The NEW online Poker....

Check out the Players numbers here kids....

I tried as BamBamCan, then as me.

Same result.

I miss you guys.
BUTT, not as much as you gals!

Now, my mookie/Dank buy-ins are wasted on the idiots.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


No you Poker sucks! No me, Blog's OK....

Lately it seems to me, that poker has kicked my ass.
Worse than anything imaginable by you lot.

Let's try checking shall we?

BamBamCan: (is in the BB and) checks
FLOP: 2d-5c-2c
mymothersan8pe: bets $555
youRapeein: raises to $2655 and is ALL IN
BamBamCan: raises to $7465 and is ALL IN
mymothersan8pe: calls $6910
mymothersan8pe: shows 5d-5h
youRapeein: shows Ac-10c
BamBamCan: shows 2h-2s
Turn: 2d-5c-2c[Kc]
River: 2d-5c-2c-Kc[5s]
mymothersan8pe: shows 5d-5h for four of a kind fives
youRapeein: shows Ac-10c for an Ace high flush
BamBamCan: shows 2h-2s for four of a kind twos

Flat out aggression?

Screw that!
I've learnt to fold a pair of 1's pre-flop!

But reducing my writing here,

may have been the best thing I've EVER done for this blog.

Honestly though, I really miss you kids at the tables.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....