Defining Canadian....

You just won an Olympic Gold Medal in Skeleton Jon,

what's next for a used car salesman and auctioneer with a maple leaf tattooed over his heart?

“Well I’ve got doping, then I hope a beer"

Fuckin' EH !

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Frantic Friday : The New Wheels Edition....(NSFW)

Normally with the big news conference coming up with Tiger, I'd stay in and laugh at whatever he could possibly have to say. I can't wait to hear how he thinks this little speech is going to dig him out of the giant

he's dug for himself!

I mean let's face it, the dudes got some serious

But once they announced that he was too chicken shit to face all of the tough questions that the media would want to ask him, I just didn't care about it at all anymore. So Tiger gets caught playing

nine at a couple or more new courses, who cares if he isn't man enough to face up to it and face the media when it's going to be hard on him? Not me!

I'm going to spend the day doing something useful. I'm off to see my buddy the

to see if I can find a new set of wheels.

Well not NEW exactly, but new to me.

My bud told me that there's a gently

little beauty on the lot right now.

Said it's got almost everything I'm looking for too! It's painted in

one of my all time favourite colours!

Also said it had some kind of funky interior that I'm going to love.

I just hope "funky" doesn't mean some crazy

crap or anything weird like that.

There are a couple of things that worry me about the vehicle though, considering it's age.

I'm a huge believer in

and hopefully, this baby's got'em.

Based on our law up here, I also have to worry about

and what it'll be worth to make that happen for this classic.

I imagine some of you out there not from around these parts, are wondering why the hell is he worried about the damn

Well you see, it's the law that all new vehicles produced for this country come with automatic

as a safety feature.

I guess someone, somewhere in the think tank that always costs me money, has decided to put forth a bill to government that will make it retroactive to the classics.

Personally I see no reason to do it at all, but I don't write the laws. It's never been proven that having your lights on in the daytime, in any way helps stop accidents from happening.

They might as well introduce a bill mandating that you wear

when you drive. It's just as ludicrous in my mind!

So the damn things might be required, although they are not exactly

for stopping accidents or anything. That means they will cost a lot of people a whack of cash, just to figure out how to install them.

Well I'm off to see this beast, wish me luck.

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2010 Winter Olympics; The review....

I have dozens of reasons why I'm proud to call my man RIGGS Brudder. The main one however is his ability to see through a lot of the crap out there, and then give an honest and fact based review of most any situation. So here in my little corner of all things intertuble, I thought I'd really try and do the same.

The 2010 Winter Olympics are well underway and one thing is for absolute certain, there is NO shortage of opinions or perspectives on everything that's gone on to date. That of course is always going to happen, when one country puts itself out there for the rest to judge. Fortunately or unfortunately, that's just human nature. Typically that's what gives us all some shit to talk about around the water cooler the next day. So I think I'll start at the beginning, and then I'll try to pick a few highlights as I go along my way through to today.

The opening ceremonies -

Someone else said it better than I could have ever dreamed of doing!

I will add this one thought though. Watching 60,000 people rise as one to salute the team from Georgia for continuing on in the Olympic spirit despite the loss of a friend and fellow competitor, was pretty damn tough. It hit a spot deep in my heart that until that exact moment, I'd been unaware of it's presence within me.

Death at The Luge -

I guess this was what the World will remember as the real beginning of the 2010 games isn't it. In a way that's a little sad as it reflects on the glory of the games themselves but honestly, it should be that way. Let it serve as a stark reminder to each of us, just how short our time on this planet truly could be. I know some will have an issue with my perspective on his passing but if you want to really know what I think, here it is....

Nodar Kumaritashvili was living his ultimate dream, right up until his death. I think his passing was tragic because of his FAR too young age of 21 but in reality, how many times have you told someone you know, "When I go, I hope it's doing something I truly love."

I'd also like to remind those that want to pick on the Canadian track officials for making it unsafe, or those that think the International Luge Federation did something wrong, ATHLETES DIE IN SPORTS! Give your heads a shake right now and please, remember that one simple fact. For those of you with tunnel vision or incredibly shortened memories due to the tragedy of this event, I offer you a little study material as a quick reminder that ALL sports are dangerous.

Here's the current list of Athletes that have died in their careers. Now of course there are dozens of "car crash" and "drug overdose" deaths in there but as you review it, I think you'll be surprised to remember how many of those deaths were related to the sport itself.

Nodar became the sixth athlete killed during an Olympic event, all of them while performing in the sport they truly loved. I hate it for each of them, I really do. BUT.... I feel way worse for the innocent Austrian Team Doctor killed in a freak Ski accident back in 1988 during the games. I would also ask you to honestly reflect on this. How can we compare the death of an athlete choosing to fly down a hill of ice at 144 KPH on what amount to two razor blades, to those killed in the Munich Massacre in 1972?

A death in the Olympics is a terrible accident but precluded very clearly, by the last line in The Olympic Athletes Oath. "For the glory of sport and the honor of our teams."

R.I.P. Nodar

Our first Gold medal on home soil -

I can't begin to imagine what it would have felt like, to be sitting there live while it happened. I nearly offed myself with a celebration here in the basement of the cave. Then the real story started to evolve. No grandstanding, 'look at me, I'm the greatest' or 'wow, I'm going to be filthy rich now that I've done it' attitude. There wasn't even a smug look that told the world, 'I knew I was going to win this thing.' No, not this time. This time you see, a Canadian won the Gold.

Young Alexandre Bilodeau added to the definition of what it truly is to be Canadian. It's said that you can always tell the Canadian in any crowd. They'll be the one standing perfectly still in a busy spot, as they get bumped into buy a stranger in a rush to get somewhere else at the time. The Canadian will be the one apologizing for the contact!

When asked about what it meant for him to be the first ever Canadian to win on home soil, Master Bilodeau spoke with National pride about his teams chances to open the floodgate for the rest of the games. He told the world how proud he was of the strength of his team and how his teammates, had made the experience complete for him during these games.

"It's just the beginning, I think," Bilodeau said. "There are so many Canadians coming up in the other sports. … I'll be in the stands cheering for them."

When it came time for the second Gold medal, it was done right once again. Maelle Ricker became the first woman to win Gold on home soil and just as young Alexandre did, Maelle did our nation proud. When given the opportunity by a reporter to take a shot at fellow competitor Lindsey Jacobellis for her poor result in the Olympics again, her quote of

"It was really, really hard today to get a clean run all the way down the course, but I just held on and did my best."

made my heart swell with pride.

Well done to each of them, for getting the ball on the roll.

Despite getting those two Gold medals into this review, I am not ALL about the medals when it comes to events like the Olympics. Yes they are great and I for one will not be afraid to celebrate them with our athletes. But in all honesty I cheer just as loud for a Canadian that finishes 36 in the Biathlon, with a new personal best time or score. To me, that is what these games represent. Doing the best you can when the moment comes to do so. But you don't have to be Canadian for this household to get behind you. To me that is the Olympic spirit and if I get the opportunity to scream at the top of my lungs for Dachhiri Sherpa from Nepal during his Cross Country event, be damned sure I'll be doing it. The athletes, the Olympics and more importantly, the true meaning behind the Olympic spirit, fully deserve at least that much respect to me.

Speaking of respect, there is one last thing I'd like to mention.

This in my opinion,

was a great way to have fun with the whole team spirit image, that every nation tries to exemplify during the games.

This on the other hand,

looks like a kid at the local bunny hill, thinking about doing his first air to fakie.

Thousands upon thousands of dollars go into each Olympic Teams every single move and the best the Americans could come with is, "Let's make them look like jeans?"

So there you have it for now kids, that's my $0.02 worth.
Have at it!

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Bammer ad infinitum....

ad infinitum -

to infinity; endlessly; without limit.

All I need to remember now is.....

Was it the 3s - 9c,

or was it the 3c - 9s?

No no, I'm pretty sure it was the 3s - 9c!

But you're right! It might have been the 3c - 9s

Maybe I just remember it being the 3s - 9c?

Ya see, I was right!

Maybe you were confused with the 3d - 9c hand?

No silly, not THAT one! This one.

Listen, I know it can get a bit confusing and all, but try to pay attention would you? That's the second time you got the hands all mixed up.

What? You don't remember the last time?

I do! You confused the 3c - 9h

for the 9h - 3c!

Thankfully though, that wasn't quite as bad as that time you 'effed up those other two starting hands remember?

Ah yes it seems like only yesterday to me, when you were sure you were seeing the 9h - 3d

and all the while, you really held the 9d - 3h!

Like you, I think it's way easier to remember it when they come in two colours. When that I happens I always remember them. Like this little beauty the 9s - 3h

or also known as one of my all time faves in the game, the Bammer beauty!

Just look at the curves on that babe!

Honestly, we all know I wouldn't know what to do with a half decent hand anyways right? Take this all-in on the flop Donkey move I made for example.

( Your $1 is uuuuhhhhh...... in the mail. Ya, that's it )

I'm going to go back into training, in order to get better at this game. Training for me though, is seeing exactly how Peb's is holding the mouse when she gets crap like this to happen all the time.

There has to be a secret that I'm missing out on, when you can get two pair to make a call of $1200 on the river of THAT board!

But until I learn what it is, I guess I'll just *sigh ad infinitum.

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