Frantic Friday : Back to Back(sides) Edition.... [NSFW]

Since my back and I can't agree on anything comfortable at all, I'll just stay parked on my azz until it can make some kind of decision and stick to it. I swear, my back is one of "those" Females! You know the one? She loves the Blue Dress but then sees it in Red and you just know that there will be hours out of your life that you will never get back, as she decides on which one she likes better.

Thankfully, I no longer know "that" Female, but my back is getting dangerously close to that stupid character trait!

So since we're talking about backs and Females, today we should come to terms with one of the most important laws of any descent Frantic Friday.

I don't think it can be said any better than that, do you? I mean, guy's like us go looking for a nice piece of :

when we start realizing, we have to be honest with ourselves. We really need to take a good look in the :

and see what we can do to offer up a little something of our own, to the ladies that we're after.

Maybe we could do something about that :

we've managed to let go a little too long. It shouldn't take too much to make it go away should it?

Maybe we could combine the excersise with our love of azz and kill two birds with one stone?

NAH ! With our luck, they'd all end up being :

But wait! If they were, maybe they'd let us offer up a :

or dare I say :

Who knows? Maybe if we get involved even in the smallest of ways with these girls, we might find ourselves that one very special piece of :

I mean, it could happen.... right?

Picture this if you can. You're just sitting there on the bed, when there's a knock at the door. You open it and find a :

with some really sweet :

but even better, she's got some well defined :

Naturally, she's wearing some really sexy :

and all you can think about is, what a :

But being the guy you are, something just hits you like :

and you suddenly can't control your inner :

Because it's always been :

of your's, you go and screw up a perfectly good :

by bringing up :


You went and pretty much ruined any chance you were ever going to have, of tapping that :

Now all that's left to you is some Donkey :

'cause that piece of :

that you just about had, just threw your :

ass, a full on :

Dude! You went and did it and now, she be done with you!

All you can do now is try and :

when you'll get another :

from another fine young lass, with her beautiful and :

that can drive any man to :

For now my friend, I highly recommend you stick to what you know best. You keep watching all those :

you've downloaded links to, and I'll go back to playing my new favorite game until your ready.

I'll tell you one thing, this new :

sure has kept me hopping of late! Maybe that helps explain how come my back hurts so much lately?

NAH, can't be !!!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Gadzooks64 said...

Hahahahah! Blockatiel! Hahahahah!

DrChako said...

That first poster should be my new quote:

"...or behaving like one."


Memphis MOJO said...

Keep the Friday posts coming. Don't "back" off.

Ken P said...

Quote from the Pebs:

Yeah, he threw his back out again and yet again I get no benefit from the activity responsible.