A Day of Firsts....

Peb's and I headed out for a day of fun and excitement yesterday, hoping to make a little money along the way at Casino Rama.

I bought in for $200 at my favourite Let-It-Ride table and low and behold, I'm dealt trip 3's down on the very first hand. + $195 !

Then, I never saw another winner. - $100 overall.

A Hot Hot Penny slot grabs my attention and BINGO! + $200 on the very first pull.

Then, I never saw another winner. + $60 overall.

I see a Roulette table with a board filled with nothing but black numbers. Naturally, I make my mind up that red just has to hit. I throw $50 on red and whammo! + $50 first crack.

Then, I never saw another winner. + $10 overall.

There's just something about Blazing 7's and like a moth to a flame, I can't resist the urge to play with fire. First pull = assorted 7's. + $300.

Then, I never saw another winner. + $80 overall.

A rather charming and attractive older lady takes the seat at the machine next to me.

"It's my last $5.00" she announces.

"It takes $3.00 a pull to make anything good happen" I tell her, "can I play an extra $10.00 on the machine with you?"

"Sure!" she says with a giggle.

First pull = YAHTZEE!

An attendant is required at the machine for payout. Then the attendant and the charming old girl both head off to the cashier's cage, to settle up the big winnings.

A bit later there's a tap on my shoulder and the faintest of voices says "Excuse me."

"Since I didn't actually need your $10.00" she said, "Here you go, you can have it back."

A day of firsts indeed!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

I think you were probably due more than your original $10, but at least you got something back. It's at least a partial testament to the fact that there are still good people out there.

The other lesson is that you need to work on the "run" part of your hit-and-run.

Nice hit!


KenP said...


SirFWALGMan said...

Jump her in the parking lot I say!

Astin said...

Wait... she put in $5. You put in $10... she wins, say $1000.

2/3 of the money in the machine was yours! You should totally have fought for 2/3 of the jackpot.

By her logic:

1st pull = all hers - you get your $10 back
2nd pull = $2 hers, $1 yours - do you get 1/3 of the jacpot?
3rd-5th pull = all yours, does she get anything? Does she get her $5 back since it was YOUR $10 that won it? Does she get a button-mashing fee?

Yah, I wouldn't have fought for it either, but giving you $50 or something would have been a nice gesture.

Memphis MOJO said...

I don't know anything about slot etiquette, but aren't you due 2/3 of the money?

Schaubs said...

sorry but you were totally ripped off. I think you should have asked for 2/3 of the the winnings!

you got scammed. Machines are set up to pay based on the amount in the machine didn't you know?

Wolfshead said...

Un-frikkin-believable. Did she clang when she walked because they had to be big brass ones. She probably did need your money because if it truely was her last $5 she would more than likely stretched it at a single per pop rather than the max play. Her self justification was something else. And Doc C you are almost an incurable optimist as Bam himself

lightning36 said...

I avoid ambiguous situations whenever I have the chance. That being said, it seems to me that it was nice that she returned the $10, but if the jackpot was big enough to be hand paid she could have shared her luck a little more.

Who knows, though -- maybe she was stuck for some huge amount.

BamBam said...

Funny thing kids, it was a progressive slot that hit trip Blazing 7's. That one pull was worth $12,732.89

If it was me pulling the handle, 50/50 ALL the way. Win/win for both. Go in partners, leave the same way.

Simple Canadian math to me.

Wolfshead said...

Was probably one of those ungrateful peckerheads from south of the border who failed at math

Astin said...

Wow, that really sucks then! Most Blazing 7's I see stick around the $1000 (or whatever their min is) jackpot. $12k? Yah, you were totally owed 8k of that.