The 2008 Dream Team....

In my attempts to create a Team Canada for The Rooster's little Golf game at The Bash, I found myself stuck for a fourth. (when someone couldn't make it out for the fun) I have to admit, I was a little more than disappointed that he wasn't available for my own personal Dream Team. Like the very game of Golf itself, this left me scrambling to find a fourth. As any good team captain would, I consulted with the rest of my team and tried to work out a solution.

What we initially came up with was, the need for the Weeeeeeeeeeee factor. Or as DonKaaa so correctly put it, "Any random Blogger, as long as he or she is willing to get stupid with us!" Obviously, that one statement helped open up the range for me just a touch. This got me thinking about where to send out the invitation to the potential honourary TuckFard. Not something to be dealt with lightly you know! There are only a very rare and select few that have made the grade to honourary Tucks. The list is short, yet VERY! un-distinguished. Not one of them has ever disappointed either, since gaining the glam and glitter that is Tuckfard. This puts an immense amount of pressure on me to make the right decision. Then it came to me! Like the chime of the girly chat going off at the arrival of a message, a bell went off in my head.

OK........... it was actually the chime of a message in Girly chat.

"BAM!" was all it said.

This was a friend whom I hadn't had the opportunity to chat with, in a very, very loooooong time. I was thrilled! We went on for sometime, with me leaving all that work related crap for another day. Finally, the discussion worked it's way around to Al's Bash.

Bam : "Hey! You bashing?"
Friend : "Yes"
Friend : "I couldn't miss that"
Bam : "That's great! can't wait to see you then"

We pretty much had to leave it at that for a bit, as apparently the meeting I'd called for all of management was about to start. I had to walk away from the chat and my friend. As I walked upstairs to the boardroom, I found myself frozen at the top step. My mind racing, as I tried desperately to process the information racing through my brain. Our Receptionist asked me a bit later, "why are you an idiot?" as I apparently said it out loud for anyone to hear. I rushed into the meeting and told everyone that I'd just forgotten something downstairs, I'd be right back up.

I flew back down to my office and jumped around to the chair at my desk. Yes!!! My friend was still there.

Bam : Hey? You gonna' be there for the Golf on Friday?
Friend : I think so
Bam : You wanna' golf with me, Carson and DonKaaa?
Friend : Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Bam : I take it that's a maybe?
Friend : I'm there!

So I'd found the Weeeeeeee factor for our foursome. So I give to you dear readers, the latest entry in a very select group of honourary TuckFards.

The Brack Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedow of Gorf!
My own personal, Michelle Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

This just seems so natural now! I mean, after sharing so many wonderful times and experiences together, (including a smokin' hot young lady, "dancing" for the two of us) why not share a Golf cart too! If anyone out there knows what it means to be Tuckfard, CK should. She's got a great head start on most, having seen us in our natural state and natural environment. (read : bombed in a strip joint!) And there really is that Weeeeeeeeee factor we were looking for.

Wercome to the crub CK! You are once again running with the Tucks.
May Heaven have mercy on your soul....... (and Liver)..... my friend.

I know one thing for certain, this could get messy!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Scotch don't last that long in Bedrock....

Just for my boys Bay and DonKaaa,
I offer up the new smash country hit……..

Scotch don’t last that long in Bedrock.
Sung to the tune of All My Ex’s, by the great George Straight.
(if you're not familiar with it, you can listen here)

Scotch don’t last that long in Bedrock.
But Bedrock is the place that you’d be finding me.
But Scotch don’t last that long in Bedrock.
And that's why I have some stashed away for me.

Glenfiddich of a 12yr. age; on a shelf outside the room,
Something clean, like a nice 18; get’s me howling at the moon,
And Claymore out from old Braymore; somehow I got for free,
And that Glen I’ve had since who knows when; somehow always gets to me.

Scotch don’t last that long in Bedrock.
But Bedrock is the place that you’d be finding me.
But Scotch don’t last that long in Bedrock.
And that's why I have some stashed away for me.

I remember that old Livet bottle, tucked behind the Gin.
And it brings to mind another kind, I’ve got hidin’ in a bin.
Like good old friends we know and love, I have a beer each night,
But I always head back to The Macallan, long before daylight.

Scotch don’t last that long in Bedrock.
But Bedrock is the place that you’d be finding me.
But Scotch don’t last that long in Bedrock.
And that's why I have some stashed away for me.

Some folks think I ran out,
It's been rumoured that I did,
But it’s all stashed away now just for me.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


Scotch bottles empty, my pick-up is dead....

Ah Tuesday morning! It always means the same thing, TuckFard Poker is over for another week. Last nights games as always, featured our Honourary TuckFards, muhctim and Baywolf. Always great to see those two! Of course the regular crowd of TuckFards were out and even my favorite pair 'o' T's, Total_Tilt and jony2pair managed to find the time to come out and play. Also great to see them out for the fun as well. By some miracle of the card Gods, (read I folded a LOT!) I managed to make it past break in the NLHE game and I was even in 3rd place in chips. No clue how, no clue why? But like I always say, weirder things have happened. It was at break that our HORSE game also got under way.

On a side note, that 8:00pm HORSE game always sees a much smaller field than I expect. If you're around on any given Monday night and have $3.50 burning a virtual hole in your FullTilt account, you really should try and stop by for the fun. Maybe it could be a warm up for the LPRT that starts at 9:OOpm? Just a thought.


In the NLHE, I pretty much just cruised along with about an average or maybe slightly above, chip stack. Then two stubborn heads collided. Mine, and jony2pairs. UTG I made a 5x raise with pocket 8's. It folded around to jony and he tanked and tanked. Now jony's a notorious blind protecter, so seeing his final decision to min-re-raise me was not that out of the ordinary. I figured I'd let him know I had a hand worth a little sumpin-sumpin, and made it the full pot to go back at him. This committed me to the hand for certain, but jony's range here is pretty damn wide from my past experiences. After about 2 seconds worth of thought, he jams his entire stack into the center. "I guess I'm racing" I said to Peb's and I made the call, despite him having me covered by tons. Now I know I said I figured his range there to be pretty wide, but when he flips up A-3 off-suit..... Well, that still doesn't really register to me. He's chip leader, it cost him over 3/4 of his stack to race a player who's played 5% of the hands total and only shown hands like K-K, A-A and flopped boats. Needless to say, my 70% chance was no match for the 30 % monster and I'm out in 6th. in the TuckFard I. Congrats to Total_Tilt for taking it down.

There was some great chat as always in that game, including the fact that I may need to write me a Country song in the near future. Myself, DonKaaa and Bay were having a little fun, when this gem of a discussion popped up.

Bam-Bam: Hey Scotch drinkers.....
Bam-Bam: Aberlour
Bam-Bam: it's only a 10 yr. old.... but aged to perfection!
Baywolf: You should just undo the top and smell it. Then put it away for 40 yrs.
DonKaaa: Scotch don't last that long in Bedrock
Baywolf: LOL
Baywolf: That should be a song.

So who knows? Maybe there's something I should give a little thought.
I am pretty good with lyrics! ;)

HORSE was the same as it always is. In the LHE, I sit and wait. In the Omatard, I sit and wait. Then I rack up chips with premium hands in the RAZZ, STUD and STUD H/L. Then I sit and wait some more. I did have DonKaaa all in for peanuts at one of the Omatard levels, only to have his four spades improve to a pair of Aces for the double up. I think I had about 78% of the deck that could make something just a little bit better than that but alas, it just wasn't his time to go. I made a bad play in one LHE hand and another in Omatard late in the game. Neither worked out in my favour and they cost me a few too many chips. I was back to waiting. Eventually however, waiting takes it's toll and despite making it deep into this event as well, I was out with a wimper. I see brudder Carson managed to take it down for another Monday night win. Congrats! And DonKaaa, DUDE!!!! You are still and will probably always be, THE BEST SHORT STACK PLAYER I KNOW! From 75 chips to second! Nice.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Am I a hippie magnet....

My attempts at staying away from Poker all weekend were.....uh,
futile at best! Friday night I scored a win in an 18 player NLHE SnG and made a little bit of profit. I also went to "the office" and tore it up HUGE! That of course means, more $ to spend in Donkeyland. So spend I did! I even ran into muhc late that night, and that meant some donk-foolery of near epic proportions in a 90 player SnG.

I actually did take Saturday off, as peb's and I disappeared a little further up North to Cottage Country. We had a great time at the Brother and Sister in-law's water access only cottage. There's something to be said for a place where the only way to get there is by water. What can be said for certain is, there's no freakin' "people" around anywhere. That helps make it one of my favorite places to visit. ;o)

I had plans to get back in time to enter into the Brit Bloggerment and as it worked out, I had about 15 minutes to spare. With about 1 minute remaining, I was out of the shower and had a good Scotch in hand and I was all ready to go. The table opens up and the greetings start just like they always do. I take the time to look around and see who made it out for the game and low and behold, there's BAM-BAM! in the chat box. Then, I see the all too familiar hippie in his zebra skin hat.
Alcanthang !

Luckily for Al, we've sort of been 'magnetized' when it comes to events we've both entered. Finding each other at tables in 12 player, 50 player or even 519 player games over the last few weeks. The man's been lucky enough to enjoy the pleasure of my company several times over the last few weeks. Oh that, AND getting to see me donk off my chips in spectacular fashion. Good times..... good times!

So in the Brit game, everything was going according to plan. I took a small hit for about a quarter of my stack, when I think I made the right read and folded TPTK on a way to flushy/straighty looking board after the river. Then I went on the fold anything and it'll hit run. You know that feeling right?

Al took this pot with a bet on the flop. I think I might have had something for him, if I was a duck-duck kinda guy.

After the pre-flop bet and then checking it all the way down, of course A-5 took this pot.

***edit*** To be correct and all after a review of the actual HH, and in fairness to Al. My demise in the game actually came at the hands of the all-knowing and all seeing hippie, when his pocket 10's turned into a set and my pair of 8's hit their two-outer on the river. As Al said one more time in less than a week........ oofa!

Ah well, still good times. For $5, the Brit Bloggerment is always a good time. It's not that easy for me to make it out on a Sunday at 4:00 EST, but I'll continue to be there every chance I get. They're good folks and the poker and banter, are always good for a laugh.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....