Frantic Friday : Dr. Bammer's Physician, heal thine own self Edition.... (NSFW)

Some day's even my half full glass isn't good enough to get me past all the crap that's going on. This Frantic Friday, just happens to be one of those days. So it's with my Dr. Bammer hat on that I go about trying to right all the wrongs, and make something better come out of a truly craptastic situation.

I'll worn you right now as a fellow Canadian that for this Frantic Friday, you should probably be :

Oh sorry, and for all of you American readers :

Don't blame me! I don't make your silly laws and crap! It's not my fault your Government thinks you're all little punks for three years more than us so "ya'll" can :

OK before we go any further, I have a little house keeping to do. Because of where I'm taking this Frantic Friday, it's important that you do a small amount of reading before going any further. I feel the need to CMA here folks, you never know who may be reading.

So before you can see any more of this Frantic Friday, you must review and agree with Bedrocks :

If you're still reading at this point, I'll take it that you are in agreement with said policy and we shall move on, free of all responsibilities for your actions.

BUT if you're still reading here as part of a plan to make some big fuss about where I take you with this little Frantic Friday, this kids got a little sumpin' sumpin' for you as well.

Like I've always told you dear reader, I learned the vast majority of all of my life lessons at a very early age. Some of these lessons of course, have come as the result of trial and error at my own hands.

So sue me! Don't want me doing that? Do what everyone else does, let me know in some subtle little way. I mean, if my neighbour next door can figure this shit out and post a friendly little reminder :

The lot of you smart cookies should definitely be able to come up with something right?

I also learned at a very young age, how this thing we call life on this big flying rock really works. There are rules and the most important one is :

And I'm totally OK with that Ladies! I get it for goodness sake. If you were to walk up and ask me why I agree so whole heartily, it's simple. Everyone knows that girls just taste better!

SEE ! Even smart Girls get it!

Now since the inception of these crazy Frantic Fridays, I've longed to use them to teach you a little something about me. It may be that I adore the female form, or it could just be how I go about looking at things. One thing for certain though, when I can cover both :

it usually works out better for everyone.

It's always been a goal :

to share my appreciation and total infatuation with the form of our fairer sex. Sometimes of course, this tends to get me in a little trouble. On more than one occasion your hero here, has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

But like I always try to teach you, sometimes when the cookie is really worth it :

what's a trapped digit every now and then?

The secret is to not leave any signs that you were around the jar in the first place, let alone the actual cookie! If there's even the slightest trace left behind :

there's a really good chance, in fact I'd say excellent chance, that you are going to get caught in the act!

How you handle those situations when they occur, will totally define the risk and reward of going after the cookie in the first place. It's really up to you so, choose your actions wisely in these spots!

Speaking of handling. I don't know how you go about picking yourself up off the ground after a weeks worth of corporate but kickings, but for me it has always been about going out to play. Just last weekend I created a new game to keep myself busy. A new game that anyone can play. I'd love to tell you about it.

Why don't you go grab a drink :

grab your chair :

and hold on.

Because Dr. Bammer only has one thing to say.

So last week I was feeling pretty stressed out too. People were starting to tell me, that they could really see it in my face.

When that happens, I revert right back to my inner child and I look for some play to settle me down. So if you're ready to hear about this game :

here are the rules of play.

1) Find a few Pennies.
2) Choose what it is that you want to see. CHOOSE WISELY. This is very important.
3) Find a spot that has that something that you want to see. (The more the merrier)
4) Find a spot for your first Penny and place it there.
5) Sit back a wait.
6) Repeat as often as desired.

I'd love to hear how you like this game. I took my camera last weekend when I played, so maybe you could too. I love to hear about the times that like me, you couldn't stop yourself from yelling out :



And of course :

BuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuINGO !!!

Well that's all the time we have for today kids, so this is Dr. Bammer wishing you all the success in the World with this new game. And no! There is no need to thank me. I figure we're all in this community together right? I think it's like our duty to try and help :

each other out, in any way we can.

Hopefully, this did a little something to help you in some small way, shape or form. I certainly know that I feel a lot better! Now all I need to do is see what my Peb's is up to.


I see the forecast is calling for another excellent weekend!


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


I'm not Ribbin you, the new Truckin is out....

Ok so I know I've said it before, but I just have to say it again. IF YOU'RE NOT READING CHOICES, YOU JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING!

All the reading I've done lately about Adam though, did get me all Jammed up™ about getting me some Ribs. So Peb's and I made a whack of'em yesterday for Dinner. My slow cooked recipe is the best one I know of to be honest. No offense to those out there that may take some, I just haven't found a better Rib than mine up to this point in time. I brag on them 'cause I know when you try some, you will too!

This is what they look like when they're ready.

And when you're eating my Ribs, this is what the bones will look like afterwards.

Bam-Bam's Rib-a-Q, we're taking fall off the bone to an entirely new level!

As a surprise for me the artist formerly known as Not-So-Mini-Peb's, also baked a cake. She said that she felt like doing some, "Sweet Cooking" and I have to say it was not only good and tasty for her first ever attempt at baking, but she kinda made it look pretty good too!

HEY! Who cut that piece out before Dinner!


So since I was all fed and happy as an old fat kid can be, I did what you should go and do right now! Go read the newest edition of Truckin'. You know you just can't go wrong with that!

Truckin' - June 2009, Vol. 8, Issue 6

Welcome back to the birthday issue of Truckin' as we turn seven years old this month!

1. Pink Dragons by Paul McGuire
Charles was skeptical and accused me of being a CIA or DEA agent, not to mention the evil offspring of George Bush. There was a strong anti-American sentiment in New Zealand and Charles epitomized that angst. When I unfurled a wad of multi-colored Australian dollars, he abruptly ended his rant and asked me how much I needed... More

2. Holly of Houston: Google Me! by Johnny Hughes
Holly was a former board member of Houston's chapter of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She had donated $140,000 to the Texas Strippers for PETA tour. Her frequent comments in Texas newspapers were strongly anti-gun... More

3. I'll Read Your Madness Later by May B. Yesno
The agent freezes; there on that glorious bed lay two figures. The face and name was banging a woman. The woman clawing gently on the back of the face and name, eyes silted in pleasure, yet aware enough to look at the agent coming through the doorway... More

4. The Collector by Milton T. Burton
He was questioned by two detectives from the Organized Crime Squad---one older, tall, thin and gray haired; the other younger, short, thickset and bald. Raymond Chandler said they always came paired that way. But the old man didn't read Chandler... More

5. Morrison's Lament By Michael Friedman
Society no longer values the divinity of the self, so I find myself amiss all of the technology, discontent, and terror and although it takes only a moment to imagine that I am free from the nastiness that the universe leaves on my lips with every gut-wrenching soul kiss... More

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been...
From the Editor's Laptop:

The June edition of Truckin' marks the seventh anniversary of this monthly rag. I'm honored to have a stellar cast of writers this month including veterans Johnny Huges, Milton T. Burton, and May B. Yesno. And Michael Friedman makes his debut with something inspired by the Lizard King.

Please spread the word about Truckin' and increase your karma tenfold! Tell your friends and family and co-workers about your favorite stories. The contributors write for free and you'll be doing me a huge favor by helping get their name out and about.

If anyone is interested in being added to the mailing list, or perhaps you are interested in writing for a future issue, then feel free to contact me.

Seven years. Hard to think that we're still alive and kicking despite the many instances when I wanted to pull the plug and give up forever. I have to sincerely thank the writers for sharing their blood work. Thanks for taking this leap of faith with me.

And a special thanks goes out to you, the reader, for your loyalty and support over the years.

Be good,

"Do one thing and do it the best you can." - Harry Snyder, founder of In-N-Out Burger

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One hit, I wonder....

OK, so the 10 best pure Drummers of all time was a pretty big hit with a few of you kids out there. I'm not really that "listy" of a guy, but it's still cool with me! I do love to discuss things and seeing the various perspectives that help put some opinions together, is always a great brain exercise in my books.

So today as I was looking for a certain bit of information back in G-Vegas and Rapid Eye, I re-read some old posts mentioning one of their favorite discussion topics.

The Biggest One Hit Wonders of all time.

As I mentioned above, where your perspective comes from can greatly alter your opinion of any list ever put together. Hell! The list maker is doing nothing but showing their perspective on the topic at hand in the first place!

So here's the important part for this list. My perspective on what I think justifies calling a band, a One Hit Wonder.

1) World wide success. There have been literally millions and millions of songs sung, by hundreds of thousands of artists. In a sense, the vast majority may be called No Hit Wonders. For me however, the key criteria is the global issue. Having one hit all across the globe, or at least knowing the vast majority of of our globe is more than just aware of that songs existence, to me constitutes the start of a One Hit Wonder.

2) Global thinking. On almost any list of One Hit Wonders you'll find out there today, you'll probably find Nena and her 99 Luftballons.

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news to everyone, but North America and The U.K. are NOT the end all and be all of our entire universe! Even after her band split up, Nena managed to make a little more than a couple of Deutsche Marks during her 'little' career. In fact, she pocketed millions of Lira, (now Euro) and Francs (now Euros as well) from her success over in Europe. So don't feel too badly for our poor little girl.

3) Talent! Probably one of the most recognizable One Hit Wonders in the World The Macarena by Los Del Rio, is not talent! Well, not in my opinion anyhow. Listen, yes the song was a huge hit I get that. But two guys from a lounge act talking about a dancer they just saw in Venezuela, come on! They couldn't even write the music! They stuck in a clave and went with that instead. They made a gimmick and it worked on the masses. Now wipe your brow with your Sham-WOW and move on.

So now that you know what I consider to be the important criteria for a true One Hit Wonder, here's a sampling of a few that I think deserve a spot near the top of any list.

With the 31st. top selling Album in the World that was also Certified 4x Platinum, I give you an oldie but a goodie.

Iron Butterfly - Ina-Godda-Da-Vida

Yes for those old enough to know, they also had some success with the Album Ball just a few months later. Not due to anything with the music or "hits" on the record. It simply sold because of Ina-Godda-Da-Vida and the hopes that the new album was just like it. It wasn't.

Next I give you a song apparently so huge and fantastic and such a truly gigantic hit, that not just one but FOUR other artists tried to make a hit out of it as well.

Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky

Since we're on the theme of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, try this on for size. This One Hit Wonder was so incredible it was covered by the likes of Pearl Jam, HammerFall, Cactus Jack and Veruca Salt. Oh and by the way, that's just four of the sixteen re-recorded covers of the hit! This also does not cover the sampling, both legal and, (Run DMC I'm looking at you!) illegal of the hit as well. It's currently estimated that this song is sampled in one form or another, in over 400 different musical recordings.

The Knack - My Sharona

One last one.

What's that?

Oh I know this list could go on forever, what with all of the One Hit Wonders there are out there. But I just thought I'd throw a few out for discussion.

So my last one goes all International on you. You see, I've only covered three acts that took their talents out to the rest of the World for approval. But what do you get when a truly International Act creates one of the most memorable One Hit Wonders of all time?

I say you get Lou Bega and Mambo #5.

Lou did a cover and took some sampling from an Instrumental Jive song from 1949. What he created was nothing short of a miracle around the globe. Worldwide #1 acclaim on every single list in Twenty Two countries at the same time. This hit remained on the vast majority of those lists, for over Twenty weeks as well. "An unbroken record to date."
Nothing from his other two albums or nine released singles, has even come close.

His talent for the Latin American Dance Genre is totally un-recognized to this very day. That is, unless you're dancing with Peb's to the rest of his creative genius like this.

Have at it!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


What's in your Twitter....

When I was first coerced into joining the Twitterpated, my skepticism went a bit deeper than the skin. I'm pretty sure my exact words went along the lines of, "Oh great! Just what I need, another social networking tool to monitor."

I freely admit that I personally, am probably not using Twitter for it's intended purposes. I hardly ever answer the question, 'What are you doing?' I prefer to utilize it in a way that helps me understand my friends a little bit better. I use it to stay in touch yes, but also to learn what else outside of The Blogosphere is going on in their lives.

I've come to the conclusion that the WSoP and our Poker Bloggers, was the perfect match for Twitter.

I can't say that I've had the pleasure of personally meeting cmitch as of yet. That's something I'm hoping to rectify going forward though! But I run into cmitch during the odd Blogger game and I also like to stop by his place and catch up on how he's doing on his blog. Somehow while I followed along on Twitter as cmitch played at The Venetion, things felt a lot more personal than a blog does. I personally didn't interact, but there were others routing him on at every juncture. A tweet here, a tweet there and a true social interaction, that goes far beyond a comment on a post or an e-mail.

Last year we railed CK through as much of the Omaha event as possible. Standing along the rail of an event at the Rio is not an exciting or as totally fascinating event as one might expect. Lord knows that the crowd can often detract from any pleasure derived from seeing something or someone exciting. There's also the riffling. The endless and mind boggling drone of chip on chip violence. The sound that you hear in your sleep for three solid nights, after only a few hours in the Amazon Room. Then there's the fact that "rail" may be where you are located, but who you're there to see may be buried deep within the multitude of tables and far from a point of easy contact for support. In some cases, your just there for support and the player knowing that you are, will just have to be enough.

But this Twitter thing!

This Twitter thing kept me constantly connected with @ckbwop and her run deep into the O8/S8 event that she just ended up cashing in 39th. place. Oh and by the way, doesn't it always sound better when you've cashed in an event that Phil Ivey won? WooOOOooT CK!

This Twitter thing gave me an opportunity to not only get updates from CK, but I could also see what her railers were all saying. I could see and almost feel the love, as everyone urged her on to her success. No post event comment on a post or I/M discussion afterwards, can do what Twitter seems to be doing, (for me anyways) as I track the folks I know at this years WSoP. It's kinda' caught me off guard a little, how much I've enjoyed it.

Then there's watching Al try to balance the Life Tweets and the Work Tweets. I think I had the over/under set at seven days, before the twain shall meet. Smart money was on the over, but just frickin' barely! :)

I also follow @RealKidPoker and @evybabee because I think they're both interesting persons. Having small meetings with both in the past, did not disappoint at all either. When I read their tweets, I can hear their voices and almost make out the facial expressions being used at the time. Both are avid Tweeters and they write some pretty interesting stuff. Like I thought I knew a few guys that rocked on Guitar Hero, but they should say hello to Rock Star Evy! Sorry Evy..... WAY TOO much time on your hands to get that good! :)

So going into this thing called Twitter I have to admit, I wasn't really sold on it. I don't know if I was even sold on any part of it until the WSoP started to be honest. But now I see a potential to communicate en-mass and stay informed. Better informed in fact, than I think I would be otherwise.

And I personally think that's a good thing!

To break it down I guess, Twitter can be whatever you want it to be. It can be utilized as you see fit and it does give you the control to decide who you follow and who follows you. There's also rumours of a special new twist coming to Twitter! They say that soon, the network will be chalk-a-block full of 140 character gourmet recipes! :)

So if you're interested in following along with the exploits of some Poker playing Donkey from Bedrock, you can find me here. Maybe I'll start using the thing right myself every once in awhile, and I'll actually answer that "what are you doing?" question.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


I thought I would Poker....

Ridiculous weekend!

After a week long battle with a company/contractor who destroyed most of our basement with their faulty plumbing, Peb's and I did a little 'extra' unwinding over the weekend.

Friday night I killed a bottle of Scotch and about half my NLHE bankroll at the same time. Just a genius plan that was! I ran bad, played worse and gambled it up big time. Never hit a single time either. Just re-donkulous!

It was one of those nights were it mattered not a lick what cards and hands I held either. Aces were cracked and over boats soon became the norm, as soon as I boated up myself. The NLHE game was a disaster from start to finish. As I've heard elsewhere, the "doomswitch" was set to kill all night.

Saturday after getting a crap load of work done around the house on a beautiful Summer like day, I sat down to build the old BR back up. I jumped onto a $1/$2 table and commenced to STUD it up a little. There was no one at the table that I had previous notes on so, it really was a fresh start.

I find a good table for me runs around 90 hands per hour and has about 50% of the players willing to see fourth street. This table did not disappoint at all. It actually ran right on about 95 H/HR with an average of 60% of the players going to fourth. Average pot size for a 1/2 game was a bit on the high side at just a touch over $11 but since I was taking my fair share down, who am I to complain? I managed to focus and actually play a little 'good' poker on the night, finishing up with just over one and a half buy-ins. I'll take it. I can say I only had one hand play out, where I was always going to lose the money I was putting in. Being cagey with my rolled up 10's and a gutterball straight looking chasers board, I was getting a player I had started making notes on to come along for what I thought was the ride I was taking him on. Silly me! His board also had a scary but still chasey look to it, but he wasn't going anywhere with his rolled up Queens. They're rare times when two players are both rolled up, but they do happen. The good news was that he was timid at the end and missed two bet opportunities. It had me wondering if he'd hit that straight on me and made me slow down as well. I lost a little less than I could have.

Confident that the Monkey was finally removed from my back, I entered a NLHE MTT.

Six hands.

Six frickin' hands into the game!

I'm dealt the 4c & 4d in my BB. Two limpers and the SB completes to take the four of us to the flop. BINGO! The flop comes Js-4s-4h. For those of you following along at home, DQB's! I am bet into, make a call and then have the earlier of the two limpers, jam it to something like 3x the pot. Things are seriously going my way again. Finally!

I jam 'em into the center and hope for the call.
I get it and see the Jack-Ace I'm up against.
Unlucky Sir!

Turn : Jack
River : Jack
All is now right in the World,
and I throw up a little in my mouth.


I think I just heard the switch click back on.

Sunday I took Peb's out for a little R & R on the Golf Course. Just a beautiful early afternoon to be outside, and on the right side of the grass. It was great!

When we returned to the cave, we had planned to wind down for the rest of the day out on the deck. That changed when the closest neighbour to us came over with some Jo-Jo puppies. Yes, Jo-Jo the Dog that thinks I am her Father, went and had six little mini-me's of her own. We still do NOT own a Dog thankfully, but damn it was hard saying no to Peb's when she wanted to bring home the one she calls little Mo-Jo. I even had a bit of a hard time myself, when it came time to put back the one with the two front paws with white patches on them. Cute little buggers for sure, but Peb's and I can barely take care of ourselves at times. We're gone so often and at times for so long, it just wouldn't be fair to the Dog.

The day an the deck went seriously South from that point on. Here's something I was pretty sure I would never be typing down on this here page.

My Peb's got PLASTERED!

What a mess!

I haven't seen her that drunk in ............ Well....... EVER!

I had to practically carry Peb's and the neighbours Wife back to the house from the back forty. Not our back forty either, theirs. Like carried them from the back of twenty five acres of dense bush!

Fun times! :)

I know it all has to do with the stress of not having any normalcy in our lives due to the basement issue. Fighting with a contractor just to get them to admit they have an issue is one thing, but this one still hasn't even lifted a finger to start the clean up! It's been a week for Pete's sake! Now I'm getting ready to get a Lawyer involved and put together a lawsuit. The stress is just a tick on the higher side of the scale right now. It's no wonder Peb's got a little uh.... 'sportier?' than normal.

Now it's back at it for yours truly, as I try to find a Lawyer that's a property damage specialist. This should be a lot of fun!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....