Frantic Friday : The Confusius Say Edition....(NSFW)

Welcome back to another Frantic Friday kids!

I'm bringing back one of everyone's favourites this week, because of extremely popular demand. I'm sure, (since everytime any of you stop by the cave, you ask if she'll be stopping by too!) you all remember my buddy Em. Well, she's a big part of this Frantic Friday but for those of you new to all the fun, here's a refresher from BY FAR, the most popular Frantic Friday to date.

My Em took this summer off to do something pretty special. She headed a little further up north, to help out the most amazing camp. It's crammed full of hundreds and hundreds of kids, all with some very special needs. You just gotta' love this girl!

Last weekend Em invited me up to check out all of the action for myself. It was truly heartwarming to see all of the smiling faces on kids that pretty much otherwise, wouldn't have the chance to even go to a summer camp at all. This place and the people that help out with running it, really and truly were incredible.

Saturday night after all of the little ones (but me!) were asleep, all of the councilors sat around the fire and played a game that they'd been teaching the kids all summer. It's called, 'This Confucius say.'

The game apparently originated from this awesome old guy, that was helping to teach the kids a little karate. He was hilarious! Here are a couple proverbs that he threw out, just to get the game started.

#1 ~

Don't you just love it!

#2 ~

So true!

We played for hours and hours and I for one could tell, this kind of fun was really breaking the tension for all the helpers. They work hard to keep the kids happy and this was so much fun, it made me really happy to be a part of it. Of course as is almost always the case, Em and I were the last ones sitting around the fire and if you know anything at all about my Em, we were about to take this game to the Frantic Friday level!

Em started it out. "This Confusius say; buying a

is a huge waste of money. Unless of course it comes

That from the little girl I used to play Doctor with! Well actually for us it was not so much Doctor, as it was Sesame Street. I used to love playing that game with Em! You know the one, right?

From how Em started this whole shift in proverbs out, I could tell we were in for a very, very long night. I told her we should throw a little background music on, just to help drown out our voices a bit.

Em agreed. She started rushing around to get something in the player, but


Once we were all set up with a few tunes, a few drinks and I'd refreshed the fire just enough to provide the proper atmosphere for the rest of the night, Em told me that it was my turn.

Now I wouldn't consider myself very good at these kind of things, but Em said that my first one was really good.

This Confusius say; Sex to a man is a lot like surfing,

Em responded with This Confusius say; to man woman are just like convertible,

Although I had to agree with that one just a bit, I did have to remind her that I was NOT all men!

"The thought never crossed my mind Bammer." she said, and I knew it to be true. No one actually gets me, like my Em and my Peb's. I always believe that I'm the luckiest kid walking this green earth, everytime I think of either one of them!

That's enough mush though, back to the game!

Em asked me to come up with a man/woman one, so I gave it a little thought. It wasn't actually that hard to be honest, since like everyone else out there, I have an opinion on the matter.

This Confusius say; Truly intelligent man wants a woman to be like a beach cruiser,

I don't know, it's just how I think!

Em was very quick to respond though, with This Confusius say; Man should always learn sex from female musician,

It was pretty hard for even me, to argue with her over that one.

It was my turn and I felt like I had to come up with something good.

This Confusius say;

I don't know about you, but I think I nailed it!

Since I was on a bit of a roll, I took the opportunity to throw out another.

This Confusius say; The crazy thing about all those Em

I've seen is, Em actually believes I noticed her $50

I have to tell you dear reader, I truly love the look Em gets on her face when I say shit like that to her!

Em and I played and played all night long. We were having another one of our moments and you know what This Confusius say;

Oh and as a true public service announcement to all of you out there reading, Em would like to remind you all that you should always make

the most important meal of your day!

On that note, This Confusius always say;

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The natch jam/call outcome....

After an hour of sharing a 90 player SnG table with the same five players, I'd thought I'd seen some really solid and some truly ridonkulous plays. Some would say, par for the $3 'online' course right?


After seeing this all-in jam preflop AND call however;

I thought I'd best get a little more information about these five players.

Any guesses as to which two played that hand?

My sincerest thank for dropping by....


Well it's official....

I guess your little Bam-Bam is now officially un-retired and starting next Tuesday,

I'll be....

'Cause this kid starts

once again.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....