The "real" story of how I became a pro....

June 30, 2010

Looking back at it now, it all seems like just yesterday. It’s actually surrealistic to think that I participated in the Aussie Millions presented by Full Tilt Poker over 2 years ago.
I was going to write about my most recent life altering event, and how so much has changed for me because of the big win at the WSOP. But winning my second bracelet in the 2010, $250,000 H.O.R.S.E. event, isn’t what’s changed me. My new life began thanks to the charity of the fine folks at Full Tilt. That, and the valuable lessons learned from playing against some of the finest players in the world down under that year.

I remember putting our carry-on stuff up in the overhead, and then taking our seats on the plane. “Visiting family?” came from under the hat in the seat next to me. “No,” I said, “We’re on the trip of a lifetime. Going down under to play some poker.” After a little settling in and grabbing my beloved Pebbles hand to hold, I took the time to see whom the comment had come from. I offered my typically Canadian, “Nice to meet you, I’m Bam-Bam and this is my wife Pebbles, and you are?” “Chris.” was the reply.
“Jesus!” I exclaimed. “Yeah, I’ve been known to go by that one too.” he offered with a chuckle. And so started the amazing journey that would eventually change my life for the better. Back there in January of 2008, Pebbles and I were headed on the ultimate ‘free roll,’ and on a plane ride with ‘Jesus.’ Talk about an epic journey and with the co-pilot seemingly from heaven, what a way to go.

Chris, (*note* even after two years, it still seems peculiar to call him that) was perfect for the job of getting me acclimated to my future surroundings. Not just the poker, I’d played enough at various levels that the poker could be considered a no-brainer. But to the media circus, the scheduling nightmares, the parties and the pitfalls that can break down even the calmest of demeanors if you let them. We discussed every step to be taken, right up to the start of the event. It was advice and help that I will never forget and probably more so, never be able to properly pay back. He even went as far as to not only introduce Pebbles to Jennifer(Harman), but he put us in a cab-pool with her to the hotel. He knew she was staying at the luxurious Crown Casino Resort as well. That was where we were being put up in style by those fine people at Full Tilt. “They’ve got a lot in common and well, Jenn’s a good person.” Said Chris, as he shut the cab door. “Jenn’s been here a few times too. She’ll help your wife settle down and get comfortable around these parts.” were his parting words as we began to pull away.

Truer words were probably never spoken. To say they hit it off instantly, would be like saying poker’s popularity has grown a little over the last few years. The discussions between Jennifer and Pebbles were brilliant. Let me make this perfectly clear, Pebbles is no ‘ shop-a-palooza let the man play for money and bring it home’ kind of girl. Once Jennifer started picking up on Pebbles ‘player-speak,’ they were two peas in a pod. Inseparable and sometimes, (sorry girls) insufferable. For a while there even though the ride to the Crown was short, I thought they were going to break out a game right then and there to discuss strategies. Jenn’s early departure from the Aussie Millions by way of a case card suck-out, would have normally caused any sane player to get an earlier flight home to get away from such a brutal defeat. Not our Jenn. She stayed and kept us company for the remainder of the week. Her being there with Pebbles on the rail was not just a calming influence for my lovely wife, but a sentiment that means as much to me and is as greatly appreciated, as almost anything that has ever happened in my poker career. To this day Jennifer, Marco, Pebbles and I all stay in touch on a regular basis. Some of my favorite times are during the Canadian Poker Challenge, where Jenn and Marco represent team Full Tilt in the event. They have stayed with us up north for the week preceding the event and it’s during that time that we try our best to pay back Jennifer’s Aussie Millions generosity, by taking them out to do whatever they want. Fishing! Of all the available activities there are to do in the most beautiful part of God’s green earth, Jennifer and Marco just want to go fishing. There are many, many stories here from the last two years we’ve made these trips. They however, will have to wait for another day. (and I might need special permission from Marco to tell a couple!)
I’d better get back to the meat of the story though.

The knowledge I gained during day #1 of the 2008 Aussie Millions was incredible. I fully expected what I think we all would have expected in the same situation. Consummate professionals making amazing plays. I actually remember my last sober thought before the cards hit the felt for the very first time, “Just like on T,V. Bam-Bam. Just like you see on T.V.” I also remember very quickly coming to the conclusion that there’s a really good reason why, you don’t see every hand from an event on T.V. Actually there were two good reasons.
1) It’s ridiculously boring watching fold, fold, call, raise, fold, fold, fold and chip stacking.
2) There are also players starting in these events, that are not very um…. T.V. friendly shall we say. Some of them can put on quite a bad beat show in the very early stages.

But I did honestly learn a little bit about everything that was going on. I also learned a little about myself, and that my game is not all that bad. I didn’t have any amazing or exceptionally memorable hands on day #1. Except of course, for that first pot drag. Trying to compare dragging in your first decent pot of a major event like the Aussie Millions to anything else, is well futile, if you really love poker. There’s nothing like it. The wink the dealer gives you, because he’s seen it before and he knows that that was your major event virginity that just flew out the window. The look of disdain and horror on your opponents face, as he realizes that you just caught him making a move on your pot. Even better, you made him show everyone. The look of minimal respect, but respect still the same, from others at the table the next time you reach for chips. Every facet of that first big pot is something that will never be forgotten. I was fortunate enough to have one of the true gentlemen of the game at my table on day #1. Having Allen Cunningham smile and say, “Nice Job. I’ll take the next one OK?” made the memory even grander than it should have been.

Day #2 brought a slightly more difficult table my way. My draw was the 5 seat and on my right, I had Mike Matasow. To my immediate left, sat Howard Lederer. As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, Gus also managed to get in on this “table of doom” as the good Dr. put it. Luckily, Change 100 drew the assignment of covering our table so, at least I had a friendly face around to keep me motivated. Change and Pauly were doing a lot of tournament coverage back in those days. I’m not to sure what they’re up to these days though. Ever since that book of his topped the best seller’s list for a little over a year, Pauly and Change haven’t surfaced much in the poker circles. Rumour is, they decided on a sweet little retirement destination that Hemingway used to own, somewhere down in Key West. I’ll have to see if I can find them the next time I go for my annual binge/break with Al. If anyone can find anyone in “The Key,” it’s Al. Anyhow, back to day #2. I stayed just slightly above average in chips for most of the day, and managed to avoid too many confrontations with “the big boy’s.” That changed when Clonie was moved to our table. She didn’t have much more than her original stack when she came over, and it seemed like she was going to take a run at building that stack up now that she was with us. I got a run of cards that rightfully earned me full “card-rack” status. Clonie would act and I would manage to find interesting cards everytime. The end for her and the start of a decent rise in chips for me came, when Clonie decided to make a stand with pocket king’s. I had a tough decision calling her all in but, I saw the ace–king suited and had a pretty good feeling about them. Once Clonie flipped up her kings, that feeling went away. I remember the look on her face as an ace came right in the door. It really didn’t help that the other two cards ran me a chance at both the flush and a gut shot straight draw. Hell, the queen of spades would’ve given her a straight too! It just would’ve given me the royal! She was down to any queen except, the queen of spades. Nothing else came to help her and, I’d taken out my first “big” name player. I ended day #2 pretty happy with my game and, around the top 50’ish in chips. An added bonus to the day’s events was, Chris was still in the game. He was chip leader for most of the day from what I had heard. I ran into him as we were leaving for the night so I asked him if he was hungry. We went out for a few ‘pops’ and a bite to eat. I won $150 off of him in a turbo Chinese Poker game while we waited. So, I bought dinner.

Day#3 as everyone knows, was a total disaster for me. It was my fault though. Right from the moment I saw my draw, I was down on my possibilities of going any further. I was in a bad place, and that’s not good in this world. Drawing a seat at the T.V. table alone would have been enough to send most players squirming. But to draw that group was like something out of a Stephen King horror novel for me. Picture it if you can. You are on the greatest ride of you life, and it’s all free thanks to Full Tilt. You are playing some of the best poker in your life and you want it to continue. You take your spot in the 1 seat at the T.V. table, as the TD tells the crowd that you are an “amateur, who got in by way of a writing contest.” Nice ! That’s not the end though, do you remember? Seats 2 to 9 were filled with what basically was left of Team Full Tilt.

Juanda, Gordon, Ivey, Seidel, Bloch, EDOG, Matasow and just for good measure, Chris! I had no real reason to be nervous, as I was playing pretty damn good poker to get to this point, but that didn’t matter anymore. I let it get to me and I made some pretty bad “T.V. table” moves. I was lucky my event didn’t end in the first ½ hour that day. At the first break I remember Eric asking me, “was that how you got all those chips in the first two days?” I actually broke out in laughter. I think that one comment helped get me out of the funk I was in. Eric brought me back into the game by making me feel comfortable. Like I’ve said many times before, there really is no reason to get all nervous about who your playing with. It just took me longer that particular day, to realize it for myself. Once I got comfortable and was able to get back on my game, things went a little smoother. Taking Phil Gordon out by means of a pretty well hidden straight against his TPTK, was the only big hand I actually got involved in after the first break. It was nice that the other Phil came along for part of the ride there too! That pot brought me back up to just about normal. It was going to take something pretty exciting to help me gain back all the chips I donked off in that first hour. I just couldn’t see it happening with this crew and of course, it didn’t. When we were about to be broken down to the last two tables, I was sitting in about 11th. in chips out of the 18 players that remained. A decision was made to stop the game for the night. We would re-draw for seating and resume play the next afternoon. I remember how good that break felt. I was exhausted. I don’t get too much sleep on the best of nights but you know what? I slept like a log that night.

The best thing that happened all of Day #4 for me? It was when I was announced to the crowd again. This time, it felt like I belonged. I was no longer some fantasy prize winner that knew how to put s few words down on paper. This time, This time it was differant. Johny,(the TD) introduced me as Bam-Bam the player. I shook hands with, and was standing tall along side of, 17 of the best professional poker players in the world. What a rush! Play started very frenetically because of some of the chip sizes, or lack there of. It was the other table where we kept hearing “all-in” over and over again. It was catching. Gus started it at our table and was eliminated by Phil Ivey. The other table lost two players on the very next hand. The blinds and antes were massive if you didn’t have a monster stack of chips. Every pot was worth fighting over if you could manage it. I was fortunate to have a good stack when those 9-3 off suits kept finding their way into my hands. I never will understand how those cards can dog me no matter where I am, or what year it is. I heard an announcement for a break and wanted to get outside for some fresh air. I did a quick count of my stack and took a quick glance at the other stacks on the tables. I was going to be OK for a while. It never even donned on me how many stacks it was that I counted. As I lit my smoke it hit me. “I think I just counted a total of 8 stacks plus mine” I actually said out loud. (to no one in particular) I’ll be honest, I almost fainted right then. It was close, really close. As I sat down to take in all that this had meant to me, a hand tapped my shoulder and I heard, “mind if I join you?”
It was Chris. “When you said you were coming down under to play some poker, you damn well meant it didn’t you!” he said with a grin. “I guess I did, didn’t I,” was all I could say.

We all know I didn’t win, but the next best thing that could have happened did. Having Chris beat me heads up in the end seemed….. well,….. right. He played good enough to win and I didn’t. The help and support he gave me going in to this monumental task, was paid back by justice. He had a run on me at exactly the right time, and I had no weapons to fire back at him. It was one of the longest head’s up battles in Aussie Millions history, and it seems like it made for really entertaining television. I watched that 1 hour special again, about a week before the WSOP started this year. It helps get me fired up even to this day.

About three months ago when Jake from Full Tilt stopped by and asked me about being a Full Tilt Team Member, I only had one thing to say. “December 2, 2007.” He looked at me quizzically and asked, “What?” “December 2, 2007 was the day you e-mailed me about going to the 2008 Aussie Millions.” I said. You see, Jake used to be in Full Tilt’s promotions department. I still have that e-mail up on the wall in my play room. Jake was the one that gave me the news that I had won that writing contest. Now in his new position, Jake was the one inviting me to join the team. I told him that for everything Full Tilt Poker had done for me, I would be honoured to represent them. My new goal going into 2011 is simple. I want to make them happy and proud that they decided to ask me to join the team. I want to represent Full Tilt in the best possible manner. Just like ‘Jesus’ has done.

So you see, the second bracelet isn’t so spectacular when you really think about it. I’ll put a little blurb together about that another day. But if you consider the thought that Full Tilt gave me an opportunity to live a life I otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to, by sending a poker playing writer on the free trip of a lifetime, it boggles the mind that I am where I am today. Now that’s a spectacular story. And it’s all thanks to Full Tilt Poker. (and they thought they were just sending me on a little trip)



The above was written as my entry into the Full Tilt 'write your way in' contest.

I really want to go bad................... so I tried to write good!

If you'll excuse me now, I have a Mookie to win tonight, and a Riverchasers to win tomorrow. Friday, I might just jump head first into Kat's Donkement. I won enough Monday in The TuckFard Open that I think I can afford to play in all three again this week !


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Truly meant for one..... but willing to share....

It was just another day in my life. Typical for me back in the day, I was alone and looking for a game. Back then I was a decent player, about a 3 or 4 handicap. Games were sometimes hard to come by. There were others that would gladly take me on, but none of them were around at that time. What usually happened was I’d have to watch for a twosome or threesome to come in, or come through between #9 and the 10th. hole. I would always try and join up, so at least I’d be hitting the ball.

As luck would have it, I saw a threesome coming off of #9. To make things even better, I was familiar with two of the players. Both ladies were such dear and sweet seniors, and they would always invite me to join them at any chance. One was a serious golfer in her hey day. Now she strikes the ball clean and crisp as always, but the distance has long since gone. As with most seniors however, her score would come from an incredible short game. Anything within 20 yards of the green, was going to get up and down for par. The other, was there for the shear enjoyment and exercise that an 18 hole walk can provide. 'May' was there to be alive. It always showed. No one looks as happy to be on the right side of the grass, as 'May' does. Playing with these two 70’ish year old woman, was always a pleasure.
(And it still is, some 12 years later. I'm very happy to say!)

They had a third with them but from a distance, I couldn't make out who it was. As they approached, a feeling came over me that was un-recognizable. My stomach floated and then churned as if it was trying to get out from the depths it was being held in. My heart seemed to skip and then, double it’s regular beat. My mouth went dry and my lips were parched. Swallowing became uncomfortable, as it seemed that all of the moisture that makes up 93% of my being, had run as dry as a desert. The tiny hairs on the back of my neck stood erect, as if electric impulses guided them away from my skin.

From 50 feet away, through a ¼ inch plate glass window, and with the rising sun of a beautiful Bedrock morning shining brightly and warmingly, upon my tired and hardened eyes, I knew it was her.

My first attempt to get closer was immediately foiled by the glass itself. My body seemed to be moving involuntarily and totally out of any control that I could fain. I hit the glass, I can’t say how hard or soft, I just clearly remember walking straight into it. I was approached by a staff member at the course, “You OK Bam?” was coming from somewhere behind me. “Uh.. yeah.” Was all I could muster. I had been disrupted, I’d lost the angelic vision that enthralled and pulled me in so deeply. As that brief moment of clarity came upon me, I attempted to re-position myself for a better view of this incredible creature, where she would surely enter the clubhouse. I waited and thought of what I could do to get even closer. She did not materialize. I got up and paced the entire length of glass on the outer edges of the building. I could not see that lovely vision from just a moment ago. I was crushed at the possibility that she had only played 9 holes and left. I started working on my plans to find those dear old ladies and garner any spec of information that they may be holding about my vision of loveliness. Then I noticed a figure that stood out at the edge of the outdoor patio, a silhouette against the breaking day’s sun.
It was her.

I brought myself closer and improved my angle. I wanted a better view, and a way to get to her fast. As I approached the closest exit, the silhouette started moving away towards the 10th. tee. I threw myself outside and managed to get around the obstructions that had been between us. It was too late. The ladies were making their way to complete the round. Any other day, I would walk out and ask to join up. That would be my way to meet this creature, clearly from above. Not this day. That day I stood staring straight towards where she had just been, before disappearing around the corner of the tree line. I stood and stared at the air, the air that had been fortunate enough to caress this marvelous being.

Our golfing introduction was one of horror I’m sure, for her. As a beginning golfer and on the advice of Wilma, joining “a club where she could meet people.” she was about to golf with three of the current or defending, Club Champions. Having only been introduced a few times through friends at the course, or a quick bump and run into at a club function to say hi, I was still nervous around her. Her name was Pebbles. I remember thinking that I used to be a pretty good golfer. Why even the day before, I had hit some really great shots. That day, I could do nothing. I was mesmerized by the vision available to me. Golf meant nothing to me at that point, not losing the vision meant everything and more.

There was a point about a year or so down the road, where just the two of us sat on the hill at the 10th. tee enjoying the day. There was a moment, where at the same time, with bodies positioned exactly alike, we both realized the similarity and went for a switch. We both did this casually and coolly of course, so as to not let the other be any the wiser. We ended up in identical positions again. There was our typical laugh, a kiss, and a return to a new position of comfort there on the hill. Again, we had both managed to contort ourselves into the exact same position on the grass.
“Do you believe in soul mates?” I was asked.
“I do now.” I responded.

In the years since, four things have not changed one bit. You are still the only true vision that can please my eyes and fill my heart at the same time. I still find myself wanting to live by our three simple rules, and I still know that I have found my soul mate. Finally, I think you should know. I still get the exact same feelings within me, when I hold you in my arms today, as I did the first time I laid eyes on you.

All my love, heart and soul, I offer you for eternity.

To everyone else,
My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Giving thanks .....

Just wanted to wish all my invisibles down south,
( and definately those not on the home soil, where I wish they could be )
All the best on this Thanksgiving day.

I already give thanks for you every day! But since today's the day to do it down there, I'll go ahead and give thanks for you again.

Mmmmmmm...... Turkey & Stuffin' !!!

My sincerest thanks for stopping by....
( but you could have at least brought leftovers ;o} )


My Kuh-myoo-ni-tee.......part II...

First things first…….. Yes Carson, you were right.
There ! That’s over and done with.

With let me see….. about 16 sleeps, 12 crummy work day’s and approximately 394 hrs total, (but who’s counting!) to go until I let the real Bam-Bam loose on my
Kuh-myoo-ni-tee, I find myself reflecting back to that original post more than ever.

The swings now are even bigger than imaginable. From the ultimate high of having an invisible drop me a quick note just to make sure we’d meet during the trip, to the bottom of the barrel gut-shot of learning that one invisible will not be making the trip as first planned. Yesterday, I got the news from G-Rob. I can’t begin to explain how disappointed I am in this turn of events. My plan has always been to get an opportunity to sit and chat, even if only for a few moments one-on-one with the G. When someone else’s writing seems so familiar to you in that eerie kind of way, like you either had part of it written yourself but not posted, or you have thought about getting those thoughts down on paper yourself, it’s a must to make time to meet that person. My time to meet G-Rob, will just have to wait. He ironically enough, while I wax on about similarities, has just undergone his fourth knee surgery. Been there, done that.

Then this morning as I unleashed a myriad of emotions, (none good, but none violent) at the sight of a replacement sitting at the desk where I used to feast my eyes daily, on none other than my beautiful Pebble’s…….. I got an e-mail.

Subject line: Not Spam - Just Mrs Chako.

I used to be able to say that I do not blush. I no longer think I can. I realized that I was blushing with giddiness because she went that little extra bit, to make contact with me.
Me ! ( or should it be Me? )
The “lovely” Wife wanted to compare plans and agenda for Vegas, in the hopes that we could get together in that short little 48 hour period. My answer was simple,

“I can tell you for absoloutely certain, there is no way you are getting out of Vegas that weekend, without getting a huge hug from me.”

In between these highs and lows there have been many, many e-mails, posts and comments about this upcoming event. Some in jest, some getting final plans hammered out for a meeting time and point, others just constantly mentioning their personal amount of time left to go before they are there. The amount of previous stories from earlier events is growing everyday. Some of the stories I have read before, some of them are only now being told for the first time. It’s as if a deal had been struck to keep them on the hush-hush. It appears however, that as some returnee’s are getting closer to re-living the experience again, lips and keypads are loosening up a little more and more each day. But all of this is being done, in and with, that sense of real community.

A Kuh-myoo-ni-tee that I am very proud to call my own.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


The 3 R's ....

Learning shtuff...

Readin' - Carson has been trying to make a point to me for oh... what? Weeks. I am obviously brain dead and it took reading the story about The Wife playing cards with her 5 year old, for the point to sink in. Readin's gooooooood. Looking back at everything you wrote Mr. Carson, your buddy here has officially self administered a smack upside the head.

Ritin' - I've been putting a little effort into my other, other, Other side project today. I forgot how much I honestly enjoy the frustration of writing. I know, I know! That's why I put it away for a while! A guy can change his mind. There are no rules about this.

Rithmatic - My uber easy goals of making all this money with on-line SnG's took a massive hit last night. For the first time, since sitting down to play, regularily and focussed on it as a part time job, I did not make a profit. I moved up to get a token for something I really want to play in soon and money bubbled out in 3rd. As a bigger event player, I figured it would be simple with just a table of 9. So I sat down again later and .... money bubble. I lost that one by losing a race from waaaaaaay... ahead, so I bought in to the next one. MONEY BUBBLE ! In this one, my aces were garbage compared to the 8-10 of clubs.
I walked away from my part time job and spared the mouse the free trip across the room. I went and cuddled my darling Pebbles.

All this learnin stuff is making me much more smarterer !

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Friends..... indeed....

If it were possible to change things for the better, I think everyone that knows me knows I'd do it. I mean, I can lift huge weights. I can struggle through the abyss and survive. I have walked away from a few of the greatest accidents recorded in history and carried someone on my back. I can not however, change time and the impact it has on friends. I can not turn back the clock. I feel powerless, unable to help my friends in need.

What I can do, is hope that anyone that comes across this will take the time no matter what, to act.

Two of us Blogger types, could use a little love. For completly different reasons.

Most Importantly... There's our Kat. Suffering from the loss of a very special person in her life. I'd appreciate it if anyone who stumbles across this mess of a post, could stop by and wish her some form of well wishes. If you read up on Kat, you'll know this has been a kick in the ass.

She deserves better. I'd love it if we could somehow let her know, invisible love is there for her.


Secondly, there's The Wife.

With a husband protecting those that can not protect themselves out in Iraq, Mrs. Chako has two whopping comments on this, her birthday. She is celebrating without the love of her life at her side.

Get it right blogger's. Pour your hearts into something special.

Ladies, my thoughts are with you both. The same goes for Pebbles.
We want you both to know, if there's anything we can do, consider it done. You both mean so much to us. We may be invisible, but the heart aches at the thought of both of your situations.

My sincerest thanks for stopping by.... and please, if you've been here, take the time to make these two special someones, know that they are just that, special....
A moment of your time to tell someone that you care. It doesn't seem like that much does it?

I'm exhausted.... I got to poker ! ......

Friday I played sexetary for Pebbles and she went for a new personal re-buy record in Katitude's Donkament. I can not speak for Pebble's, (as she was extemely sucked out on huge.. back-2-back-2-back-2-back-2-back) but I had a great time being the girly-chat guy. The Tuckfards came out and represented in a mini-force kinda way. NutFirth and DonK came out for the fun. It was cool of them to do so. I think they had fun and I believe DonK actually money-bubbled the thing.

Pebble's 5 beats in a row were horrible. (for the guy sittin' next to her too ! ) She did a great job on the first three, getting all the money in while way ahead. Twice with a set and one flopped straight to the J. Her sets were both beaten by higher sets made on the river, and then her straight to the J was busted by A-K off, when a J came on the river to give her opponent a higher straight. That would be enough to take the wind out of my sails, I am sure of that. Like a trooper, onwards and upwards she went. Only to have the theme re-peat and re-re-peat again. Her next set of 10's vs set of 8's battle, ended with the case 8 on the river. And then she ran pocket K's into the ever dangerous hammer. A flop of 7-7-2 was brutal to witness.

Saturday was TuckFards poker. I do not wish to talk about it on the grounds that I will say something mean and stupid !

(***author's note *** I am not going soft or getting smart. I am just doing a tiny bit of self prescribed tongue biting for now.)


Late Saturday night, I decided to go to work. I have decided to focus on my on-line forays as a part time job. I have a good work ethic so, I figure it'll help me keep focussed on the goals I have set. They are simple.
1) Make enough profit to play in my three fun games of choice for free.
2) Make enough profit over that, to set up a ladder where I can move up in levels as desired.
3) Have a good time while playing.

So Saturday night, I played successfully enough to play in either The Mookie or, Al's Riverchasers game. I am leaning towards Al's game because of the 1 hour earlier start. That can make a huge difference when you are getting up at 4:30 am.


Sunday was the start of our new "team" format challenge being held out in a South end pool hall. It's an interesting format with a group of about 15 or 16 five person teams competing. The TuckFard team consists of myself, Carson, Pebbles, TotalTilt, NutzFirth, Suzy_Q and our fearless captain... DonKaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
It's a 20 week format so two spares every week should cover making a 5 player team each week. The format is NLHE at a one table game. In other words, you get points based on how you finish at your individual table.

I managed to draw "the Pro" table. Internet and basement game junkies. I fit in perfectly, well, with the exception of the "old guy" thing. I took down third and was satisfied that I did the best I could with the crap I was being dealt. I had a massive run of card-deaded-ness and lost 1/2 my stack to it. 5 beers, 1 scotch, 3 smoke breaks and an entire half of football, before I could actually play a hand better than 6-2 or 9-3 off suit. Sick run. I had to do a lot of hand disguising the rest of the way. I had flipped up 6-2 and 9-3 to someone at the table, maybe 20 or 25times. Now if I had a hand, I had to be fairly coy to stop the Lemming's from running to the sea if I touched any of my chips. I did make a decent read on a player who clearly was making a move into my blind. I re-raised him 3x what he'd put in. Once he folded, I table the six-duece face up for all to see. It was the only way I figured I could at least get some form of doubt in their heads on what I was holding.

My favorite pair 'O' T's came in with a strong second place finish. I knew she'd do well and she did not dissapoint. Knowing who she was head's up with in the end, I think she could have won had one of the earlier hands gone her way instead.

Pebbles and DonK were very unfortunate to have been blessed with the AssHat's of Poker, official mascot and poster kids. I don't remember DonK getting that wound up about anything for a long time. He had murder written all over his face the first time I had a look across. The second time, the AssHat should have just melted right there from the look he was getting. Then I saw DonK walking out the door. I could tell it was not for a smoke. He was really leaving. I think it was to avoid man-slaughter charges.

Believe it or not, Pebbles was even luckier! She was treated to "never played before, drunk from Saturday night still, I only did this for a friend, can't you see I play darts and not cards" guy to deal with. Who of course, sees a few chips in the center and decides to push... Every time! The closest anyone came to beating him in a race, Pebbles! When her pair of Kings managed to keep up with his deadly K-8 off pre-flop raise. She managed a chop and they split the SB. Yeah! He smashed pocket kings later with 5-8 off and absoloutely destroyed a flopped set of aces by going runner, runner QUADS with his ducks. Ouch !

Carson had issues with actually winning a hand. It became clear to everyone at his table that if he was in a hand, there was a good chance you could chop the pot with him. At first break, I think we'd played two 15 minute levels, Carson had chopped 3 pots already. That's just sick.

Nutzy subbed in for another team. He came in 3rd for them. Guess we sat the wrong player huh Nutzy??? LMAO.

I'm super happy that I at least got the poker players. Obviously that might change in the near future. I'll just put the I-pod on or something and metal thrash my way through the crap. That's the plan at least. Sometimes I find the way to defeat the biggest ass at the table, is to be an even bigger ass. Hardly anyone can put up with my metal when it's really rockin. I hope it doesn't come to that though. Last time I had to do it, the poor bugger beside me couldn't hear anything for a week after.


So what does a Bam-Bam do when a Bam-Bam is all pokered out for the weekend? Jumps to work on the computer. I made money. To say I crushed it, would be fairly strong. But I did depress it very, very firmly. The SnG's of choice, have been rewarding me well. I will be playing these games for as long as they continue to keep the old roll growing.


If you know me or have been reading my useless blurbs for a while, you'll know I don't sleep. Last night when I shut down Tilt and headed upstairs, I knew it was coming. I managed 4 solid hours of un-interupted sleep. This can only mean one thing, getting to Poker....

can be exhausting.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....