Frantic Friday : The Different Look Edition....(NSFW)

Well, well, here we are again huh kids.

Another Frantic Friday where trust me I know, all everyone is really expecting is another tribute to the

You probably came here to see me shoot up a few more pics of some

styling out in their

didn't you?

If that is why you did drop in today, I hate to be a

but I'm taking this Frantic Friday, in a totally different direction!

You see, I feel a little more enthusiastic today than I have lately and like one of my favorite quotes goes,

This Frantic Friday, I think I'd like to aim a little higher than usual. I think you're going to be OK with that because if we all just sit back and face the facts and be honest with ourselves, I'm sure you're thinking the same way that I am.

Oh and let's just stick with the whole honesty theme for a moment here shall we?

Can you look yourself in the mirror and admit honestly, what your take on

really is?

Yeah, that's what I thought!

Don't worry though, I love'em too!

There's just something so

about great

isn't there.

at, isn't it?

By the way, what kind of boob person are you?

Are you one of the folks that can't get enough of the

The type that likes to find the smallest bit of material,

to the hilt with boobs?

Not me.

I mean, I do like them big of course.
I'm just not fanatical about them like you is all.


No, my boob fetish is a bit upside down.

I just can't seem to get enough of what I call

OH, and here's the cultural segment of this Frantic Friday for you.

Were you aware that underboob is

You see, you can learn something new every Frantic Friday!

Like I always say,

OK kids, once again I have to run.

I have some very special company dropping by today and I need to get things just right. I've got a few challenges and hurdles to get over for her, because

I'm sure lots of you out there would see that as a major issue, but once I knew it was

that was coming over, I figured I do damn near anything to make her comfortable.

Wouldn't you?

So have a


I know mine is certainly about to get a whole lot better!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Keep your head up kid....

As you probably all know I really, REALLY like to keep the ol' glass as half full as I can. But lately, it's been a much larger challenge than normal for me.


- I'm one of the lucky few, (based on the planets population alone!) that was fortunate enough to have found his soul mate.

- I'm also thrilled and extremely blessed, to know so many others that have been just as fortunate.

- I'd dare anyone and I mean ANYONE, to find someone with more true friends than me.

- I live in what can best be described as "Utopia." So much so in fact that as you can see,

it really does exist!

- I have a beautiful, intelligent and caring daughter. 'Nuff said!

- I have my health for the most part. Yes I'm an older kid now and sometimes, I'm forced to wake up paying the price for a few questionable decisions made in the prime of a rather wild youth.

- I had that youth and to the best of my abilities, I try to maintain that youthful enthusiasm.

- I'm loved by so very many and thankfully, I'm just bright enough to be aware of that fact.

So why so glum?

Back at the end of January if you remember, I was forced into a state of semi-retirement. Not so bad on it's own actually, as corporate Bedrock was getting to me anyways.

No, that wasn't the crippling blow by any means. In fact as smart as we'd been with the financials AND the buy out package they were forced to offer, things actually looked pretty damn good at that point.

What does have me down just a tick though, is the process of replacing the job.

I constantly get the same 2 1/2 answers, despite how well my particular skill set happens to match to the particular position.

Answer #1 - You are WAY too qualified. We'd never be able to afford you.

Answer #2 - An Engineering degree would have made you a lock.

Answer #1/2 - It's a half answer, only because it's the unspoken words. That's an awful lot of experience on your resume. Very impressive Sir!

For answer #1, don't you think even one of them would stop long enough to consider an offer at least?

I give you, exhibit A =

A slightly larger than local Ma & Pa shop here in town. Big enough to be threatening to the really BIG boy's, yet manageable enough to feel comfortable. Successful yes, but with enough promise to be taken over the top. Ma & Pa liked me so much in fact, that they showed me EVERYTHING!

They have obviously had issues with the current management, leading them in the wrong direction. I can fix that! Honest, it's just what I do.

But their decision instead was, "just a little too high falutin' for us son."

For answer #2, how that miracle piece of paper makes me a different man or makes me better at what I do, is just beyond me. I get the dedication and commitment it takes to get a degree, honest I do. In fact, I truly admire all that go through the process. BUT.....

I give you, exhibit B =

This huge corporation used to be one of my 31 suppliers. As in I was solely responsible for their quality, delivery, productivity and costing, for a fairly large Asian auto maker that starts with an H. On my business card at the time it said,
Bammer: Head of Engineering.

No paper needed, just the faith in my abilities as constantly shown. Eleven piece of paper holders and two without, directly reported to me. One of the two without, was the best worker I've ever known in my life. The other without, was definitely in the top four.

For answer # 1/2, the unspoken words are simple to read. How can we get all of that experience and skill, in someone half his age instead?

I don't need to get rich, I'm richer in most things than anyone I know. But it would be nice to contribute again, to belong and be needed. I'd like to feel like the difference maker again, something I've felt my entire career and right now, I'm sorely missing.

I don't really know why I'm writing all this out but maybe it's because I'm about to officially toss rejection letter #100, into the big round bin beside me.

As I sit with the cursor hovering over "publish" and "delete," I'm not sure which one I'm actually going to do.

Aw fuck it!
No sense not being me now is there?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Happy Birthday me....

For the majority of the April 4's that I've spent on this giant flying rock, I've been a lot closer to making snowmen then I have margaritas. But for one unbelievably glorious April 4 yesterday, all that changed.

Now I can't say it was a day without a cloud in the sky because as you can clearly see,

there were at least two of them.

Being an early April kid around these parts usually means, your birthday could be the start of the showers that bring out all those May flowers for everyone else.

But for one very rare April 4,

those flowers came out to see me instead.

I know to most of you, an April flower is no big deal and I get that. It's just hard to describe the feeling of warmth and better yet promise, that an early April Daffodil can give a kid on his birthday. Specially when that kid is usually pushing a bit of snow around the driveway instead.

Yet as if just for me on my birthday,

they started popping up everywhere!

April 4th. in Bedrock is not normally the day we'll see this

out on the back deck!

Yet again just for me and my birthday, there it was.

So there I sat on the deck taking it all in and sippin' a killer Scotch, while having one of the best birthdays this kid could've ever imagined. When all of a sudden something else so incredible happened, I could hardly believe my ears!

I say, "hey Peb's, how 'bout a dance?"

"Sure, as soon as something good comes on." she replies.

Just then and apparently just for me on my birthday, the local station we were listening to comes up with this.

Then this,

and this.

I know it can't be true but on my birthday and as if by request just for me, three of my favorite dance tunes in a row. What's really weird is, not one of them is standard on their play list at all and I can guarantee you one thing for certain, they had to blow some dust off of those three albums to get them to play.

I know, I know! It takes so little to make me happy.
But just in case you're not quite sure....


Now I should go and wish the same on my brudder Dr. Chako.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....