Frantic Friday : The 2009 WPBT Edition....(NSFW)

It's finally almost here for real!

The WPBT Winter gathering is just around the corner now, with things kicking off next Thursday and running into the wee hours of the Sunday to follow.

Obviously there will not be a Frantic Friday in this little corner of the intertubles next week, as I'll be too damn busy living it live and in person! (those are the bestest Frantic Fridays for sure)

Many gathering newbies have approached me and asked, "what can I expect from this thing Bammer?" and I find the best answer is always, "Expect nothing and everything!"

With this group, damn near anything will and has happened at any moment. That's the real beauty of it.

But I guess there are a few things that have sort of become staples of our little get togethers in

and perhaps I can share my thoughts on just a few of them with you here.

Now to some, Vegas is considered

as far as vacation spots go.

All they can see is the "Sin City" side of the place. The 'porn slappers' handing out business cards, or the non-stop barrage of trucks with scantily clad ladies plastered onto the sides of them, driving back and forth on the strip. Hell most of the folks I watch while I'm there, seem just disgusted by the site of both.

Yet for some strange reason they appear immune and unaware of the hooker sitting beside them at the Geisha Bar. They are not disgusted at all by the fact that some fairly hawt chick is sitting next to them asking for a drink, with 95% of her


These are the times that I just love to be a people watcher! You can actually see the facial expressions change on these folks when their thoughts turn from all that's going on around them is disgusting, and they switch gears to hey! This seems to have a lot of

Oh there's potential there alright! It's just that your H1N1 shot you got before travelling, doesn't have anything in it to protect you from what that particular potential has to offer.

Yes what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas and those decisions, are totally up to you of course! But in your attempt at

to have a great time while there, just try to be careful if you can.

I've personally found that at our gatherings wherever they end up taking place, the absolute best times almost always occur

Now I won't be as bold as to speak on anyone else's behalf here, but I'm quite certain that a favorite part of our gatherings to-date for many of you out there, has to be some of the

that's gone on.

I know a few of them have made me a little weak at the knees!

So what I guess I'm trying to say is, it doesn't matter if you're planning on just sitting down and

or if you're a slightly higher roller and some form of

is in your plans for our Winter gathering, have as much fun as you possibly can kids.

I personally have found that I do some of my best work in that department, by letting

become a major factor!

I do have one request of those coming out for our round of


For those of you we'll see out on the course on Friday, please dear God! Always remember to not only be very, VERY, VERY nice to our own personal

because of all of the wonderful things she has done. But I emplore you, please keep pointing her back in my direction!

To all my old friends, it's less than one week away now. I can't begin to tell each of you how much Peb's and I look forward to getting to see you once again.

To my newer friends, PLEASE try and make the effort to catch up with me! I truly want to meet as many of you as I can. If you're unsure of how to locate me, just try one of the following.

1) Ask a veteran and they can probably point me out.
2) Check near the closest bar.
3) Take a look at a Let It Ride table and find the guy with a tall glass of Scotch.


4) Walk into any casino we're supposed to be gathered at during that time and ask everyone where you can find

Chances are I'm either being one, or I'm the one standing next to it and drooling.

OK, that's enough fun for now. I know that this wasn't any good as far as real advice goes. For that, I'll have to direct you over here to Pauly. Even if you're not going to be at our gathering next week, it's damn fine advice for anyone travelling to Vegas.

Remember, tonight is the unofficial WPBT kick off kids! The WPBT Warm Up goes at 10:00 PM ET on FullTilt. All the details including the P/W, can be found on the previous post.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The WPBT Countdown is on....

It started at more than a year and ever so slowly, the countdown worked it's way on down to months. What seems like forever ago, it reduced itself down to just weeks. Now the countdown is officially, all the way down to just days.

I've got a special Frantic Friday planned for tomorrow, dedicated to our WPBT gatherings and what the "newbies" can expect.

Just thinking about being together with so many good friends, (most of whom just happen to be seriously HAWT chicka's!) is keeping a perma-smile glued on this kids face!

Hopefully those of you with no social life other than slinging artificial chips around on the virtual felt on a Friday night, will be able to join in on The WPBT Warm Up H.O.R.S.E. game we're holding on FullTilt tomorrow.

10:00 PM ET.
P/W = vegasin1week

You'll find it under the private tournies tab, or you can go ahead and be lazy.
Player search me as BamBamCan and join in.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The WPBT Warm Up & Turkey talk....

First off - The WPBT Warm Up.

Alright kids what is it, like 10 sleeps 'till the WPBT gathering officially gets under way? WAY TOO LONG! Having no patience for waits such as this, I asked AlCantHang to co-host a little WPBT Warm Up event with me. (read: I asked him to do all the work and I'd just tag my name on at the end somewhere!) We figured a pre-WPBT event would help serve a few important purposes.

1) It gives everyone going to our gathering a chance to make a few mobneys. Mobneys that of course, can be used to buy Al and I a drink at the gathering. :)

2) With a good showing of support for the event and a win by Al or myself, we'd at least have some idea of how we were going to pay for approximately 1% of our planned bar tab at this years gathering.

3) It gives those that have to miss this years event, a chance to participate in the WPBT in at least some small way.

4) Hopefully it helps everyone to kill a few more hours of the friggin' wait.

So this Friday December the 4th at 10:00pm ET, there will be a WPBT Warm Up held on FullTilt. The game will be deep stack H.O.R.S.E. for a measley $10 + $1 buy-in.

As you can see,

I'm already registered.

The very clever P/W = vegasin1week

Al and I hope to see a strong showing of WPBT gatherers for this one! As starting The 2009 WPBT gathering with bragging rights like a win in this event, surely has to be hard to beat!

Whether you're actually going to make this years gathering or not, we hope to "see" all our friends out for this event.

If you get the chance, pimping this event will obviously gain you magic karma bonus points for life!


= = = = = =

As mentioned sometime last week, I sat down at the virtual felt with a few of my good friends in Pauly's Turkey Cup last Thursday night. What a great time!

Now that may have been because of the Donkey start I had, where I luck-sack cracked Aces. Totally miss-read the hand, but sucked out just the same.

We'll mark that one down in the category of, races I win. Okay, Okay! So we'll have to start a new file for that one, since I've never won a race before.

My starting table where I was placed just to the left of the lovely Mrs. Dank, improved once again with the additions of my fellow BB and CHANGE 100.

That made for a much prettier table indeed!
UH, CHANGE that is!

BadBlood tossed 400 into the pot for a raise on my big blind soon after. Having a little fun rather than actually playing Poker, I made it 700 on top of his raise.

It was probably just the opportunity for that screen cap. that made me make a hammer raise there, but who knows? Maybe it was a "little" Poker after all.

As is typically the case for me, I went out on a pretty good read. I put Shiesty on a mid to strong Ace here and quite honestly said, "gotta' be the Asian-Jew" out loud, before jamming my stack into the middle. There was a quick call and all the chips were in the middle pre-flop.

I was off by one card on my read and naturally, I was kicked in the junk.

Great chat did follow though;

Badblood44: Damn Bammer. I thought you were always making that stuff up.
BamBamCan: I won a race once.
Badblood44: The guy must've been a cripple!

That left me with 500 chips and a prayer. I jammed with 9-10 into a pot that would quadruple me up, but it was not to be. So out I go.

32 place of the 84 runners. Great time though and as always, it was great to "see" everyone along the way.

Well, that's it for now. I hope everyone can see fit to pimp and participate in The WPBT Warm Up this week.

Ten sleeps kids!
Just ten more sleeps 'till Vegas!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....