Am I a hippie magnet....

My attempts at staying away from Poker all weekend were.....uh,
futile at best! Friday night I scored a win in an 18 player NLHE SnG and made a little bit of profit. I also went to "the office" and tore it up HUGE! That of course means, more $ to spend in Donkeyland. So spend I did! I even ran into muhc late that night, and that meant some donk-foolery of near epic proportions in a 90 player SnG.

I actually did take Saturday off, as peb's and I disappeared a little further up North to Cottage Country. We had a great time at the Brother and Sister in-law's water access only cottage. There's something to be said for a place where the only way to get there is by water. What can be said for certain is, there's no freakin' "people" around anywhere. That helps make it one of my favorite places to visit. ;o)

I had plans to get back in time to enter into the Brit Bloggerment and as it worked out, I had about 15 minutes to spare. With about 1 minute remaining, I was out of the shower and had a good Scotch in hand and I was all ready to go. The table opens up and the greetings start just like they always do. I take the time to look around and see who made it out for the game and low and behold, there's BAM-BAM! in the chat box. Then, I see the all too familiar hippie in his zebra skin hat.
Alcanthang !

Luckily for Al, we've sort of been 'magnetized' when it comes to events we've both entered. Finding each other at tables in 12 player, 50 player or even 519 player games over the last few weeks. The man's been lucky enough to enjoy the pleasure of my company several times over the last few weeks. Oh that, AND getting to see me donk off my chips in spectacular fashion. Good times..... good times!

So in the Brit game, everything was going according to plan. I took a small hit for about a quarter of my stack, when I think I made the right read and folded TPTK on a way to flushy/straighty looking board after the river. Then I went on the fold anything and it'll hit run. You know that feeling right?

Al took this pot with a bet on the flop. I think I might have had something for him, if I was a duck-duck kinda guy.

After the pre-flop bet and then checking it all the way down, of course A-5 took this pot.

***edit*** To be correct and all after a review of the actual HH, and in fairness to Al. My demise in the game actually came at the hands of the all-knowing and all seeing hippie, when his pocket 10's turned into a set and my pair of 8's hit their two-outer on the river. As Al said one more time in less than a week........ oofa!

Ah well, still good times. For $5, the Brit Bloggerment is always a good time. It's not that easy for me to make it out on a Sunday at 4:00 EST, but I'll continue to be there every chance I get. They're good folks and the poker and banter, are always good for a laugh.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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