I thought I'd put together some random hand information from the WBPT last weekend. All I've posted about so far is fun, fun, fun. Let's get a little serious here.

Everytime I held these top two pair, I was a winner !

As you can see, I even found an Ace !

This was one of the most brilliantly concealed hands of the weekend. Pocket aces cleaverly disguised as Ducks. Sneaky ! Very sneaky !

All during the break, the conversation turned into a very aggressive debate that almost got violent. The debate was one near and dear to every Blogger's heart.
Do Blogger's really actually "marry up?" This debate raged on and on and on for what must have been hours. Finally, one piece of in-disputable evidence was presented for all to consider.


With the presentation of this startling new evidence, it was time to go back and play more poker. The debate was clearly over and the answer is a unanymous YES !

Everyone gathered around to see the 4 of a kind. It was really quite a salute !

Although I didn't win the event as planned, it was great to see a couple of trophies put together for our real Guitar Hero.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....
(and special thanks to those taking pictures, who know who they are, that I begged, borrowed or stole them from....)


KajaPoker said...

That's a terrific post.

And I think I might have a resolution for the "marry up" question. All men, whether bloggers or not, marry up. Think it through and you will see I'm right.

BamBam said...

Thanks kaja....

Believe it or not.........
I already knew that !


The Wife said...

Well, "whoever" you stole these from, you did a fine job with the captions. Not only are you a sweet, adorable man (with good taste in wives), you are very clever. And you love the Packers . . . boy, if I was single, Canada would be in my sights.

Of course, since I'm not single, I love you like a brother. :)

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

You are the man Bam Bam!
Truly the man.

The Poker Grind said...

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its a bounty knockout tourney ,
buy in - $20+2
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