Frantic Friday : The 3 B's Edition....(NSFW)

Well kids, it looks like you get another early edition of Frantic Friday this week! Plans for tomorrow now include a little Golf. Not just Golf actually, special golf!

It seems the new nine will be open at, "The Bear" tomorrow so, I'm taking Fred and 6 of his closest buddies for a game. As a member, I'm always proud to show off what the course has to offer! We'll be among the first to play the new North 9, which includes the new 132 YD PAR3 to an Island green. SWEET!

I may even take the camera and put some shots up on Monday. Who knows?

We now take you back to your regularily scheduled, Frantic Friday fun!

= = = = = = = =

Jebus I was pissed off yesterday!

Hopefully the owners come to their senses soon and get Bettman :

Nothing worse than a dick-nosed weasel, disturbing a good Frantic Friday thought process!

Last thought on Gary? I say that Asshole's not compitent enough to run the NCL in my humble opinion. And yes! That would be The National :


Alright, enough about needle dick!

Let's get back in focus here!

I need a little push to get me headed back in the right direction kids. Something that'll get my eye back on the prize! Something...... something :

YES! That's it!

Now to combine that with a little hopsy & malty adult beverage, and off we go. Today let's talk about a couple of my favorite subjects :

So grab your favorite :

and then a nice, tasty ice cold :

And for crying out loud kids, remember that I said :

I don't want to hear anyone regailing me with their, "great and totally awesome" beer stories, only to find out it was :

all along!

I'm telling you right now, there is no story you can tell me that I'm going to believe about :

that will start with that water in a can!

That's like telling me that there are no great :

and that shit my friends, that shit just don't fly on a Frantic Friday..... actually, it just never does around here alright!

Let's just say that I'd much rather talk with you about :

than some drivel about "light" beer OK?

So back to the point of this whole exercise, how is it that you like to see your favorite :

I have to admit that I'm pretty fond of this new trend by all of the major corporations around my area this particular :

An awful lot of them have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on studies and surveys, only to come up with what I could have told them the entire time for free!

When you're looking at cost reductions for your business, you should always look deep into the area of :

Nothing tells the high-faluttin' exec's at some huge conglomerate company that you are very serious about saving them money, like a solid and affermitive action plan on :

Seriously! It's well worth the time to investigate and honestly, it's even a fun little project.

Alright kids, I have to run. I'd sit around discussing the three B's with you.....


I said the three B's. Oh for Pete's sake, figure it out yourself!

Like I said, I'm outta' here. I have one of those :

opportunities developing here this weekend.

Like Vegas in December, the rodeo is in my town this weekend. Peb's has introduced me to all her friends that work at being real :

and after we do a little :

at the Ship wrecks out in Georgian Bay, they've promised me that we can have one of my very favorite debates of all time.

These always turn into some of the best heated discussions I've ever had! I love it! Who knew I'd ever have so much fun with one simple question?

Do you prefer the :

or are you someone that would rather enjoy an :

I know that I'll be having fun debating this issue and reviewing the subject matter as often as I can, so hopefully you'll take advantage and get started on the process yourself.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

At Center ice for the Phoenix Coyote's.... #09 Pissmeeov....

When I woke this morning, I was already a touch behind in my anger management skills. Lack of sleep, (even for a non-sleeper!) will do that. Then when the morning news came on the radio and the lead Sports story was about the NHL making an offer for the Phoenix Coyotes, I hit 212 Fahrenheit almost instantly.

WANT SICK? Look at the reasoning!
'We need to expedite things to help out the flailing franchise?'

Why then was Mr. Balsillie's previous offer of much more than anything offered to date, not taken way back when?

Oh right! "Not enough."

It was nearly twice the cash Jerry Reinsdorf put on the table before he came to his senses, and realized dick-nosed Bettman was just dragging him deeper into a losing battle.

So now we get, 'we need to hurry and boy's I promise, we can get a lot more casholas's for a team losing merely $20 million a season!'

So it reads like this. 'In good faith of course, we The NHL will offer you just about half of what successful Chicago Bulls and White Sox owner Mr. Reinsdorf had put out on the table. We know that it's just over a quarter of what that moron Mr. Ballsillie's was offering up for the team, but it's a sweet deal for you, the fans and all of the creditor's hanging around for their piece of the cake.'

'So...... DEAL?'

To my friends I say, I realize that the above reads as if it was spat with the venom of a 1000 snakes, it's because it was. The guy has got to be taken out of power and cut loose like the useless piece of shit he is. He took a position as 3rd. in command of a successful league in the NBA. He made a few moves to over commercialize it and develop a soft salary cap. The owners made a few bucks from the rush and then, right back to status-quo.

Their move at that point?

"We've come a long way with Gary, but he needs to move on and develop himself as a leader in the sports & entertainment field." was the press release.

"We dumped the money grubbing weasel before we went broke!" was the general consensus around the league.

So recapping a few facts here, let's see what the NHL has to work with.

A strong bid for the team by a hugely successful business man... check.
A location that can't wait for a team... check.
An arena complex project that will create jobs.... check.
A fan base draw like nowhere else on the continent... check.
6 TV networks ready to fight over broadcast rights... check.


The NHL bids 1/4 of the above bid... check.
The team WILL loose $20 mill. again this year... check.
The team stays where no one goes to a game... check.
The owners share in profit loss and keep status-quo... check.
Nothing changes until Bettman gives in or is gone... check.

Oh and just as an aside. After dealing directly with Bettman on all things he'd been offered, one of the most successful team owners with two franchises in two separate leagues asks the rest of the owners WTF! And then walks away.

After further review the play as called on the ice stands!

Gary Bettman is an idiot and should be tossed aside by the NHL, just as he was with the NBA. Of course that's just one man's humble opinion isn't it Gary.

In old school Hockey, guy's like Bettman would've been taken care of either on the ice or out back of the arena. I can't help but wonder if Bobby Clarke and Valeri Kharlamov aren't thinking the exact same thing right now?

From one kid in a Nation and a quarter that love the game of Hockey, Fuck you Bettman! Leave our game AND the owners business the fuck alone!

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What goes up....

I absolutely hate the poor, poor pitiful me post I've just finished writing and yet, I find myself hovering the cursor over the "publish post" button and I'm actually wondering if I'll go ahead and click it.

**Thankfully I didn't and trust me, you can thank me later for hitting delete instead!**

= = = = =

I'd ask if you've ever had one of those days but let's face it, I think pretty much everyone probably has! In my case right now it's work that's dragging me down. Oh and you can trust me on this one, it's been one hell of a lot longer than just a day believe me! I'd like to let corporate Bedrock know that it can kiss my little caveman azz but unfortunately for me right now, it's far too busy kicking it at the moment instead.

So rather than posting up the crap that I had written, I think I'd prefer to explain my current state of mind in a much more visual and visceral manner. Fortunately I can manage to do that quite easily, with a little help from my boys Seth & Rusty.

I mean that video describes my emotions to a tee right now! Everything always looks like it's going to be alright you know and then suddenly, it's like the ground seems to reach up and smack me in the face.

There's no reason to worry the glass is, (and shall always remain) half full I swear. I think I'm just trying to get the weight off my chest or maybe blow off a little steam about it, because it just isn't coming quite as easy to me as normal right now.

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I'm beyond help, but can you?....

Just a touch on the insane side around these parts today, so a lick and a promise will have to do you for now!

Had a great weekend of comfortable clothes, no shoes and a steady supply of cold beer and hot hugs with my Peb's. Did I mention it was a great weekend?

I tried to stay totally un-plugged all weekend but at about 8:00pm or so last night, my slut detector went off in my head. It was Sunday night and there was about to be a Poker Slut game on FullTilt at 9:00pm. I figured I'd best try to defend my title from last week and then a quick check on Tilt, told me that the game was RAZZ. SCHWEEEEEEEEEEEET!

Except for one thing that is. RAZZ sucks!

OK, I don't really think that! But man did I run bad at a few of the worst times possible. Second nut lows that I ran into da' nuts back-to-back-to back! I'd enjoyed a few too many adult beverages out in the hot sun earlier, to actually pay attention to the game. That'll teach me! (not!)

That was pretty much the only Poker of the weekend. Probably a good thing too. My head's just not in the game, with actual signs of Summer making a later than usual arrival. Far too nice outside, to be stuck sitting in front of the virtual felt for hours.

= = = = = =

I'm a little late to the party on this one but it's one hell of a lot better to be late, than to not do anything at all I say.

One of us, LJ, has made a request for help. It would be great if you could take the time to read her plea.

All right, back to the grind for me! There should really be a rule about easing back into work after such a great weekend...... no?

RAZZ is OK, it's work that sucks!

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