Frantic Friday : The New Wheels Edition....(NSFW)

Normally with the big news conference coming up with Tiger, I'd stay in and laugh at whatever he could possibly have to say. I can't wait to hear how he thinks this little speech is going to dig him out of the giant

he's dug for himself!

I mean let's face it, the dudes got some serious

But once they announced that he was too chicken shit to face all of the tough questions that the media would want to ask him, I just didn't care about it at all anymore. So Tiger gets caught playing

nine at a couple or more new courses, who cares if he isn't man enough to face up to it and face the media when it's going to be hard on him? Not me!

I'm going to spend the day doing something useful. I'm off to see my buddy the

to see if I can find a new set of wheels.

Well not NEW exactly, but new to me.

My bud told me that there's a gently

little beauty on the lot right now.

Said it's got almost everything I'm looking for too! It's painted in

one of my all time favourite colours!

Also said it had some kind of funky interior that I'm going to love.

I just hope "funky" doesn't mean some crazy

crap or anything weird like that.

There are a couple of things that worry me about the vehicle though, considering it's age.

I'm a huge believer in

and hopefully, this baby's got'em.

Based on our law up here, I also have to worry about

and what it'll be worth to make that happen for this classic.

I imagine some of you out there not from around these parts, are wondering why the hell is he worried about the damn

Well you see, it's the law that all new vehicles produced for this country come with automatic

as a safety feature.

I guess someone, somewhere in the think tank that always costs me money, has decided to put forth a bill to government that will make it retroactive to the classics.

Personally I see no reason to do it at all, but I don't write the laws. It's never been proven that having your lights on in the daytime, in any way helps stop accidents from happening.

They might as well introduce a bill mandating that you wear

when you drive. It's just as ludicrous in my mind!

So the damn things might be required, although they are not exactly

for stopping accidents or anything. That means they will cost a lot of people a whack of cash, just to figure out how to install them.

Well I'm off to see this beast, wish me luck.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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