Frantic Friday : The Ginger Edition (NSFW) ....

At the request of Tragedy, (and I'm quite certain to AlCantHang's delight!) today's Frantic Friday is all about the Redheads!

Lord knows I didn't stand a chance from a very, very young age. If you really think about it, this kids history is just jam packed with being surrounded by delicious and delightful Gingers.

I mean seriously, don't you think the look on my face in this old family pic,

kinda' says it all!

Hell, even the mother in law's a Ginger!

Even my old family stories were full of Gingers! Both Barney and Fred would take turns recalling the day some smoking hawt Redhead that passed through town for some show, took the time to make their day.

Yes from a very early age, I knew I was destined to fall in love with

So let's get right to it shall we?

Let's Frantic Friday all about the

and let's try to get it right.

If you know anything about me, you'll know I want to do right by you my dear readers. I just can't stand it

In my personal opinion, there's just something special about a

It's actually so bad that when I'm with one,

all I want to do is go back to bed!


Now you know me! I love ALL types, shapes, varieties and sizes of women! It's just who I am and what I do. But to be honest when they come along as a

to me personally, life just

If that's a bad thing, I don't wanna be good!

Just the other day, Peb's and I had one of our very favourite Gingers stop by for a few drinks out back.

Our gal Ena's a totally awesome

that just loves to show off her

Now Ena is also the typical yet totally

and we all know what that means right?

Come on gang.

Redheads = Freckles.

I probably shouldn't do this but because you took the time to drop by my dear reader, I'll take the chance that Ena won't get too upset about these next two pics.

Besides Ena should be so proud of it all anyhow, because when it comes to a smokin'

with freckles,

Peb's and I took turns later in the afternoon and you know what?

Ah Redheads,

don't you?

You know what else I love about Redheads, besides how incredible they look

they also come in all kinds of Redheads.

Strawberry Blonde, brilliant red, fluorescent red and my personal favourite, the

Yes the worlds Redheads are delicious, delectable and one thing will always remain the same,

You just gotta' love that!

Have a great Frantic Friday everyone! Peb's and I are off to a pretty special event this weekend. Another of our buddies Celia, is having a very big day this Saturday. She's finally going to have her

I may have pics next week!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The Josie report....

Well THAT was fun!

Our Golf course actually closed due to water damage potential. Something about floods, animals and arks and some dude named Noah?

Weird shite really!

So I Josied.

Starting table and hands seemed appropriate!

Played every fourth one like aces.
Works like a charm!

Had brudder RIGGS at the table.

I had a player raise my BB or within one either side of it for almost the entire first hour. That same player defended the BB like it was gold. So all-in here, just seemed like a no brainer.

RIGGS and MOJO had quite the battle going on. I know I had no business being in this raise, re-raise pre-flop pot,

but I really hated seeing that chop after the board came out!

A little later on I made a re-raise on my man RIGGS.

He said he layed down J-J there. I'm sure I would've lost so I can only say to him, good fold brudder!

We hit final table after I'd busted about five players. That's about when I was told it was a KO event. Not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer huh?

So now it's basically a free roll.

Final table looked like this.

Josie, RIGGS, Wolfie, CEM, MOJO and PokahDave.
Damn good times right there if you ask me!

Mojo and COOP got away with murder here!

After a raise and shove re-raise I figured both for A-? and that to me, makes the 7-8 a semi-interesting hand based on the amounts bet. I tanked for so long however, even I lost interest in it.


silly Bam-Bam!

Finally thank him, her or it, things returned to normal.
I only had to deal with Bammer,

after Bammer,

after Bammer!

So natch........

I bubbled the beyatch, exactly like I promised RIGGS I'd do in the chat!

So I break even with the KO's.
It ain't easy being THIS good!

Oh and a word to the wise as well son. I'm pretty sure most out there will tell you that I'm about as susceptible to critique during a NLHE game as they come. I also hope that the majority will tell you, I just may have a heart of gold. Listen, "fun" is what you make of it. It's just a fact of life that someone won't be happy when they lose. Words get said and that always means shit will go a'flyin.

Crap! If I woulda' quit at being "the easiest $10 in Poker," WTF would my readers have done without their Frantic Fridays?

I don't know you DB, but I hope to get to.
You'll of course need to grow a set first.
Bitch at me all you want to about that statement.
I'm just sayin' it's a fact of life.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

VeryJosie it is then....

Looks like a pretty high potential for a rain-out in Bedrock tonight. We've had no rain of any value since 2010 started so, who am I to complain?

So go ahead and turn that frown upside down Josie.
Looks like I'm in like Flynn!

“I like my whisky old and my women young.”
~Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn

So I guess we need a new tune now huh?
This one's well worth crankin' up!

See everyone tonight hopefully.
Oh I did register, but the rain won't be chasing me too far away from my game.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


I'll pimp you Josie....

For reason's unknown to me, Josie called me out for not yet having played in one of her games. If I get back from golf in time to play, I'll be there. You should too!

Details can be found HERE.

There you go Josie.

Man, this Pimpin' ain't easy.
Pimpin' tunes, pimpin' tunes?
Oh wait!
There is a Josie appropriate pimpin' tune after all!

Now go do something good would you folks?
If you can find it in your hearts, please stop by and ley JJ know we're all hoping for nothing but the best for Mrs. JJOK.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....