Frantic Friday : The azz expected Edition....(also prolly NSFW)

Knowing that I'm going to sit down and have a drink, (or twelve) with my fellow BB in about a week, I figured I'd better follow up on my promise to help find him some perfect azz.

I didn't want last weeks effort to be left as a mere tease :

I said I'd find the man some :

so I went on a week long journey. My mission, find BadBlood some really, really :

Actually, I took it one step further just for him. I decided to see if I could find him :

that might just be capable, of leaving him :

So I grabbed a :

and headed out the door. Of course, I made sure to give the :

a great big hug and kiss goodbye, before jumping into The Deathmobile™ for the long, but worthwhile journey.

When my excursion started with me noticing a huge :

I knew that this was an omen. Unfortunately for me, this was not just going to be any old :

I wouldn't be hanging out my :

sign, or waiting around to witness the absoloutely breathtaking :

No on this trip, I'd be playing a game of :

and cull her out of the candidates. I'd be telling the ones in the :

that they should have really gone with a :

Then I'd have to tell most of them, that it isn't too much of a :

to see, that I was expecting just a little :

rather than just someone doing another version of :

When I finally came across what I thought just might be the perfect :

I made sure to get a good picture of it for my fellow BB. Oh.... I also had a really nice conversation with her, and found out that :

I figure that should take care of that now, and BadBlood should be seeing nothing but :

wherever his journey may take him, for the rest of his day.

For next Frantic Friday, I've been delving into my own secret favorite pastime, the weather! I'll have some tips on the effects of cold & damp :

and some fantastic tips and tricks, to keep your hands from freezing off.

So until then, have a great weekend everyone and....

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Where did that spark between us go....

In a monumental moment of weakness and stupidity, despite my anger from the day I'd had and knowing full well that I needed to be up and at'em around 4:00am this morning, this idiot signed up for the 10:00pm local mookie last night. There really should be some kind of button or switch that goes off automatically, whenever I think stuff like, "it seemed like a good idea at the time!" Some kind of gizmo that turns the brain back into a functioning unit of some kind, rather than that mass of grey matter that just sits and giggles, while I make stupid decision after stupid decision.

Now it's not the mookie itself I have a problem with, don't get me wrong here. It's my still being awake on a school night, at 1:00am or so that's the issue. If I had every Thursday off, I'd play in every damn mookie I could. There's always a great crowd of friends there, that I wish I could say I got to "see" a lot more than I actually do. Last night was no exception! DoubleD, Numb, Joe Speaker, LJ, Lucko, Carmen, Buddy, Lightning and eventual winner heffmike were all at my table throughout the night. I also ran across Schaubs and IT on the rail as well. I'm sure they were focused on the horses they had remaining in their epic season long wager!

I actually managed to play a little "solid" poker last night, despite my normal tendency to really donk it up in the later evening games. With that solid poker, came one lucky break that anyone needs to advance deep into one of these fields and I also caught a few cards at very fortuitous times as well. Put that all together and, you can be sitting in a good spot on the leader board at first break!

After the first break, there was that run of hands that always seems to occur in any MTT for me. My patience was really put to the test, as a non-stop run of hands like 2-8, 3-10 or even worse, made appearance, after appearance, after appearance.

I was fairly "chatty" at the table, (YES! Even for me!) but I was really trying to pay attention to the play as well. (weird concept, I know!) I thought I saw a few opportunities here and there, where I might be able to represent a tight image with big cards. I tried a shot and it worked out well, getting a pre-flop raiser and caller to fold to my 3x re-raise. Then I saw my second chance to do the same, and it also went as planned. Those two pots were enough to keep me treading water in the blinds. I waited patiently for some playable hands, but they just never seemed to come along. I had my next opportunity to make a move and pulled it off flawlessly. Well, almost flawlessly! Because I was holding "The Bammer," I showed my cards. I know, I know! Stoooooopid!

By second break, I think I was around 8th - 10th in chips. I still couldn't get any real playable hands at the right moments though, so I made a play at Numbono with another Bammer. This time it didn't go so well. His air was just a little better than my air. LOL! That cost me a few too many chips for sure, but man was it funny at showdown! Then it just got silly! As over and over again while I was in the BB, the short stacks kept pushing them all in. I'd be left with calls of two or three hundred and pretty much had to make those calls, no matter what two cards I was holding. This happened four times and I didn't win a single one of them. There goes an extra 1100 or 1200 in chips in four orbits!

Then it really happened.......... all that way to the final twelve out of 54 players and ............ disconnect.
there was a lot of swearing about here somewhere...................... I'm at a six-handed table with substantial blinds dammit......... CONNECT ALREADY!!!................................ four minutes! It's never taken four minutes to reconnect before!...................... FIVE !!!!............................ SIX..................................

Six minutes that felt like an eternity to me go by, before I get to sit back down at the table. Naturally, my stack is crippled and I come back to any Ace and have to jam. I do not win that race either and I go out in 12th. place.

I love our property and home and I wouldn't trade it for anywhere else that I know of in the world. But occasionally realizing that 79 miles of dial-up is going to have these issues at the wrong time, can be a little hard on the system for certain!

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I don't care....

The first person to talk to me today, (besides my darling wife) set me off on a path of anger and destruction. He is currently available for any employment opportunities he may happen to come across. Each of the next three "people" to approach me, only made it worse. One of whom, has suddenly become unemployed as well. In this day and age and time of uncertainty, stealing from me has to be just about the stupidest decision one could ever make. May heaven take mercy on the next "people" that try and do or say something stupid around me.

I really thought I'd made myself clear at the beginning of the year but just in case, fair warning! I've fuckin' had it with "people."

This could end up being.... a rather long day!

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I run good.... NO? ....

I ran really bad this weekend.

How bad?

How about busting out of ten games with the second nuts.
Yup, bad beats ahead!

The worst of which was where as second high chip stack, I flopped Quad's and got it in on the turn against the tables chip leader. Here's how that hand and for the most part, the rest of my weekend went.

Seat 1: sedera (485)
Seat 2: push_girl (365)
Seat 3: Badowin (1,440)
Seat 4: mity11 (1,425)
Seat 5: BamBamCan (3,155)
Seat 6: SperaK (3,450)
Seat 8: mot0man (1,355)
Seat 9: 1guy4games (1,780)
BamBamCan posts the small blind of 50
SperaK posts the big blind of 100
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to BamBamCan [8h 8s]
mot0man folds
1guy4games folds
sedera folds
push_girl folds
Badowin folds
mighty11 folds
BamBamCan raises to 300
SperaK calls 200
*** FLOP *** [8c Kd 8d]
BamBamCan checks
SperaK bets 555
BamBamCan calls 555
*** TURN *** [8c Kd 8d] [Kh]
BamBamCan checks
SperaK bets 1200
BamBamCan raises to 2300, and is all in
SperaK calls 1100
BamBamCan shows [8h 8s]
SperaK shows [Ks Qs]
*** RIVER *** [8c Kd 8d Kh] [Kc]

Just re-reading that, makes me sick to my stomach.

But it was just one of those weekends. I ran a flopped set into higher flopped set, under-boats got caught by rivered over-boats and I would always be one card short of the nut straight or flush, every time I played them. I was behind in exactly one situation, the flopped sets. I was caught by a dominated hand in all of the other nine games.

Crap like that, just knocks the wind right out of your sails.

So I think I'll rest the rest of this week and take a little break. I don't know when my sails will again feel the breeze of NLHE, but I don't think it'll be anytime too terribly soon to be honest.


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Almost top 10....

Percent that is!

Pebs ran a $2 buy-in into a nearly top 10% finish in last night's Double Duece. Her $2 buy-in and perserverance during the game paid off however, in the form of winning $50 for her efforts. The language she used when she busted out with K-K vs. A-4, ( to a rivered Ace of course ) is not exactly "Family Day" material I'm afraid.

That's what it is here in Bedrock though, Family Day. What a great idea! Sticking an extra long weekend in the year, right when it's really needed. A little something to break up a long and dreary winter.

We spent the day with Fred and Wilma and had a blast. On the way home, we experienced a bit of Canadiana that couldn't have been scripted any better. Picture a farm field with ice from recently melted snow, covering an area of about 5 Acres. Now imagine the Hockey game that was taking place right there, out in the middle of nowhere. Car's and Van's were just parked along the side of the country road, as the little ones chased pucks, the parents chased the little ones and the sky was a blue that had not been seen for a very, very long time. It was one of those moments when I really wished I had my skates and stick. The smiles on the faces of everyone from the kids to the parents, might just have been brighter than the glorious sun that shone brightly down onto the makeshift rink in the country.

Family Day. What a great concept!

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