Funny thing this life, Part II....

Typically, I'm used to *mountains and trees as a view.

Well.... welcome to the new Bedrock Bammer!

Mom says, "Always check out the neighbours when considering a move"

Good advice although fortunately, they're just like my current ones!

Dad asked, "how will you entertain yourself?"

I told him there was a plan for that.

My oldest Sister wondered, "Is there culture? You know how important that is to you."

I mentioned this old place.

"It's pretty flat out there you know Bammer." said brudder CC. "Grain elevators

road signs and nothing but the back of a semi,

pretty much making up the landscape."

Then he pondered, "Any thoughts on what type of home out there may fit your needs?"

"Ya" I said, "I think I may have found something."

"Does it have the property you're used to though Bam?" he asked.

"Not bad CC" I answered.

"What about the house though?" I heard him ask. "Is it decent at least?"

"Ya, it's okay I guess." I told him.

"You have such a great view for a full 360 here in Bedrock, are you okay with what's out there?" CC wondered.

"Considering it's Saskatchewan I guess, not too bad CC."

was my response.

"Well Brudder" offered CC, "if you and Peb's are going to be happy AND they're going to throw the average price of a Ferrari at you every year I say, you might as well run with the bulls!"

Ya, funny thing this life.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

*Mountains here are NOT like Banff, Jasper, Colorado etc.... I get that. But it is NOT as flat as a Saskatchewan prairie.


KenP said...

Things just won't seem the same around the unemployment office without you to help be be creative.

Katitude said...

Man, and I thought it was hard to get off my ass to go an hour north to see you. Now it's like 3 days west.

Seriously, I am very happy for you, and WE NEED TO CONNECT BEFORE YOU GO!!!

Caps intended.

DrChako said...

Having you closer to us is certainly selfish, but so what? If it works out, I hope you do it for better reasons than because it's closer to California. Good luck, and let us know when we can give the "official" congrats.


PS. Around 1935, a young kosher butcher with a vision packed his wife and young daughter and moved to the wilds of Saskatchewan. He stayed long enough to have a son and then headed back to Montreal before having his 3rd child.

My dad.

Josie said...

gl gl gl!!!

SirFWALGMan said...

Sasaswasachuwaaaa? I thought that was a make believe place like Shangru La... hmm.. Good luck man!