be a long game. I was feeling pretty good about where my game was at and how I’d been playing of late. I figured that the extra confidence would help me out a lot when it came to the inevitable decisions that I knew I’d have to make later on. All the players are now making their way to their seats and after a couple of brief announcements, it was almost time to shuffle-up-and-deal.

I know this is a blogger event and every table is going to be full of the best,
(and most fun !) bloggers out there, but I think I got pretty lucky on the draw. Not because of anything to do with poker at all. I just happened to draw players that have blogs I like to read.

So what did my table look like? Well……… see what you think.

Seat #1 = The Tao of Poker himself.
Seat #2 = Recess Rampage.
Seat #3 = Instant Tragedy.
Seat #4 = Sweet, Sweet Pablo.
Seat #5 = The Trooper97.
Seat #6 = Bam-Bam
Seat #7 = Poker Perspectives.
Seat #8 = Poker Peaker
Seat #9 = C.C.

Five writers I read daily, two that I check in on frequently and
a Pablo. Sweeeeeet !

I had a few bloggers that I had wanted to meet, but still hadn’t managed it at this point. I took a quick look around the room and I noticed Otis standing out in the middle. I walked up to get directions to one of my favorite invisibles. Otis only needed to point me in the general direction. I’d heard enough descriptives about this blogger, that I was pretty sure I was going to the right dude. “I just wanted to say Hello to my fellow BB” I said from just slightly behind him. He jumped out of his chair and had his arms around me in less than 2 seconds flat. It was a strong and friendly hug that said, ‘damn good to actually see you.’ I really hope he could feel the same from me. There weren’t many there this weekend that I wanted to meet more than BadBlood. As was the case far too many times in this little 30 hour getaway, we never managed to get hooked back up together the rest of the weekend. Not getting together with BadBlood and Otis for our drink to G-Rob, was one of the biggest disappointments of my time in Vegas. The problem was time itself though. Trying to cram everything in was a monsterous challenge. Groups, Individuals and old friends all flitted around and around. Bloggers could be doing anything or going anywhere at the drop of a hat. There were basic guidelines and the old stand-bys that you could run into almost anyone at, if you waited long enough. The Geisha bar at the IP was no brainer. But finding two guys for a drink somehow eluded me. Now that’s a bad beat!

I made my way back to my seat and we were just about to start play. The social aspect of the game was not forgotten about at my table. There was some great conversation and several tall tales from the earlier goings on in the weekend. I had laid down a few hands in a row, when all of a sudden I could feel a presence looming over my right shoulder. I just stood up and hugged the lovely young lady behind me. The only word I needed to say was “Kat.” I wanted to go for the “butt-grab” right then and there. You know, to show her that I meant business and wasn’t just all talk. It would have to wait as I was being dealt into the next hand. It was only a brief meeting to say the least, but still a very meaningful one for me Kat. It was such a pleasure to finally meet you in person. I think we both know that well be hooking up together again real soon. ;o)
I have the address and will make contact, as soon as I get a little settled down here.

I had gotten no hands at all in the first two orbits. Watching the play and seeing things develop was OK for the time being though, I wasn’t going to be in any hurry. The blind levels went up twice before I got anything that seemed remotely playable, so I finally entered into a hand. I hit the flop with TP and was waiting to see if Pauly was going to check or bet. I asked the dealer, “did he check?” The dealer didn’t answer but I heard “Check” coming from my left side. I figured that it was weird that she would go out of turn like that. I made a small bet and the dealer pushed it back at me. “You said check.” he told me. I clarified but to no avail. The next card came and I decided karma should make me check. Maudie then put in a small bet and I called. The river did nothing for me and again I checked to the bet that Maudie was about to make. “I wanted to bet that flop to get you out of the hand early,” I said. “I think I just let you hit your four for the straight.” Maudie was kind enough to show me that my read was correct as I folded my hand. For the record, my hug with Maudie was pretty special for me. She let me know that she has really appreciated my comments of late. That made me feel wonderful. I know how much I love seeing that little smile I get, when someone cares enough to take the time to comment on a post I’ve made. It was good to hear that I can have the same effect on others.

I ran completely card dead right up to the third level. The time was going fairly slow for me, but I had to hit something or make a move with anything, fairly soon. I chose make a move. Well actually, it wasn’t much of a choice. With no cards finding me, I made a 3x raise in middle position, in an attempt to steal the blinds. “Call, Call and Call.” (lol… guess I have no respect yet huh???) Flop does absoloutely nothing for the crap I’m holding and I check. This was followed by, check, check and a raise to pot. I look at C.C. and made my mind up that it was a move to re-steal the pot I was trying to steal in the first place. I re-raised and could tell that I was right by the look on his face. I should’ve been looking over to my left a little longer. “Raise” was all I needed to hear. I twisted my hand into the muck and watched ‘my’ pot get pushed over to PokerPeaker. I was now the shorty and I would have to pick things up just a bit to catch up. I waited, and waited, and waited. I actually walked away from the table for 10 minutes to cool down. I was so sick of seeing 8-2 offsuits and 9-3 off’s in back-to-back hands. It was happening over and over again. I returned to the table and was dealt the TuckFard Nutz. Nice I say to myself, finally something that I can work with! I raise 2½x from the button and get a fold, and then a re-raise from C.C. in the BB. Okey-dokey…. I fold.
Two moves, two lost hands, lots of lost chips and I’m off to a good start.

The only one really losing chips any faster than me was The Trooper. His stack had an up and down swing to it that was kind of violent. (to put it mildly) At least he was playing though, and I was very jealous of that. He ended up getting it all in on a race and lost. Now I had an empty seat beside me so the blinds could eat my stack up even faster. This is sooooo not my style, but I actually said that out loud at the table. Another 10 minute walk away, to chastise myself for being such a fool.

Tomorrow, in Part III….. Hear the Rooooooooster crow …..


Saturday evening as Pebbles and I headed for a nice romantic dinner, the late afternoon shift that attempted to talk the two of us into taking them 'home' were;

1) Cindy
2) Terry
3) Rachel
4) Lori
5) and a very persistant Hope ! (2 day's in a row!)

Sorry Carson..... I couldn't bring myself to steal anything useless. I decided on a new tactic. I mouched you a Sahara club button that all the dealers were wearing to promote a 4:00pm promotion they were running.

Best I could do.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


BadBlood said...

I had heard you got delayed getting in and figured that you wanted to optimize time with Pebbles in Vegas.

But yes, that hug did mean it was great to meet you and for sure we'll do it again.

BB in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Ok ok, enough with the man love.

A) you folded the TuckFard nutz? are you kidding me? Your tight.

3) Bam Bam went to Vegas and all I got was this crappy button... I so love that!!!!!

T) You sat with the Tao!!! how did you manage to not call me.

83) When you talk to Kat let her know that I actually DO have a butt grab for her.

C) Girls named Lori are good and dirty, always go with the Lori.