The 3 R's ....

Learning shtuff...

Readin' - Carson has been trying to make a point to me for oh... what? Weeks. I am obviously brain dead and it took reading the story about The Wife playing cards with her 5 year old, for the point to sink in. Readin's gooooooood. Looking back at everything you wrote Mr. Carson, your buddy here has officially self administered a smack upside the head.

Ritin' - I've been putting a little effort into my other, other, Other side project today. I forgot how much I honestly enjoy the frustration of writing. I know, I know! That's why I put it away for a while! A guy can change his mind. There are no rules about this.

Rithmatic - My uber easy goals of making all this money with on-line SnG's took a massive hit last night. For the first time, since sitting down to play, regularily and focussed on it as a part time job, I did not make a profit. I moved up to get a token for something I really want to play in soon and money bubbled out in 3rd. As a bigger event player, I figured it would be simple with just a table of 9. So I sat down again later and .... money bubble. I lost that one by losing a race from waaaaaaay... ahead, so I bought in to the next one. MONEY BUBBLE ! In this one, my aces were garbage compared to the 8-10 of clubs.
I walked away from my part time job and spared the mouse the free trip across the room. I went and cuddled my darling Pebbles.

All this learnin stuff is making me much more smarterer !

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Anonymous said...

.... I think Bedrock refers to the thickness of your skull.

So let me get this straight. I email you everyday and talk to you in person at least once a week for almost a year... you read 1 post from the wife and suddenly everything is clear... Ok, maybe you have a bad teacher.

BamBam said...


Definately a pupil issue here. I am smarterer now.
Let's try squaring that pie thing now. That'll be a blast !


The Wife said...

I'm probably just cuter. Or maybe its easier to illustrate with my story how neither a 5 year old nor Nana Judy are good at reading the conservative old Wife here.

Sorry the bankroll took a hit . . . good luck next time. My $5 is gone too after a couple bad bubbles.

The Wife

BamBam said...

The $5 on stars got up to $52.20.
Pebbles and I are wasting that away with some "fun" gambling. Love the free money stuff. To quote a super-genious, "there's value in free."
(see Carson! I retain some information)

It was the F/T account that took a bit of a hit. It wasn't crippling, just demoralizing to bubble a big game 4 times in a row. If I pass that bubble even twice, it's a free ride all the way. It was for two 'big' tokens. There's a special event planned in about a month. I want in, but not at the entry price.

Rubber-Bam-Bam will bounce back. Got a good start on that just last night.