Just along for the ride are we....

I've always believed that nature itself is perhaps, the ultimate battlefield. This theory of course is due in no small part to us humans, as we take her for granted and use and abuse our privileges given. Hardly ever stopping to recognize the destruction we cause, until it's far too late as always. No move by mankind is insignificant either! The levelling of a 100,000 acre forest seems to have no less impact on the planet than say, letting hundreds of thousands of gallons of crude oil out into the open sea. Animals will die immediately of course, but some will suffer a slow and painful death in either of these situations. Activists trying to be good human souls will of course protest. "Save the animals" they'll bellow to all that would listen. Yes of course! We should all stop what we're doing to "save the animals."

Because we consider ourselves capable and yet far, FAR worse clever, we'll bore holes into this flying rock of ours until there's nowhere else to drill. We'll look up as well and quite knowingly, create a hole in a protective layer of atmosphere we've just recently discovered. All for the sake of convenience to our species in a variety of ways critical to our needs. Say from personal hygiene, to travel.

What makes this ironic for me is, these clever ones were brought up through an education system that preached nothing but the brilliance of Newton.

"To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction."

Yet the drive for money driven by greed is cleverly disguised, as a quest for knowledge and necessity. Claimed to be for man kinds very survival on this earth. Perhaps they are very clever? They do seem to have the vast majority of idiots doing what they can to hold the dirt down to the ground, fooled into a common state of blase faire. Very clever indeed!

In just twelve short hours around these parts we've experienced;

An Earthquake.
A Tornado.
A Thunderstorm, that happened to drop 4 1/2 inches of rain in less than half an hour.

None of which for the record, is remotely natural to Bedrock.

Nostradamus effect my ass!
Unless of course, Nostradamus just happened to also be one of those clever people.

"Save the animals" indeed!
What I want to know is, who the hell is going to save humanity from all of the clever people?

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Perhaps a good day....

I don't know what it is exactly, that has me looking so forward to a great day today.

Perhaps it was the subtle nuance of HOPE


that greeted me as I first went outside.

Whatever the reason is, perhaps it just may be a pretty good day today.

A day where I may just have to un-retire, and find myself back amongst the lucky working stiffs.

I could certainly live with that!

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Get 'er in on the river....

Father's Day I slept in until 8:00am.

I was only awake because of the shriek of delight that came from the office area downstairs.

"I was trying to decide how much he'd call, then he jammed me all-in on the river!"

Just another day in the poker life of my Peb's!

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