Funny thing this life, Part II....

Typically, I'm used to *mountains and trees as a view.

Well.... welcome to the new Bedrock Bammer!

Mom says, "Always check out the neighbours when considering a move"

Good advice although fortunately, they're just like my current ones!

Dad asked, "how will you entertain yourself?"

I told him there was a plan for that.

My oldest Sister wondered, "Is there culture? You know how important that is to you."

I mentioned this old place.

"It's pretty flat out there you know Bammer." said brudder CC. "Grain elevators

road signs and nothing but the back of a semi,

pretty much making up the landscape."

Then he pondered, "Any thoughts on what type of home out there may fit your needs?"

"Ya" I said, "I think I may have found something."

"Does it have the property you're used to though Bam?" he asked.

"Not bad CC" I answered.

"What about the house though?" I heard him ask. "Is it decent at least?"

"Ya, it's okay I guess." I told him.

"You have such a great view for a full 360 here in Bedrock, are you okay with what's out there?" CC wondered.

"Considering it's Saskatchewan I guess, not too bad CC."

was my response.

"Well Brudder" offered CC, "if you and Peb's are going to be happy AND they're going to throw the average price of a Ferrari at you every year I say, you might as well run with the bulls!"

Ya, funny thing this life.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

*Mountains here are NOT like Banff, Jasper, Colorado etc.... I get that. But it is NOT as flat as a Saskatchewan prairie.


Funny thing this life....

Just under one year ago I was in a golf cart in G-Vegas, talking with a friend from Seattle, about a California career move. We were discussing a major life event decision that he needed to make and hopefully, I was being a good sounding board for him to bounce a few ideas off of. It's funny though, how easy it was for me to offer an opinion on his situation.

I say that because, now its I who finds himself in the exact same situation.

This Thursday, I'll once again pack myself into a plane and head out across this great country. Over the next several days after, my life and the direction it takes will be totally up to nothing more than a couple of little decisions.

You see once they make theirs, I think the real fun starts.
For I'll be forced to make mine.

Suddenly, I find myself wishing I was back in that golf cart.

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A Day of Firsts....

Peb's and I headed out for a day of fun and excitement yesterday, hoping to make a little money along the way at Casino Rama.

I bought in for $200 at my favourite Let-It-Ride table and low and behold, I'm dealt trip 3's down on the very first hand. + $195 !

Then, I never saw another winner. - $100 overall.

A Hot Hot Penny slot grabs my attention and BINGO! + $200 on the very first pull.

Then, I never saw another winner. + $60 overall.

I see a Roulette table with a board filled with nothing but black numbers. Naturally, I make my mind up that red just has to hit. I throw $50 on red and whammo! + $50 first crack.

Then, I never saw another winner. + $10 overall.

There's just something about Blazing 7's and like a moth to a flame, I can't resist the urge to play with fire. First pull = assorted 7's. + $300.

Then, I never saw another winner. + $80 overall.

A rather charming and attractive older lady takes the seat at the machine next to me.

"It's my last $5.00" she announces.

"It takes $3.00 a pull to make anything good happen" I tell her, "can I play an extra $10.00 on the machine with you?"

"Sure!" she says with a giggle.

First pull = YAHTZEE!

An attendant is required at the machine for payout. Then the attendant and the charming old girl both head off to the cashier's cage, to settle up the big winnings.

A bit later there's a tap on my shoulder and the faintest of voices says "Excuse me."

"Since I didn't actually need your $10.00" she said, "Here you go, you can have it back."

A day of firsts indeed!

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