The Josie report....

Well THAT was fun!

Our Golf course actually closed due to water damage potential. Something about floods, animals and arks and some dude named Noah?

Weird shite really!

So I Josied.

Starting table and hands seemed appropriate!

Played every fourth one like aces.
Works like a charm!

Had brudder RIGGS at the table.

I had a player raise my BB or within one either side of it for almost the entire first hour. That same player defended the BB like it was gold. So all-in here, just seemed like a no brainer.

RIGGS and MOJO had quite the battle going on. I know I had no business being in this raise, re-raise pre-flop pot,

but I really hated seeing that chop after the board came out!

A little later on I made a re-raise on my man RIGGS.

He said he layed down J-J there. I'm sure I would've lost so I can only say to him, good fold brudder!

We hit final table after I'd busted about five players. That's about when I was told it was a KO event. Not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer huh?

So now it's basically a free roll.

Final table looked like this.

Josie, RIGGS, Wolfie, CEM, MOJO and PokahDave.
Damn good times right there if you ask me!

Mojo and COOP got away with murder here!

After a raise and shove re-raise I figured both for A-? and that to me, makes the 7-8 a semi-interesting hand based on the amounts bet. I tanked for so long however, even I lost interest in it.


silly Bam-Bam!

Finally thank him, her or it, things returned to normal.
I only had to deal with Bammer,

after Bammer,

after Bammer!

So natch........

I bubbled the beyatch, exactly like I promised RIGGS I'd do in the chat!

So I break even with the KO's.
It ain't easy being THIS good!

Oh and a word to the wise as well son. I'm pretty sure most out there will tell you that I'm about as susceptible to critique during a NLHE game as they come. I also hope that the majority will tell you, I just may have a heart of gold. Listen, "fun" is what you make of it. It's just a fact of life that someone won't be happy when they lose. Words get said and that always means shit will go a'flyin.

Crap! If I woulda' quit at being "the easiest $10 in Poker," WTF would my readers have done without their Frantic Fridays?

I don't know you DB, but I hope to get to.
You'll of course need to grow a set first.
Bitch at me all you want to about that statement.
I'm just sayin' it's a fact of life.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Riggstad said...

I didn't lay down Jacks. I missed calling by about half a second. If you saw me tank and write GL in chat. That meant I intended to call. But a chat box popped up over the call button and it dumped before I had a chance to call. THANKFULLY!

although I would've much rather you get those chips than anyone else.

Oh and yea... Coop needs to grow a pair. I agree

Sean D said...

Don't quit Frantic Friday's. We'll come to Canada and hunt you down for our fix!

Luv ya brother!

lightning36 said...

Hated to miss the tournament but I was focused on the hockey game. I'll try to be at the next one and dole out punishment.

Wolfshead said...

Well played sir, well written

Josie said...

Lightning really seems to be on a punishment kick, eh? I added the "eh" just for you cuz you're canadian. I am TOO nice.

Josie said...


Thanks for playing! and great write up....now who is better at poker than you are??? Come on, say it....VERY JOSIE!! bam! LOL