Who does this to a kid?....

The now famous (in our Blogoshpere) "Bam-is-NOT-a-geek" mentality, has taken on a whole new twist this week. Oh, and with nothing more than a few minor and new, technological additions.

I mean, we're talking about a kid who has some fairly serious issues when it comes to three different stores having three different debit machines at the cashiers, when it comes time for checkout here.

Technologically challenged is just about as polite as it gets as you know, when it comes to me.

I know it, I deal with it and most importantly, I accept the facts at hand.

This week however I have been presented with two separate Laptops for personal and work use. Both Toshiba, and both damn near the top of the line so I'm told.

Geek Yahtzee right?

Uh ya, not so much.

How does one company make two products so vastly unique from one another, yet still manage to grow in the market share it has thrown itself into?

I can't even half-assed operate one of them without a wireless mouse for cripes sake! What kind of Laptop 'convenience' is that?

Come play The MooDankie tomorrow night with me kids. Lord knows that my miss clicks will get me into all kinds of troubles for sure!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....