Truly meant for one..... but willing to share....

It was just another day in my life. Typical for me back in the day, I was alone and looking for a game. Back then I was a decent player, about a 3 or 4 handicap. Games were sometimes hard to come by. There were others that would gladly take me on, but none of them were around at that time. What usually happened was I’d have to watch for a twosome or threesome to come in, or come through between #9 and the 10th. hole. I would always try and join up, so at least I’d be hitting the ball.

As luck would have it, I saw a threesome coming off of #9. To make things even better, I was familiar with two of the players. Both ladies were such dear and sweet seniors, and they would always invite me to join them at any chance. One was a serious golfer in her hey day. Now she strikes the ball clean and crisp as always, but the distance has long since gone. As with most seniors however, her score would come from an incredible short game. Anything within 20 yards of the green, was going to get up and down for par. The other, was there for the shear enjoyment and exercise that an 18 hole walk can provide. 'May' was there to be alive. It always showed. No one looks as happy to be on the right side of the grass, as 'May' does. Playing with these two 70’ish year old woman, was always a pleasure.
(And it still is, some 12 years later. I'm very happy to say!)

They had a third with them but from a distance, I couldn't make out who it was. As they approached, a feeling came over me that was un-recognizable. My stomach floated and then churned as if it was trying to get out from the depths it was being held in. My heart seemed to skip and then, double it’s regular beat. My mouth went dry and my lips were parched. Swallowing became uncomfortable, as it seemed that all of the moisture that makes up 93% of my being, had run as dry as a desert. The tiny hairs on the back of my neck stood erect, as if electric impulses guided them away from my skin.

From 50 feet away, through a ¼ inch plate glass window, and with the rising sun of a beautiful Bedrock morning shining brightly and warmingly, upon my tired and hardened eyes, I knew it was her.

My first attempt to get closer was immediately foiled by the glass itself. My body seemed to be moving involuntarily and totally out of any control that I could fain. I hit the glass, I can’t say how hard or soft, I just clearly remember walking straight into it. I was approached by a staff member at the course, “You OK Bam?” was coming from somewhere behind me. “Uh.. yeah.” Was all I could muster. I had been disrupted, I’d lost the angelic vision that enthralled and pulled me in so deeply. As that brief moment of clarity came upon me, I attempted to re-position myself for a better view of this incredible creature, where she would surely enter the clubhouse. I waited and thought of what I could do to get even closer. She did not materialize. I got up and paced the entire length of glass on the outer edges of the building. I could not see that lovely vision from just a moment ago. I was crushed at the possibility that she had only played 9 holes and left. I started working on my plans to find those dear old ladies and garner any spec of information that they may be holding about my vision of loveliness. Then I noticed a figure that stood out at the edge of the outdoor patio, a silhouette against the breaking day’s sun.
It was her.

I brought myself closer and improved my angle. I wanted a better view, and a way to get to her fast. As I approached the closest exit, the silhouette started moving away towards the 10th. tee. I threw myself outside and managed to get around the obstructions that had been between us. It was too late. The ladies were making their way to complete the round. Any other day, I would walk out and ask to join up. That would be my way to meet this creature, clearly from above. Not this day. That day I stood staring straight towards where she had just been, before disappearing around the corner of the tree line. I stood and stared at the air, the air that had been fortunate enough to caress this marvelous being.

Our golfing introduction was one of horror I’m sure, for her. As a beginning golfer and on the advice of Wilma, joining “a club where she could meet people.” she was about to golf with three of the current or defending, Club Champions. Having only been introduced a few times through friends at the course, or a quick bump and run into at a club function to say hi, I was still nervous around her. Her name was Pebbles. I remember thinking that I used to be a pretty good golfer. Why even the day before, I had hit some really great shots. That day, I could do nothing. I was mesmerized by the vision available to me. Golf meant nothing to me at that point, not losing the vision meant everything and more.

There was a point about a year or so down the road, where just the two of us sat on the hill at the 10th. tee enjoying the day. There was a moment, where at the same time, with bodies positioned exactly alike, we both realized the similarity and went for a switch. We both did this casually and coolly of course, so as to not let the other be any the wiser. We ended up in identical positions again. There was our typical laugh, a kiss, and a return to a new position of comfort there on the hill. Again, we had both managed to contort ourselves into the exact same position on the grass.
“Do you believe in soul mates?” I was asked.
“I do now.” I responded.

In the years since, four things have not changed one bit. You are still the only true vision that can please my eyes and fill my heart at the same time. I still find myself wanting to live by our three simple rules, and I still know that I have found my soul mate. Finally, I think you should know. I still get the exact same feelings within me, when I hold you in my arms today, as I did the first time I laid eyes on you.

All my love, heart and soul, I offer you for eternity.

To everyone else,
My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The Wife said...

You're awesome . . . few men out there can make me cry by describing how much they love their wife.

I hate you for being that low of a handicap . . . but I love you for loving your wife so much. And for not being afraid to share it with this crazy community of people.

Definitely a hug and two kisses when I see you in Vegas.

You touched my heart today.

The Wife

pokertart said...

This brought a tear to my eye, for real.

You're one in a million Bam. Pebbles is one lucky cave-woman to have a husband who so freely expresses his love.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

You are a lucky man for meeting the one you love and loving the one you are with.

May your love and happiness be everlasting!