Frantic Friday : The Sirry Engrish Edition.... (NSFW)

No seriously, T. G. :

Because if there's one thing I'm pretty sure of right now :

So if you feel the same way as I do right now, come on and give a great big shout out to the man for another Frantic Friday!

Now an important note to help out those that feel all 'dirty' and crap for dropping by here on any given Frantic Friday, just try to remember :

So the other day, I ran into my second favorite :

Some of you might actually know a little about her, she's actually pretty popular on :

She's currently on the coolest action series going right now! I'm so proud of her. When I found out the part that she was going to play, I have to admit to being a little worried. I mean, she's no :

but as you can see, she doesn't exactly have the figure of a :


All in all, I'd say she's pulling the part off pretty good from what I've seen. What do you think? Does she make a good :

Anyhow, running into her again was just fantastic! It really made my day to get the chance to just sit down and have a drink or two and shoot the shit. Like my gal pal said, "it's been a rearry, rearry rong time since we had the chance."

We had for the most part, a great time and conversation. But there was a moment or two there, where we decided that our English language may have an issue or two. As an example, she brought up a quest for perfection she'd recently been on. She mentioned that she was certain, she'd found :

Well you guy's all know me! I'm so all about the :

I just couldn't wait to get deeper and deeper into this subject! I mean Hell, wouldn't you be interested too?

So I asked her to tell me all about her little mission.

She told me that she'd found a few really close runners up, and that :

that came in second, wasn't really all that far off of first place really.

I told her that I'd not really ever looked at it as my own personal mission, but I frequently am on the lookout for :

The little Asian of hawtness then really surprised me, by mentioning she'd been hanging around out in the country while looking for:

I was shocked! This girl is so NOT a country girl! She fits into her environment in the city so well, I can't even begin to imagine her hanging around a farm.

Since she really is one of my best friends and we share everything, I couldn't help but tell her about :

I was tapping back on a farm in Alberta. ( when I was quite a bit younger of course )

As I sifted through some of those very fond memories, I realized my little Asian cutie was staring back at me with a look of total disbelief.

"What?" I said.

"You porked a farm animar?" came out from those supple little lips.

After thinking what a weird question, I asked her "WTF are you talking about?"

down on the farm sirry." she reiterated.

It was then that we both just sat back and said :

We'd been sitting there totally :

to the fact, that we weren't even discussing the same thing!

"Sirry Engrish." she giggled.

"Sirry us." I chirped up.

We laughed and laughed and even raughed and raughed out roud, all afternoon. We started doing the same silly thing with all kinds of words. It was quite the game and the more we drank, it seemed the better the game got.

When it was time to make a move and get myself back on the road home, I knew my friend would probably love the chance to get together with Pebbles as well. So I asked her if she wanted to :

She got right up close to me and then softly whispered in my ear, "You know Bam, I ruv :

and as she backed away from me, she gave me a little smile and wink that had to be experienced to be fully understood.

Aaaaah my :

I don't know,she makes it so interesting all the time that I say, you just :

And that's how this Frantic Friday about our sirry rittre ranguage came to be. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got another friend over right now and she's being kind enough to help me look for my :


Hope you have as good a weekend as I just made plans for!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


All in your perspective....

Lucko said : "Not sure how you can think I didn't have Kings the entire way there, but the fact that you do shows that Don doesnt really have much of a case for the other hand being a chip dump."

It really is all in your perspective Lucko isn't it?
So just for the Hell of it, here's mine ;

*** 3RD STREET ***
Dealt to MiamiDon [Ts]
Dealt to smokkee [Th]
Dealt to Chippy McStacks [5h]
Dealt to iaatg6296 [9s]
Dealt to BamBamCan [5s]
Dealt to cracknKK [Kd]
Dealt to lucko21 [Kh 5c] [Ks]
Chippy McStacks is low with [5h]
Chippy McStacks brings in for 15
iaatg6296 folds
BamBamCan completes it to 50 ( I show some strength, despite a dead 5 )
cracknKK folds
lucko21 raises to 100 ( Shows strength, despite a dead K )
MiamiDon folds
smokkee folds
Chippy McStacks calls 85 ( Scares me, after I represent strength )
BamBamCan calls 50
*** 4TH STREET ***
Dealt to Chippy McStacks [5h] [Js] (No help)
Dealt to BamBamCan [5s] [Qh] (No help)
Dealt to lucko21 [Kh 5c Ks] [6c] (No help)
lucko21 bets 50
( Three options: split Kings, burried pockets or air. Kings is more likely, based on 3rd.st raise. )
Chippy McStacks folds ( Bring defend with a strong 5 against mine I assume )
BamBamCan calls 50 ( Call 50 to try and set something up, Um ~ OK )
*** 5TH STREET ***
Dealt to BamBamCan [5s Qh] [4s] ( Showed strength low and Spades and hit both? That helps a bit)
Dealt to lucko21 [Kh 5c Ks 6c] [2c] ( Damn, another low AND a crub! )
lucko21 bets 100
BamBamCan calls 100 ( Tempted to walk here, but decide to make last call unless I hit my set up )
*** 6TH STREET ***
Dealt to BamBamCan [5s Qh 4s] [3s] ( WOW ! Damn near pefect card. If I'm against a pair of Kings here maybe even two pair, I'm showing a possible straight flush AND have been showing some strength. )
Dealt to lucko21 [Kh 5c Ks 6c 2c] [As]
lucko21 bets 100 ( It's a King burried. Has to know I do not have Aces )
BamBamCan raises to 200 ( Show that you're not afraid )
lucko21 calls 100 ( Show that you are )
*** 7TH STREET ***
Dealt to lucko21 [Kh 5c Ks 6c 2c As] [3h]
lucko21 checks ( Limit the pot size now? Either didn't improve a pair, or is brilliantly trapping me )
BamBamCan bets 100 ( Only way to win the pot now )
lucko21 calls 100
( Yep! Still no strength it's a pair. I believe this would be called a crying call, had the hand gone the way I was representing no? )
*** SHOW DOWN ***
BamBamCan shows [Ac Jc 5s Qh 4s 3s 7d] Ace Queen high
lucko21 shows [Kh 5c Ks 6c 2c As 3h] a pair of Kings
lucko21 wins the pot (1,270) with a pair of Kings

Glub - Glub, say's this "Limit Fishie."

Poker, moves and us Bloggers.
Never before has so much been said, about so very little.

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A Poker learning tool, for tools like me....

This is NOT a paid advertisement.

I'd previously only told a few others about my friend Amir's up-coming Website idea. Well it seems Amir has it up and running as of yesterday, so now you can all go over to PokerWit and take it for a little test drive.

Pokerwit is a place where soon there will be 1000's of hands, all played out right in front of you. But there's more! You can re-play them too! That's right. The hand is set out in front of you, and it will play out as it did in the actual situation. At each step however, you can make the decision that you think is the right one. Then you can compare notes with the player in the actual hand. You can also see how others thought it should have been played.

The best part? How many times have you posted a hand history and asked others, "what would you do?" or "do you think I played this right/poorly?" On Pokerwit, you can post these hand's for everyone to see. Then they can play them out without knowing the outcome and you can feed off of the information gathered.

So on PokerWit, you'll be able to judge another player's perspective on the hands played or, throw some of your experiences out there for the masses to judge your performance in a particular situation.

I dare say that having hundreds of players play out a hand and give feedback in one form or another, has to be about as educational as it can get in NLHE.

Since I figure Poker is all about information, I can't believe there's many of you out there that won't want to get in on this Poker information Super Highway.

I hope you enjoy!

For those curious, more can be found on my friend HERE & HERE. As you can see unlike me, Amir really knows his NLHE.

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When you're right....

Well, someone asked for some drama.

Apparently, the superior poker bloggers, (no links, 'cause they're all in tune with the bloggoverse and know what's right and what's wrong) think I chip dumped to Smokkee. (also no link, 'cause BoDog has no fuckin' idea, where or what Canada is)

There will be dozen's....... OK..... two at least, screen caps.

Truth is, after I'd had my azz handed to me by many others chasing throughout the night, I took a shot. But my one chase, bring's blogdem to a crawl.

Three words....


I'm a working stiff trying to support our community.
I get up at 4:30 am. EST and still try to play as many of our events as I can. You want to call me out? Fuck you!

Three Skillz wins in STUD and the one night I chase a straight against an obvious two pair, I'm a "chip dumper?"

Yeah, that 7th. street King for Lucko must have been a "chip dump" too right?

You azzholes have no idea WHO the fuck I am.

But thanks for being SO superior.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

Lesson by Bam, Inspiration by Fred ....

If you've been dropping around these parts for any amount of time at all, you'll know that my glass is just about always half full. Life's too short to get all Jammed up™ over any of the small stuff. So I try to remain as Benevolent™ as I can, whenever it comes to fighting for what's really important in life.

Well this past weekend my friends, I was truly humbled at my own game! I saw everything I believe in my heart of hearts, come to fruition in another.

Back in August last year, Fred was in a pretty bad way. When we found out that it was probably Cancer, I knew I had to be as strong as I could for Peb's and the whole family. It was going to take some pretty serious support to keep this glass half full and to be honest, it really wasn't looking too good.

Together as a family and with the great support of Doctors, Hospital Staff and so many wonderful friends and family, we took it to Cancer in the only way we know how. We attacked and attacked and when we were totally exhausted from the battle, we attacked it some more. I promised my family one thing right from the start. I would NOT be the one giving up and I'd bite the head off of the first one in our group that did. That included Fred, although I know I didn't have to tell him anything. Peb's stubborn streak is come by quite honestly, as anyone could have felt Fred dig in for the battle ahead. There was no way he was ever going to show his girls any sign of weakness. He'd even go as far as to practically knock himself out while trying to get around with them, only to become so weak and exhausted by the time they'd leave, that medical treatment was often required. But he wouldn't let them know that. He'd be their strong father figure, ready to support their needs at any time. In a nutshell, he'd be Fred!

Saturday and just a couple of short weeks after completing a long and draining schedule of Chemotherapy treatments, Peb's and I took Fred and Wilma out for a game of Golf. That in and of itself, seems like a miracle to me all things considered. From where we were last August to just another game of golf, it just boggles the mind and warms the heart.

During this entire process, I got a little down on myself when I found out I was the last one standing. Something that after seeing how Fred handled this past weekend, I feel a little ashamed of myself for.

With an apparently new lease on life, Fred inspired me in a way that I could never possibly express the correct gratitude for. When you see a man who knew he was quite probably done with all things living get a second chance, it should open your eyes to which direction you plan to take your own life moving forward.

It certainly did me !

Not that any of these things meant any the less while I was doing them before, but this kids going to really attempt to comprehend the pure pleasure that I derive from ;

Holding my darling Wife in my arms.
Spending quality time with Not-So-Mini-Peb's.
Getting together with good friends.
Waking up in the morning.
Sunrises and Sunsets.
An Orioles song.
The aroma and taste of a good Scotch.

And many, many more Beautiful™ things.

If you perceived this kid as happy before, hang on for the ride! As I'm about to take happy to an entirely new level my friends.

This weekend with Fred has seriously opened my eyes to what happy is really supposed to be about. You see, Fred and I rode in a cart together on Saturday. Fred DID NOT Golf like a Pro for the first three holes. Man was Fred upset! For a second or two even, I thought he may have been considering quitting and walking off the course. It was actually a little tough to watch, to be honest. But then it happened! Suddenly there was a very clear point of recognition and it proudly displayed itself all upon his face.

Fred may be Golfing really poorly, but Fred was on the right side of the Grass!

From that moment at around noon on Saturday, right to the time when they left after breakfast Sunday morning, it was clear. Fred was living while surrounded by loved ones and doing all of the little things that he loved, but had probably become a little too complacent about in the past.

There's an old saying that "Complacency can kill" and it's so very true.

It has become this kids perspective that taking for granted everything that makes you alive, is probably the worst type of death of all.

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