Frantic Friday : The 3 B's Edition....(NSFW)

Well kids, it looks like you get another early edition of Frantic Friday this week! Plans for tomorrow now include a little Golf. Not just Golf actually, special golf!

It seems the new nine will be open at, "The Bear" tomorrow so, I'm taking Fred and 6 of his closest buddies for a game. As a member, I'm always proud to show off what the course has to offer! We'll be among the first to play the new North 9, which includes the new 132 YD PAR3 to an Island green. SWEET!

I may even take the camera and put some shots up on Monday. Who knows?

We now take you back to your regularily scheduled, Frantic Friday fun!

= = = = = = = =

Jebus I was pissed off yesterday!

Hopefully the owners come to their senses soon and get Bettman :

Nothing worse than a dick-nosed weasel, disturbing a good Frantic Friday thought process!

Last thought on Gary? I say that Asshole's not compitent enough to run the NCL in my humble opinion. And yes! That would be The National :


Alright, enough about needle dick!

Let's get back in focus here!

I need a little push to get me headed back in the right direction kids. Something that'll get my eye back on the prize! Something...... something :

YES! That's it!

Now to combine that with a little hopsy & malty adult beverage, and off we go. Today let's talk about a couple of my favorite subjects :

So grab your favorite :

and then a nice, tasty ice cold :

And for crying out loud kids, remember that I said :

I don't want to hear anyone regailing me with their, "great and totally awesome" beer stories, only to find out it was :

all along!

I'm telling you right now, there is no story you can tell me that I'm going to believe about :

that will start with that water in a can!

That's like telling me that there are no great :

and that shit my friends, that shit just don't fly on a Frantic Friday..... actually, it just never does around here alright!

Let's just say that I'd much rather talk with you about :

than some drivel about "light" beer OK?

So back to the point of this whole exercise, how is it that you like to see your favorite :

I have to admit that I'm pretty fond of this new trend by all of the major corporations around my area this particular :

An awful lot of them have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on studies and surveys, only to come up with what I could have told them the entire time for free!

When you're looking at cost reductions for your business, you should always look deep into the area of :

Nothing tells the high-faluttin' exec's at some huge conglomerate company that you are very serious about saving them money, like a solid and affermitive action plan on :

Seriously! It's well worth the time to investigate and honestly, it's even a fun little project.

Alright kids, I have to run. I'd sit around discussing the three B's with you.....


I said the three B's. Oh for Pete's sake, figure it out yourself!

Like I said, I'm outta' here. I have one of those :

opportunities developing here this weekend.

Like Vegas in December, the rodeo is in my town this weekend. Peb's has introduced me to all her friends that work at being real :

and after we do a little :

at the Ship wrecks out in Georgian Bay, they've promised me that we can have one of my very favorite debates of all time.

These always turn into some of the best heated discussions I've ever had! I love it! Who knew I'd ever have so much fun with one simple question?

Do you prefer the :

or are you someone that would rather enjoy an :

I know that I'll be having fun debating this issue and reviewing the subject matter as often as I can, so hopefully you'll take advantage and get started on the process yourself.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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